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Why smart investors do NOT sell high; buy low

Why smart investors do NOT sell high; buy low
Every time we have a severe correction like 2007-08 or 2020, investors have to re-learn the lesson of the sages: Don’t time the markets. Over the past 71 years, there have been 13 bear markets, lasting an average of 13 months, with declines averaging 25.8% before markets recovered. By contrast, the 14 bull markets since 1949 have been longer and have had disproportionate gains, lasting an average of 48 months and gaining an average of 129.0%. A $10,000 investment in the S&P 500 Index in 2004 would have grown to $36,418 by December 31, 2019, despite the 51% downturn of 2008–2009. Returns for other periods may have been less favorable and that other market segments may not have recovered from this downturn. As the Putnam chart shows, if you had timed the market and missed 30 or 40 best days, you would have lost money. Smart investors look at similar charts when they get the itch to sell. No one can predict the future!

25% of us are using our future money for today’s needs
Many Americans are raiding their retirement accounts to pay for basic necessities, including groceries and rent. Over the last two months, the average withdrawal from retirement accounts was $6,757. Half of Americans who were recently furloughed or let go have saved less than $500 for retirement in the past year — and 70% have saved less than $1,000, according to SimplyWise. Of those who have an individual retirement account, 401(k) plan or retirement savings account, 1 in 5 now plan to tap those funds. It is difficult to find other ways to buy food and pay rent, especially since Congress let us take the money without penalty. But if a job loss or severe economic trouble goes on for month after month, we could be devastated. Like the Great Depression, we may be standing on food pantry lines sooner that we think.

Recover your retirement fund
The stock market has risen to the level of last August. If you did not sell, you may be able to meet your goals and timeline. No one can predict the future based on the past because we have never been through this kind of condition before. Plus, no advisor can predict the future anyway. Since nobody knows when the market will recover and refill your retirement fund, it is best to do nothing. Warren Buffett, expert unbiased advisor, says "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." We make mistakes when we are in a hurry. No advisor can tell you which investment to buy now to help you recoup your lost ground quickly. Quick gains are for gamblers who are willing to lose or who can’t control their emotions. We can concentrate on what we can control—cutting expenses, building emergency funds, looking for a new job—not on conditions we can’t control.

Women need a Wealth Reserve
Women generate just 83% of the retirement income men do. That’s $47,244, 17% less than the median household income for men ($57,144). To make it worse, women live longer than men so they need more, not less. You and your family can solve this mismatch by creating a special tax-FREE account I call your “Wealth Reserve.” Before and after you retire, build funds in your tax-FREE account. Only earned income can be contributed to this account at first. However, if you don’t work but your spouse does work, you can still invest in this account. You can contribute up to $6,000; if you're age 50 or over, it is $7,000. You can withdraw your funds tax-free. In retirement, you can let your money grow tax-FREE while you take money from your pension and other accounts. You can add to this account even after the wage earners retire. You and your family can make sure you have enough even as you live longer. Plus there will be no income taxes due on your long-term accumulations. This could save you 22% in taxes.  

Is a reverse mortgage right for you?
Reverse mortgages allow you to spend down your home’s equity even while you continue to live in it, then pay the money back when you move out, often from the proceeds of a home sale. Last year more than 30,000 Americans borrowed against their homes in this way. During the last recession, some borrowers fell victim to high fees and questionable marketing tactics. Reverse mortgages are generally structured so the homeowner gets a monthly payment for as long as they live in the house. The loan comes due after the homeowner dies or moves out of the house. At this point, the loan will need to be repaid — which might mean selling the home in order to come up with the funds. The one you’re most likely to encounter is a federally-insured home equity conversion mortgage, or HECM. Most reverse mortgages have variable interest rates which may cause cash problems in the future. Go to a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and look for agencies specifically approved to provide reverse mortgage counseling. Although reverse mortgages may help you stay in your home longer, they aren’t cheap.
Plus all the maintenance, taxes and fees continue. As always with mortgages, it pays to shop around, getting quotes from at least three lenders, to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Where do retirees keep their money?
There are many advisors who tell clients to use bond interest for retirement income. After all, fixed bond coupons paying 6-8% were ‘safe’ and guaranteed a fixed income compared to stocks. Recently, low interest returns have dominated the economy so this may not be good advice any longer. With the advent of Target-Date Retirement funds, some retirees have discovered balanced funds that manage stocks and bonds over time automatically. Some retirees have relied on balanced funds like Vanguard Wellesley Income fund for many retirement years—providing 9% returns since 1970. Some retirees and pre-retirees are taking note of the current tax rates and lack of forced sales for RMDs to move more IRA money to Roth IRA accounts. Later if taxes go up to pay for this pandemic event, they can use tax-FREE money to reduce their total tax expenses.

