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Is a “structured note” right for you?


The only advice you need for financial success

I managed financial sales programs in brokerage and banking firms as well as my own company. I learned that we made things complicated so that we could take commissions and fees from product buyers that were not the best for most folks. Yes, there are special circumstances for special costly products but 98% of people don’t need them. For instance, most people waste money purchasing whole or universal life insurance with a savings component. In like manner, high-cost mutual funds and packaged products are a waste of money for most folks. Advisors won’t tell you this but Mr Buffett will. He does not need your fees. Sales people only make money with products that cost you more: end result, you earn less than you would have if you followed unbiased advice. Advisors don’t sell unique financial best buys that are tailored just for you. They can’t. Their firms would be out of business. Warren Buffett gave us the simple best advice: buy and hold low-cost Vanguard funds. He proved it by betting $1 million his choice would beat the top hedge fund options. It is time and compounding that makes you rich.

Use the best:


Buy life insurance when you don’t need it

Most of us don’t buy life insurance until we have someone to protect. This is not always the best strategy but it is reasonable. I bought life insurance with a saving component (Universal life) when my wife and I had a baby. I gave it up 10 years later as soon as I discovered I could save a huge expense by buying term and investing in a mutual fund earning over 12% per year. Instead of paying $250 a month for enough coverage to protect my family, I could buy $1million for about $21 a month. By the time our child left home, I did not need coverage at all (term gets expensive after age 55). I put the $250 a month into a broad market stock fund. If I had purchased the fund and term life 10 years earlier I would have had my $2 million retirement fund earlier. I could have retired earlier. I would never need the $250,000 life policy.



Stock buying sale!

Do you really think that the US will default on its debt? Do you own China real estate for a loss? Will the economy collapse when our government (the Fed) stops propping up capitalism by selling the corporate bonds it bought in 2020? Wall Street selling on Monday despite economic growth seems just a fake news story to generate activity and revenue. Where else can investors go—bonds pay 1.3%? My September BUY light went on. Bits fell but if you own virtual money you already are prepared for speculative swings. The real economy is humming along very well—17+%. You have heard the line about ‘taxing the rich’ before and yet we are well on our way to the most unequal Robber Barron period in the history of the world. At this point, the Dems couldn’t pass a ham sandwich. Facts are clear: Bezos, Musk, and Icahn managed to pay virtually no federal income taxes at all while breaking no laws. Like the former reality TV star, they have discovered enough cracks in our system to leave the IRS impotent. They just moved their assets to places where the US can’t tax them. Since that won’t change soon enough, you should do the smart thing so you don’t get charged for their taxes.


Is a “structured note” right for you?

Up side and down side are not clear in advance. In theory you would enjoy upside potential growth with low down-side risk. However, the truth is in the details. Call risk, lack of liquidity, and inaccurate pricing are other disadvantages of structured notes. A five-year bond with an options contract is an example of one kind of structured note. Your advisor will claim a SN gives you diversification but you have better options. Check the issuer for yourself since the seller may not share the risks with you. You may have trouble unloading a SN if you need cash fast. The issuer can end your contract anytime. Remember, no one gets paid to give you a great deal.

Get diversity here:


Are you using your retirement funds too fast?

Without the guaranteed income stream that a pension provides, baby boomers may run a higher risk of outliving their retirement savings, known as longevity risk. In fact, according to a new survey by Siliciano and Wettstein found that retirees with pensions (defined benefits) had slower drawdown rates than those without fixed payouts. The survey compared the drawdown speed of retirees, both with and without access to DB plans, at age 70, 75 and 80. At all three ages, retirees with DB plans had slower drawdown rates. The researchers concluded that baby boomers who base their forecasts on the drawdown speeds of past generations “likely underestimate” the speed at which they’ll go through their retirement savings. On the other hand, some retirees spend more early in retirement (traveling while they still can) and assume they will need less when they are older. A one-time fee financial planner can help customize a plan for your needs.

Plan ahead:






Like 1776, this period is a test of democracyWe rejected an "American fascist" once



Our Jan 6 ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Trump ideologue Bannon planned failed Coup


Generals feared Trump refusal to give up power


General regrets being used: “Trump military display”


How Govt wastes our money:

Gov admits they kill 10 Afghans not terrorists bombs: drone driver can’t ‘see’ family


GOP helps kill over 690,000 of us, beating 1918 flu record: Will your kids be next?