How Congress people make money with their ‘crystal ball’
Yes, there is a law against insider-trading, even for the wealthy and the connected. But law enforcement doesn’t go after Congress people who have intelligence reports we don’t see. They get away with it. They have their own system so they make sure few get punished. Plus, Congress people are rich enough to have ‘third party’ people (trustee) to trade on their behalf with the information. Take Rep. Phil Roe. He purchased stock in Zoom, the teleconferencing company, and Moderna, a company developing a vaccine, while dumping shares of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Disney. As markets crashed around the globe in early March, the ‘representative’ sold nearly 100 stocks over a two-day period. A spokesman said Roe does not personally manage his investments. So it is just luck that Roe’s trustee makes trades on the basis of knowing what is coming? Roe makes $ millions and so does his trustee. We are not fooled.

Another way the wealthy takes our tax money
Trump and the GOP have provided another perk for the wealthy. Wealthy financial advisors keep our tax money (‘loan’ for employee salaries): big bonus. One firm, Lakeview Capital Partners, an Atlanta-based registered investment advisor with about $3.3 billion in assets under management, was the latest firm to disclose it received a Paycheck Protection Program loan from US. Do financial advisory firms which are already wealthy and receive about $33 million in annual fees ($3.3 Billion at 1% fee rate) really deserve $581,000 of our tax money? Lakeview is planning to keep the money under the ‘forgiveness’ regs. One critic: “these firms have to be in the position of dealing with bear markets,” he said. ”they know they don’t need the money. They know the loan was intended for small businesses like restaurants where they need to keep employees employed. It was not meant to be an indirect windfall for [advisors] RIAs.”


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

Mobster: This Is So Unfair to Me

The Mob: virus is gone by Memorial Day (102,000 dead)

How Govt wastes our money: Congress gives 3.7 Trillion to the wealthy! 
Trump gives virus bailout money to your landlord: we pay twice—rent and taxes
We paid $ millions to develop remdesivir, but Gilead Sciences owners get all the profits 

Biden: “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” ?
Open churches: “It’s our sacred duty to meet the spiritual needs of the suffering.” Revenue too?
Private religious schools receive bailout money: further goal for all education money

Key Credit Repair deceived pre-paying customers; did not repair credit, ignored, lied, etc

Apple listening to our private details without activation by us: wiretapping entire populations”. 

We have had our data stolen average 4 times: even Microsoft just doesn’t pay for security
Supplements, “Ingredients for Brain Health” just another snake-oil con. Caffeine works.
Hackers blackmail you for the sites you have visited: Fake—they don’t have your data.

Trump fears: “people would print fake ballots and send them in.” from his Nov playbook
BoA customers who applied for PPP loans have data seen: bank claims not seen in public 

Some delusional biz men outlaw masks in their bar/stores: virus deniers: 101,000 dead?


Big companies to hire half-a-million employees in months: more risk; more money?

Who owns your account now?
Responsible health clubs refund fees during C-19 closing. Get your refund.

First human trial of a possible vaccine: safe and may effectively fight the virus.
Aerobic exercise—fast walking every day—maintains brain power for older adults

Saint Cloud Diocese MN pays 70 sexual abuse victims $22.5 million goes bankrupt

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How to get your retirement fund back on track

How to get your retirement fund back on track
For those of us who have jobs, the most important fact is that no one knows what will happen with our investments. Forget trying to time the market or taking anyone’s advice about the next big thing. We are not going to refill our retirement fund quickly. This event will have HUGE unforeseen consequences. Instead of putting our faith in one person—broker, advisor, neighbor or newsletter—we must hold fast to the market growth over time. The market is down 8% so far this year. A balanced fund is down 2%. Since there is no silver bullet, patience must be our watchword. If you are waiting for your job to return, resist the impulse to raid your 401k or other retirement fund: You give up all your future compounded earnings. Exhaust all the other alternatives first: cut expenses, claim refunds on ongoing contracts, sell what you can, ask for help from employer, landlord, creditor, etc. Last crisis, we lived on credit cards instead of touching our retirement fund. Cash-out your old savings bonds. They probably aren’t earning interest anymore. Loans on cash value life insurance are more expensive than using it for loan collateral. Sell one of two cars. Use your ‘Go to Hell’ fund.

Conservatives want Free-market capitalism
TV star Glenn Beck says conservatives want free markets but do they really? Beck would not be able to right off his expenses as deductions thus lowering his taxes. He would not be able to obtain subsidies for his operations—subsidies we tax payers have to pay for. Free markets praised by conservatives brought us dirty water, air and violence. Richard Nixon had to create the EPA to control them. When companies are free to pollute, they do, move on and then our taxes have to clean the pollution. When companies are free to manufacture unregulated/tested products they kill us. GM killed over 100 because of a $2 faulty ignition; Purdue killed thousands with addictive opioid; NRA promoted guns as mainstays for manhood so America’s unarmed deaths by gunshot soared. Beck makes up stories to satisfy those Americans who feel left behind, left out and left alone. His theme that socialism is a costly and dangerous failure that leaves desperation, poverty, and bodies in its wake is exactly what we have in American’s poverty life. In our capitalist system, the poor are hungry, alienated, and without health care. The rich move their money overseas so they don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes. Check the list of subsidies that we taxpayers have to give large corporations so they can have more money. Even the private jets get paid for by us. America has socialism—socialism for the rich.

Scared people buy annuities: which is right for you?
Indexed annuities sales grew by 44% over the first quarter of 2019. Indexed annuities offer some protection against stock market losses, as well as the potential to profit from the market’s gains. While investors could benefit from gains in the stock market, the annuities also guaranteed a minimum rate no matter how poorly the market performed. Insurers don’t lose money so that guarantee comes at a hefty cost. Fixed annuities are like a bank account with a fixed rate of return. You earn less because the insurer’s current bonds pay less. Variable annuities provide performance based on an underlying portfolio of mutual funds. You pay fees for the annuity and for the funds so the value can fall over the short term. You have costly tax-deferred growth and a death benefit. Finally, immediate annuities pay a fixed amount starting the next month. They guarantee that amount for your life so inflation can cut your real income in HALF over 20 years. Annuities are almost impossible to cancel so they are used to supplement your retirement incomes. The bulk of your retirement income should be from a balanced mutual fund: stocks for growth; bonds for income. Some funds have low fees so you earn more.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

If it takes a village, the village idiot is in charge: “metrics up here” (his head)

Another corporate socialism giveaway: business loans forgiven for the well-connected

Like 1930s, immediate jobs with pay are needed economically and emotionally.
Biden: “I’m not Trump or Obama” What does that mean for our future?
Trump gives C-19 drug-making $1 billion contract to company started in Jan. Payoff?
96,000 dead: when do we start testing: you can only get test if you already have virus symptoms.
CDC: more than a third of coronavirus patients don’t have any symptoms at all, 40% of virus transmission happens before people feel sick. 

Reopening increases virus: close contacts makes pandemic real for newly infected
New C-19 cases temporarily stopped production at two Ford plants — two days after reopened
Trump screws National Guard out of benefits: helping with virus benefits cancelled

Trump followers believe WH propaganda: virus, cures, work, media, science
Twitter messages are from fake people: bots spread misinformation, lies

Insane Son Eric: Virus is Dem hoax: vanish after election: deaths are not virus deaths

TX halts mail-in ballots for DEMs : Trump is against mail-ins for DEMs: OK for self

Currency scams are old: people still fall: Check reliable sources: EG: Dong Dinar
Class-action suits to recover your prepaid expenses: gym, airlines, events, etc etc etc

NJ dispels fake news rumors and disinformation C-19 plus phishing, malware, fraud loan