The $28 trillion national debt rose $7.8 trillion (40%) Trump/GOP tax breaks for the rich.


FBI assisted hackers cost business schools hospitals $ millions: ransomware key withheld


Congress can’t reform police: killing beating continues with impunity shoot/taze OK


TX parks cars near river ‘steel wall’: but immigrants can walk around: state workers walk



Trump terrorists threaten reps who voted to impeach: “toxic dynamics” against family!

Capitol Police recorded 4,135 threats against Congress: domestic terror empties Capitol

McConnell: Republicans will not vote to increase the authority to borrow: bankrupt US


Thomas: Supremes’ politics ‘destroying our institutions’


Southern Baptists have hundreds sex abuse cases like Catholics: perps remain out of jail


TX adopt more babies: Birth choice shifts to Christian Nationalism’s cradle to grave care

TX doctor: 'I had a duty of care': we can’t let pre-Roe bad abortion deaths happen again


125 IU Health workers lost their jobs due to COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

 27% of health care workers have not been vaccinated: carriers make patients sicker

Anti-vaxxers send kids home from schools; teachers quit; hospitalizations jump; kids hurt


Anti-vaxxers won’t be around to vote Biden out in 2024: no MISS ICU beds left

Fox: 54% favor proof of vaccination in indoor spaces like restaurants and gyms

LA getting control of Covid hospitalizations: masks and vax work


Covid victims billed for care at full hospital prices: end to gov help, insurers want profits

TX anti-mask really aggressive: kick couple out and punch hostess in NYC: Civil War II

Unruly unmasked air passengers should be given a parachute and pushed out the door


North Carolina judges cancel voter ID law: right to vote “not be denied or abridged by … State”


Daryl Bank FL caught selling unregistered securities fraud $25 million ‘safe returns’ 35 years jail

Credit Repair Cloud Daniel Rosen caught helping firms charge unlawful fees for credit repair

It is so easy to make a fake; teens learn how to tell the real thing


Fake diabetes cures and claims by drug firms: will FDA letters stop greed? Bamboo cure?

FTC Complaint Against New Balance for Misleading ‘Made in USA’ Claims  

42% of Texans would vote to make Bitcoin an official currency.


Nursing homes with worst record of care: average cost semi private room $7,441 /month

Food  prices jump 40-50%: 14.25oz can green beans $.50 to $.69 in one week NJ store

Boy Scouts to pay $10,000 for each sex abuse case: all adults get off free of liability/jail


CA running out of water and wealthy keep watering

Car gadgets make us dangerous: no focus even for a second may kill

How to Avoid Being Scammed on Facebook Marketplace


Avoid home buying errors: a little plan saves $ thousands




Retiree work for love or money

Alaska needs 500 health care workers for stretched hospitals



Who owns your account now?

Chrysler had over 250 problems according to new car survey: Audi,VW,Acura over 200!

Insurer to use robot and drones to settle our big claims: can you talk robot?

Tenant screening: personal details used in secret algorithms to rate you as tenant

Fed rate hikes in ’21-’22: credit cards, mortgages, auto loans go up: pay down this year




Anti-vaxxers flying on plane sitting right next to you: no vax mandate for Covid carriers

Trump sues reporters who claim he’s not self-made $billionaire: $413 million from Dad

Free media streaming: movies, ebooks, TV, etc


Columbus did NOT discover America: 22,000 years old footprints NM kids did


We can apply for Medicare online:

We can apply for Social Security online:

We can apply for health care online:



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Why do actual investors earn less than their benchmarks?


Why do actual investors earn less than their benchmarks?

A recent study found that, while certain mutual funds and ETFs delivered a 9.4% average annual total return for the past decade, the average investor in these funds got only 7.7% due to poorly timed trading activity. This really hurts those who are investing for a big goal like house down payment or retirement or business start up. Over time, a $250 a month investment would reach $1.3 million WITHOUT the trading activity. Timing the markets would result in total accumulation of only $805,605—a loss of $494,395. In another study, Fidelity found that its accounts that did the best were those for which the owners forgot about them. Investing is simple to be successful but not easy. Gambling is hard to be successful but easy to do. Successful investors have 3 ‘pots’ of money: Patience for the long-term goals and impatience for the short-term get-rich-quick schemes. The third pot pays for living expenses.