Real estate buyers with cash wait for sellers to cut prices: low mortgage rates

Merrill Lynch caught unregistered exec runs brokerage unit: fine, no suspension

Priest uses holy water squirt gun to bless cars as they drove by. Really??
Obama on our future: We have to make it.
Pier 1 closing its doors forever, shutting down 540 stores after failing to secure a buyer 

Who owns your account now?
Eviction protections? State and Fed help may save you

Nasal swab tests less accurate: through the nose into the throat. The kits will cost $135. 
Potential vaccine generated an immune response similar to that in people who recovered.
Some feel virus is a sign that we have lost our humanity: Changes must be made.

More clerical child sex abuse lists in Poland: John Paul’s legacy has been stained forever.
Is treating yourself smart Hydrox pills can trigger serious cardiac side effects Pence not on pill.
Virus reopening getting restaurants to clean bathrooms, finally.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Will we pay higher taxes to continue subsidizing the rich?

Will we pay higher taxes to continue subsidizing the rich?
Even Wall Street execs know that taxes will go up to cover the debt Trump created with the 2017 tax breaks. Finance billionaires benefited more than just about anyone from President Donald Trump’s massive tax cuts. “Taxes have to go up -- and it will go up at the upper end,” Leon Cooperman, the outspoken hedge fund veteran. The 2017 law slashed corporate rates to 21% from 35%. That has since helped the nation’s biggest banks churn out record profits and given a boost to rich Americans despite Trump’s promise that they “will not be gaining at all.”

Is this socialism or capitalism?
Gov helps the most profitable companies: they have lobbyists who guide Reps

Will Trump cut SS benefits to cover his 2017 tax break deficits?
Social Security and Medicare would be on the chopping block in a second Trump term. Pointing to rising deficits, Republican senators have all but promised to gut entitlements if Trump gets four more years. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) was even more optimistic. “We’ve brought it up with President Trump, who has talked about it being a second-term project,” Barrasso said. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has made no secret of wanting to cut Social Security. In his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump said bluntly, “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican.” However, we know from our daily experience that Trump often says what is expedient at the time. Surprisingly, Dems are not using the issue to hold Congressional seats. The greatest irony in Republican’s “starve the beast” mentality is that Social Security does not even affect the deficit. So perhaps it’s not really about the deficit after all. Luckily, Trump can’t sign an order to cut the income for the 60% of retirees who count on SS benefits for half their retirement income.

What can you do with your bankrupt stock?
Neiman Marcus said it is filing Chapter 11 to restructure operations. 500 employees will be gone in months. A Chapter 11 restructuring could also wipe out debt and equity, create new ownerships and let the company close its underperforming stores, all while still operating. Chapter 11 bankruptcy signals that the company is asking the court to protect it from its creditors until it files a detailed plan for how it intends to recover financially. If the court accepts the plan, the company may renegotiate its debts, drastically cut its costs, and resume doing business. Over time, it may thrive and emerge from bankruptcy (or not). Common stock shares will be practically worthless at the moment, and the shareholder won't be able to sell the shares because no one would want them. There is at least a chance that the company will indeed recover and their shares will regain some of their value. Other public companies headed to court are J Crew, JC Penney, Forever 21, Pier 1, Modell’s as well as some restaurants.

Why does the stock market go up when employed goes down?
It makes no sense. In the 1930’s the Great Depression, markets and jobs fell. Now we have the opposite. Answer: anticipation: stocks have rallied aggressively off their March lows as Wall Street becomes increasingly optimistic about a reopening of the economy. Despite dismal economic data and first quarter corporate earnings reports, stocks have looked beyond the near-term turmoil caused by coronavirus. The market has moved higher—back to May 2019 level as several states—including Georgia, Florida, Texas and California—begin to reopen businesses and lift coronavirus lockdowns. The S&P 500 has bounced back more than 30% from its low in late March, now just 15% off a record high. The Nasdaq is more than 35% off its lows and on Thursday moved into positive territory for the year. Money managers don’t want to face the fact that the economy may take years to return to its old self. Wall Street optimists expected reports to be worse so they are buying back what they sold a month ago. They need to show positive activity.