Go simple:


What is the single most important reason for financial failure?

You are right; it is debt. If we had no debt, especially interest debt that can NOT be deducted, we could easily reach our long-term goals. We have credit card debt, mortgage debt and car debt. We borrow an average $34,635 for new vehicles and $21,438 for used vehicles. The average loan term is 70 months for new cars, 65 months for used cars and 37 months for leased vehicles. The average monthly payments for new, used and leased vehicles is $563, $397, $450. And this is an era of low interest rates. Interest is NOT deductible unless your company leases your car. So how is financial failure defined? How much do we lose with our vehicle loans? Investing $563 for 70 months could yield $59,541. Investing instead of buying on time provides enough money to buy a vehicle outright. This is why the wealthy pay cash for their rides. Their cash is special: their cash is compounded cash. They earn the money we pay on debt. We pay 9.46% they earn 9%.

Earn interest; don’t pay interest:


Most Americans are paying more taxes than US corporations pay

In fact many large profitable companies have Negative tax rates—taking our money as a refund. Most tech companies, including Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft are still paying much less by using an accounting trick to report profits outside the US. Many large profitable firms like Wells Fargo, Salesforce, AbbVie, Duke Energy, Adobe, Broadcom, IBM, Medtronic, and GE have a negative rate—We actually give them our tax payments. The rest pay lower rates than we do: NVIDIA, NextEra Energy, Bank of America, Pfizer, and Texas Instruments pay the lowest rates. The average overall company tax rate is only 19.7%. Our average is 32.9% including Fed, state, SS, Medicare, sales and gas taxes. This does not include property tax which some of us pay. We don’t receive a state subsidy like the $3 billion state subsidy that Foxconn got in 2018. Some call government-supported corporate tax refunds and grants US socialism.

Avoid paying their taxes:


Insurers may be overcharging you for coverage

Insurers use our credit scores and history to set premiums for car, home and rent insurance. Other service providers (rental agent, mortgage and auto loan) may use credit scores to set their charges. The CARES Act placed a temporary hold on reporting negative credit information to bureaus that collect credit history. When the hold is lifted, you may get whacked with increases in everything if the pandemic has disrupted your life. Some insurers recognize that the pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on the credit scores of some racial and income groups. Some are making it their business model to switch to a usage-based approach. Insurer Root’s usage-based approach can define a new industry approach that ties driving risk directly to driving habits rather than proxies. Thus drivers who speed, text and cause accidents may have a lower premium than safe drivers who have filed bankruptcy due to a medical catastrophe. Thus some insurers may offer you a better deal but unless you shop every 2 years you won’t know. And don’t forget to check for excessive car repair problems before you buy again.

Shop and save:


What is your plan for your next financial stress?

Most of us have no plan to deal with a financial emergency. A plan BEFORE a crisis while in retirement would provide us with peace of mind—one of the most important goals we have. I hear about folks that are overwhelmed by a medical expense event, a family member money request, and a huge loss in retirement savings. In a recent survey, the most common answers given by folks age 40-73 were ask family and friends, children, church/state agencies, work and downsize to live on SS benefits. These are desperation measures, not a plan. My experience with folks who made a plan shows that building an emergency fund of HALF a year’s expenses works best. These folks kept that emergency money in a balanced fund like Vanguard’s Wellesley Income not a bank: they earn 7% not 1%. First, you feel better. Second, the money gives you time to figure out what to do. Third, the crisis may be over in a year. Make a plan using the tools that are available online for FREE.


How to protect your retirement funds and keep them growing

The best protection is not putting your money in bank products, money market funds, an annuity, or bonds. These are the vehicles I see folks using because their advisors told them to “protect” savings in “safe” accounts. However, as inflation rises, they will lose buying power—probably for a long time to come. Unless you know you will die in a couple of years, fixed return investments will starve you to death. All of the traditional “safe” places are providing Wall Street with great revenue. However, these places don’t help you. Over the next 30 years, you could be giving away HALF your potential nest egg. The best way to protect your funds is to grow them—the best defense is a great offense.  Growth and security come from a combination of stocks, bonds and real estate holdings. Over time, your nest egg will continue to grow with stocks while bonds and real estate provide stability. A low cost balanced fund provides steady total returns of over 7%. For instance, Vanguard’s Wellesley Income Fund has provided 40 years of solid returns over 7% on average. Retirement income is thus a combination of interest and dividends. As part of the Vanguard Top Ten funds, investors shift more of their assets to this fund as they progress in retirement.

Pick growth and income:










Like 1776, this period is a test of democracyWe rejected an "American fascist" once



Our Jan 6 ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission


9/11 Bush warns of “domestic terrorism”


Will “domestic terrorists” install Trump Sat?


Generals planned to stop Trump from starting WWIII


How Govt wastes our money:

GOP requires gov ID to vote and drive but requires no Covid vax card to touch kids


Your freedom; their deaths: Anti-vax anti-mask Christians killing babies with Covid plague


Saudis caught helping terrorists kill us: why we still giving them weapons/intelligence?


Lindsey wants to re-invade Afghanistan but he won’t be leading the charge: sending kids


Biden lawyers against chokehold/knee on neck UNLESS cop “feels threatened” they do!


Plan to lower drug prices was defeated in Dem committee: Lobbyists paid 3 Dems



GOP will reach 675,000, the 1918 flu pandemic death rate: Govs fight Prez mandate

Fox: If mandatory polio vaccine is OK, why not COVID-19? Drive, hunt, visit England

All of a sudden police/public service workers get religion: religion exemption kills folks


Trump on Pence, his chosen VP: insults 5-year old kids: This is your new GOP ?

Supremes not "a bunch of partisan hacks": just liars: each pledged Roe was “settled law”

Abortion pills for TX market booming: Mexico lightens up just in time: employers help?


FL court: Gov can continue to let Covid kill kids—no masks in schools is law

FL airport dogs ID the Covid killers: sniff employees’ masks despite Gov ban

FL refuses to total Covid deaths: must be extreme not to tell. GOP going for record!

WV highest rate of new Covid cases per day: low vax rate; closing schools

Fake vax cards are readily available: masks may still be prudent indoors

Fake mask tests in TX go viral: confirm sources before you believe internet

TX women beat up NYC restaurant hostess over valid vax cards:


San Diego healthcare workers seek religious vaccine exemptions: Bible saves you?


243,000 Covid cases in kids 1 week 500,000 in 2weeks: Do it for the kids: GET VAX


CA Vax mandates keep Trumpist out of power: Covid case reduction continues


FL 13 & 14 year olds with gun planned mass shooting at middle school: peers heard talk




FBI caught allowing sex abuse by USA Gymnastics to continue w/o proper probe:


Larry Nassar in jail: why aren’t his bosses at USAG and USOPC? Cardinals never jailed


Felix Gorovodsky caught forged gift letter stole $253,000 promised to advise w/o license

Stephen C Peters caught selling bogus 9% notes stole $15 million: 40 yrs; lost appeal

Trumpists Lindell, Gen Flynn caught at 10,000 KY rally with only 300 showing up

American Airlines caught changing refund rules: you may be stranded

3 military caught helping foreign gov hack US companies for profit: fine, no firing squad


Drank the Kool-Aid: Most Republicans: It’s Important to Believe Trump Won Election

FL Gov guest claims Covid changes DNA but Gov did NOT disclaim lie: more FL deaths



Hospital staff loses benefits when refuse vax: Covid staff kill babies “unable to staff”

Tech job pay by state: $123,000 in WA to $70K in SD

Renewed tax credit can help employers hire workers


Most promising jobs in ’21: Amazon wage increase; college

More Ford electric truck jobs in MI: chip shortage weighs cars/trucks down


Who owns your account now?

Reports suggest that seniors in poorer health may be better served by Original Medicare.

Average credit scores by age: Many errors in credit reports: fix for free

Most reliable appliances: CR reviews show most expensive not the most reliable.



Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop: SF Grace Cathedral where else?

A widow, doctor, mother of three running for president of Somalia: yes, Somalia

Bangladesh has reopened schools: 97% teachers and staff vaccinated


Miami football fans save cat falling from upper level with flag not masks

CA wildfires closing in on world’s largest oldest trees: Sequoia National Park

NYC vaccinated 6 million for smallpox in 1 MONTH to save lives: no mandate

3 million more obtain health care during special Covid enrollment


We can apply for Medicare online:

We can apply for Social Security online:

We can apply for health care online:



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Another way the wealthy avoid their fair share of taxes


Are Target Date funds right for you?

For investors who want a better than average return that they can “set up and forget” target-date funds provide the best option. An estimated 40 million Americans have put at least part of their retirement money in target-date funds since they first started hitting the market in the early ’90s. The amount of money in target-date mutual funds and exchange-traded funds—whose mix of stocks and bonds go from riskier to more conservative over time—has now reached $1.75 trillion. If you have a 401(k) or other retirement account that invests in the market, chances are that some of your money is in a target-date fund. The best funds are low-cost index funds which provide higher returns and less volatility from wide comprehensive stock and bond markets, national and international. Vanguard Target Retirement 2060 Fund has provided returns of over 11% since 2012. Your money doubles every 7 years at that rate. No advisor fees is key to $million retirement fund.


Another way the wealthy avoid their fair share of taxes

Private placement life insurance is already in the portfolio of the rich since life insurance benefits are never taxed. Our representatives made a little-noticed change in U.S. insurance law at the end of 2020 that makes the tool more powerful, at the same time that competition among insurance carriers and advisory firms is giving rich investors more flexibility, lower costs and a wider choice of products on PPLI platforms. Biden’s tax laws, if enacted will make insurance more attractive. The policies can fail if not funded properly over time. Once assets are inside a PPLI, they can’t be taken out without a big tax bill — though they can be borrowed against or rolled into another insurance product. Insurance is combined with other loopholes: Family offices, for example, can buy PPLI policies inside dynasty trusts, which are vehicles that let multiple generations of wealthy heirs avoid the estate tax. As one advisor said: “Rich people can do things other people can’t.” There is one legal tax shelter we can use so we don’t end up paying their taxes.

Don’t pay their taxes:


Why are index funds recommended by Warren Buffett?

“I just think that the best thing to do is buy 90% in S&P 500 index fund.” Unless you are smarter than Buffett with $102 billion in proven stock-picking assets, you should take his advice. Buffett realizes that it is the Miracle of Compounding that has multiplied his assets over time. Yes, he picked some great companies at the right time, but it is compounding of earnings that does the real wealth-building work. “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” Compound interest is money making money on itself. It is time that can make you rich. Buffett began managing money with his paper route when he was 14. To prove it is TIME not stock trading that can make you rich, Fidelity studied the returns of their customers over time. It was not their investment advisors that produced the best account returns. It was NOT moving their money—no trading, no withdrawals, no nothing. Trading slows compounding. Customers’ accounts that did the best were the ones they forgot. Over time, buy and hold at low cost provides our best chance of gaining wealth. Dividends and stock splits were automatically reinvested and produced the highest end accumulations for those who forgot or who are patient investors. Index funds can be the lowest cost—reinvestment is usually FREE. Vanguard leads the index market.

Go with Buffett:


Most retirees use RMD not annuities for retirement income

Major study of how people manage their income and spending in retirement. Most decreased their portfolios’ equity concentration after rollover. About 30% had an annuity and/or a pension. Their median estimated investible wealth was $300,000–350,000. Their median observable retirement wealth in accounts studied was around $110,000. The most common age to receive Social Security benefits for the first time was 66. The most common retirement age was between 65 and 70. Most used the RMD withdrawal tables to determine income. People who don’t take any distribution before their RMD age had much less observable retirement wealth (roughly a quarter) than those who were taking early withdrawals. This suggests that the need to efficiently draw down wealth is more critical for this less wealthy segment of the population. The RMD approach tends to generate more income later in retirement and can even leave a sizable account balance at age 100. Unlike the RMD approach, reflecting actual spending allows retirees to support higher spending early in retirement and achieve greater utility of their savings. This requires making/following a plan.






Like 1776, this period is a test of democracyWe rejected an "American fascist" once



Our Jan 6 ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Terrorists return 9/18


Trump: Osama wasn’t a “monster”


FBI seized terrorist’s iPhone for “seditious conspiracy”


How Govt wastes our money:

GOP wants to go back to Afghanistan: re-invade to save the Middle East (oil)



TX leads US to 1970s: Christian nationalism defeats era of choice: no sex, no masks, no vote

GOP ends progressive laws of fairness: abortion, voting, guns, education, inequality, taxation

GOP threatens telecoms if deny Congress request for records of co-conspirators to fascist coup


Lift Uber others pay for drivers sued for taking women to clinic in TX under new ban

Comcast/NBCUniversal, AT&T paid for sponsors of abortion ban law: yet say opposite

TX Gov Abbott vows to "eliminate all rapists": change definition of rape or eliminate organs?


Pre-Roe-Wade: 29,227 women traveled from Michigan to New York for an abortion in 1971–72.


Judge who ordered hospital to treat Covid man with de-wormer was reversed by another

Masks and vax needed for ‘mu’ variant from SA: 2,000 US cases watched with delta

TX doubles student Covid infections in 1 week: No Masks shuts 45 school districts


Do it for the kids: Anti-vax anti-mask Christians killing babies with Covid plague


TX district mandates masks after their 2 teachers die in 1st week of school: students sad

KY GOP votes down mask mandate for schools: condemning students to Covid sickness

Columbus OH requires all residents regardless of vax to wear mask in indoor places


Jury trials delayed: anti-vax jury candidates dismissed by court:

Nurses quit work rather than get vax: patient safety falls to ‘MY’ freedom: 655,000 dead

250,000 bikers prove we don’t have ‘herd’ immunity with 75% vax rate: avoid biker bars

VT state troopers caught making fake federal vax cards: 3 resignations so far


Stick ‘em up: SC woman pulls a gun on Burger King staff after receiving the wrong drink order


Tesla auto pilot kills another driver changing his tire on NY highway.

Tesla crashed into a Florida home Friday, killing two people: autopilot ran stop sign?


BitConnect Scammed Investors Out of $2 Billion With Fake Crypto Trading Bot

HP employees’ pensions sold to Prudential

Better Future Forward caught misleading borrowers re: loan called ISA instead

LendUp Loans caught violating order: deceiving people about cost of loans and refis

Wells caught failure to pay customers charged excessive or improper fees: fine no jail


Nation’s deficit has reached $2.7 trillion after Trump tax breaks fail to pay for themselves



Chip shortage forces General Motors to idle eight of its 15 North American plants

VT New residents of the Green Mountain State can get up to $7,500

Bitcoin miner: luck, skills and equipment are expensive to acquire: keep day job

Amazon college education for some warehouse workers: conditions apply



Who owns your account now?

Actors rob jewelry shop for NCIS stopped by real SWAT team but can’t sue CBS?

Guide to reimbursement for lost/damaged goods in storm Ida

Spend your Bits in El Salvador: Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador  



graduate without student loan: colleges with 100% financial aid

1777 Washington requires troops to get smallpox vax to save lives: vax is American

GOP will reach 1918 flu pandemic death rate of 675,000: Govs fight Prez mandate


California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah reported their hottest summer on record.

Permafrost thaw causes Denali park to close roads: Alaska’s canary in the coal mine 



We can apply for Medicare online:

We can apply for Social Security online:

We can apply for health care online:



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Friday, September 3, 2021

Stock market too high for you?


Stock market too high for you?

Many investors are anticipating a correction (drop) in stocks because they have been going up for so long and the Covid-19 resurgence. If this is your concern and you do not believe our economy has stopped growing, a less volatile sanctuary in these times is the Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund. This 40 year-old, income-oriented balanced fund offers exposure to stocks and investment-grade bonds. Balanced funds typically offer a higher allocation to stocks; however, this fund is unique in allocating about one-third to stocks and two-thirds to bonds. With a low annual expense ratio and long-term (1970) return of 9.7%, this fund helps you sleep at night during this period. The year to date return of 7.5% and the 3-year results of 11.8% mean you are participating in this boom while not likely to fall off the coming cliff. In 2008, when the market fell 37%, this fund was down only 9.8%. It quickly recovered its steady returns to over 7% per year.

Use Vanguard’s best:


What is your investment account benchmark?

Without a benchmark, how do you know your advisor is not ripping you off? Everyone has a benchmark even if your advisor has not provided this information. Some don’t provide it because it may make them look bad. For instance, if your 401k money is invested in the stock market, you should have grown your nest egg by 30, 20, or 11% over the last few years. In fact you can use this calculator to know exactly how much your money grew over any given period of time. The long-term return is about 11% before inflation but in the last year you should have increased your account by over 36%. Your advisor should provide you with your funds’ returns over time with the market benchmarks side by side as Vanguard does. If you are invested in a Target Date fund like Vanguard’s 2065, your returns are shown with the benchmark composite of the stock/bond mix your plan manager is using. If you are being overcharged, over time you could be giving up 50% of the potential value of your money. John Bogle did the analysis to start the Vanguard Group and the low-cost money management revolution.

Make sure you are not robbed:


How to improve your credit: don’t get blindsided

This course shows you how to get and maintain one of the most important financial traits you can have. You can negotiate a lower cost of renting, car loans, home loans, home equity loans, utility and phone bills, insurance rates, and many other products you need. The course is in short modules so you can go at your own pace. You learn what hurts and what helps your situation. You learn when to ask for help. There are steps to improve your credit that you can take today. Keep track of your credit reports each year so you can remove the negative that appears in almost everyone’s history. Reports are FREE.

Save on all products:


How to invest for retirement in 21st Century

Unless your family has provided a legacy for you, you need to create your own retirement income. Unless you plan on creating a new Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or Google, you need to build wealth in the new system—Tax-FREE Wealth Reserve. If your employer matches your contributions to a 401k, take the money and invest in the right plan options. If not, skip the employer plan and set up your own automatic payday contribution plan with a low-cost custodial account provider. Time is the key to amassing the new Wealth Reserve system. To reach a decent retirement income, you must use stocks or stock funds. This will assure you of beating inflation and average returns of at least 11% annually. At that rate, you can create a Tax-FREE account worth over $1,000,000. That amount will provide a substantial supplement to your SS benefits for 30-40 years of retirement. SS Trust Fund is projected to become depleted in 2033, one year sooner than last year’s estimate, with 76 percent of benefits payable at that time. There are no guarantees but this method is your best chance of success. And you don’t need to give up HALF your earnings in advisor fees and charges.

Go Tax-FREE:



Why financial literacy in HS does not produce smart buyers

I have found that folks learn money management only when they need to use it. They are open to learning how to get a loan or invest wisely only when they are ready. HS kids are usually focused on getting a date or getting drunk or getting a scholarship. They learn how to buy loan, car, insurance, etc when they need to AFTER HS. When I got my first real job, the lady in charge of HR paperwork told me to enroll in the Stable Value Fund--the worst 401k option--Stable Value Fund is like bank savings account earning 1-2%. When you are young you should be in 100% stock funds but the employers do not want to be sued for employees losing money in the first years. For the same reason high schools never teach that stocks go up at 11% over time. Students ignore advice: investing is about TIME not get-rich-quick schemes. Teens are not interested in literacy. They want to know how to get $20,000 to buy that sports car or their Spring break vacations. 

Fix it now:


Buffett recommendations for investments in retirement

What is one of the world's greatest investor's retirement advice? Use 2 Vanguard funds for your retirement income. You avoid “high-fee managers” and the high cost of trading.  Warren Buffett's legal will provides for his family by directing that his cash assets be invested in just two Vanguard funds: One will provide cash for the coming year and the other will provide for a sound future. The best way to protect your family's future is to be invested in the stock market: Pure and simple. When you have stock assets, your money compounds at higher rates when your account fees are 0.01-0.05%, not the retail rates of 1.5-3%. You don't have to settle for retail products that are structured to provide a Wall Street firm with higher revenues. The average investor earns just 3.79%, not the 10-12% market rates according to the DALBAR record keeper. A simple plan can save you the pain of retirement income blues. Retirees regret a little saving and planning workout.

Buffett’s simple plan:


BMW highest loss in value in 5 years

High depreciation in value means poor trade-in sale value when you go for a new ride. You will find these 10 cars are worth only 30% of what you paid for them: you lose over 70%. Luxury cars see their value quickly fade in part because they have expensive features and technology that used-car shoppers do not value. Repairs are outrageous. Luxury wheels on lease are a favorite business expense by owners since they are deductible and can be renewed easily. The flip side is that a 5-year-old Audi, Volvo, Benz, or Maserati may be a great bargain. However, when you check on the reliability and cost of repairs, you may have a disaster instead. Check the cost of insurance too.

Buy only what you need:





Like 1776, this period is a test of democracyWe rejected an "American fascist" once



Our Jan 6 ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Contempt of Congress to Trump?


Lawmakers encouraged terrorists?


US terrorists smile at Taliban win


How Govt wastes our money:

Finally, common sense in FL: stop filling hospitals with Covid cases. Judge: wear masks


Get it for the kids: Pediatric COVID-19 Cases Are Surging, Pushing Hospitals to limit

650,000 deaths still don’t convince the anti-vaxxers: ideology still strong: Trump booed

Covid cancels EU vacations: ONLY US vax travelers wanted in Europe this year


Recall troops from Japan Germany Korea 177 countries: domestic terrorist greater threat  

NY pays $9.5 million to lawyers representing and investigating Cuomo: sex harassment

Corp lobbyists to determine who wins in economic recovery: drug prices, fair taxes issues




FL Covid survivor goes home: finds husband decomposing with Covid: Gov to blame?

TN school district closes schools for Covid:  TN fired Covid expert for pushing vax

Teacher took off mask to read-aloud: within days, half her class was positive for Covid


America’s Frontline Doctors caught profiting from fake Covid drug for de-worming cows

GA cop anti-vax Facebook; took de-wormer; died of Covid virus; ivermectin poisonings

FL radio host Mr Bernier "Mr. Anti-Vax" criticized vaccine died of the coronavirus

FL punishes schools for wearing masks to protect children: no ‘freedom’ from Ron’s ban

Wife gets OH judge to order hospital to give husband de-wormer: life insurance benefit?

FL ‘cooks’ the Covid death books to show “artificial decline” in deaths: state Health Dept


GOP wants more US troops to die in Afghanistan: Wasted 20 years; $2.2 Trillion already

Trump made the deal; Biden takes blame for leaving Afghans; 13 more Americans die

GOP Gaetz described the Taliban as “more legitimate than the last gov or our gov here”



GOP calling for blood in next election: since election rigged/stolen; so “bloodshed” used

TX encourages citizens collect bounties for abortion ban: $10,000 per fetus found

TX bans women’s choice; voter’s choice; race education choice: white Taliban country?

Fox Carlson on Taliban: “They like the patriarchy. Some of their women like it too.”


Philip Morris will give you cancer and sell you the treatmeant: “Beyond Nicotine” 


Jason Bullard Angela Romero-Bullard caught $17.6M Ponzi currency trading 12% return

Cetera, Cambridge, KMS caught put client data at risk with poor cyber protections fined

J.W. Cole Advisors FL breached fiduciary duty: sold higher fee shares: failed to advise

Some colleges adding cost of no attendance to tuition: may not cover Covid absence

Some hospitals charge us MORE with insurance than cash price: tricks for profits

George Constantine Marc Elefant Andrew Dowd Sady Ribeiro caught fake fall $31 mil fraud

Charles Sebesta chairman stole $11 million LA Christian Science and school



Tesla auto pilot attracted to police flashing lights: nearly hits driver then car 

Extensive Corrosion in Collapsed Condo video shows engineers “powdered concrete

GA DA indicted in investigation of killing of Ahmaud Arbery, jogger killed by 2 whites


Can you tell a scam from a fact? Easy tutorials here



Many folks are NOT retiring: good reasons to keep doing your routine

Teacher pay by level and state: $44,000 to $86,000 is planning to hire 55,000 people for corporate and technology roles


Who owns your account now?

Best Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Mobile driver’s license and state ID initiative with Apple and 8 states: airport OK

Home prices double: $357,900 for median (half above; half below)



Egypt’s Ibrahim Hamadtou lost both arms— now, at 48, he’s a 2-time Paralympian.

Age of Stupidity? Vax for Virus; Earth overheats; US civil ideology war; inequality

Weather disasters are now far more frequent and costly but less deadly,


New Yorker keeps cougar as ‘pet’ in apartment: cute pet 11 months ago

LA state workers save someone’s cow in tree: IDA did it!


Molecule in Brazilian viper venom can inhibit virus to multiply by 75% in monkeys


We can apply for Medicare online:

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