Which annuity is best for you?
Sinking your money into an annuity at this time is not smart. Current interest rates determine your eventual monthly payout—either now or later. Insurers offering fixed annuities are buying very low rate bonds with your money. Insurers offering variable market rate annuities are trying to find a hedge on market volatility. They structure the annuity contract so they don’t lose money and set the fees to make money. You have better alternatives to locking in your contribution forever; buying future income that will be cut in HALF by inflation; paying income taxes instead of lower capital gains on your future income and paying more in costs than you gain in tax-deferral.

Advisors get paid less so changing your fee rates
Sixty-six percent of advisors said their compensation came from AUM-based (managed assets) fees. So even if you do not get any services from your advisor, they get paid less since the portfolio they “manage” is less now. Advisory firm are changing to “advice-based” fees to take more of your money. The owners need more revenue. This is justified by advisors promising to cover health care issues and family-legacy planning. Firms will “move from fixed compensation to variable compensation with profit-based bonuses, since that allows firms to easily trim compensation during a down market like this without having to reduce compensation directly or do layoffs,” one planner said. Advisors are not likely to raise security trading fees during this volatile market time, but fees will be imposed for any request that takes more effort, like review of a retirement plan. It may be time to switch to a fee-only planner so you can control your fees wisely.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

If it takes a village, the village idiot is in charge: “metrics up here” (his head)

Mobster’s propagandist: “I will never lie to you

Private jet firm founded by Trump donor gets $27 million bailout: we pay for jets of rich!
Hate China? Remember we need China to buy our Treasuries: finance our biz bailouts

Trump kills health code: “Virus will take over 100,000.” Let’s go to work without tests!

Trump to change CDC method of counting C-19 dead so it is lower: election gimmick!
MI vigilantes use guns to open barber shop: MI Gov defied by GOP Trump violence.

IRS delays some payers’ payments: You get a break today
Debt collectors contacting us in pursuit of debts that don't exist. Get it in writing.

VW recall 370,000 vehicles with Takata inflators ‘in phases’ starting at the end of 2020.
Ambassador Advisors PA failed to disclose conflicts of interest in mutual fund sales

Trump hotels take $650 room/SS guards/family members/staff/VIPs from taxpayers

Pence told to keep distance from WH staff: Trump still not careful around others
Employee options for pay cuts: Gov help and alternatives

Who owns your account now?
Time to refinance your vehicle at low rates?  as low as 2.14% APR for 36 months.
Mortgage/rent assistance and info: you may qualify for help

Delay mortgage payment options: Consider options carefully: long-term impact

If the victim had been white and the two stalkers with guns were black, same outcome?

Scientists construct a single-atom transistor: pack more circuits on tiny chip to fit vein?

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Raid your 401k? Destroy your future

Raid your 401k?
How long would it take you to replace the growth of that $100,000 from your 401k?
You can now take out up to $100,000 from your retirement account without paying a penalty. Savers under age 59½ would be able to tap their 401(k) and 403(b) money without the usual 10% early withdrawal penalty. Taxes would still be payable. Since most of us don’t have that much, (the average IRA balance was $98,900, reports Fidelity. For 401(k)s, (the average balance was $91,400), let’s talk about $25,000 withdrawal. You might not owe any income taxes on that money since your income for the year may be low. However, unemployment benefits are still taxable. Given that HALF of us have less than $91,400—the average—it may not be smart to raid our future retirement income no matter the need today. However, if we did, it may take just as long to replace it. When we get back to making contributions, hopefully our employer will restart their matching program. How long will it take to make up the $25,000 let alone the future retirement income level? Remember, by taking out the $25,000 now, we are giving up the miracle of compounding too! That is the force that can double our money in 12 years depending on how we invest it. It will take us 10 years of investing $167 a month in stocks to re-coop the $25,000. During that time, we give up amassing $55,000 from the original $25,000 with compounding at 10% growth. Long and short, it will take more monthly savings and another 10 years to recreate the retirement fund we could have had.

Re-balance your retirement fund or not?
Wall Street has this thing about rebalancing your investments—advocates have long earned extra pay by telling clients they must do this. However, all the studies done by less biased analysts say no; don’t do it. Why? We just witnessed the most important reason: stocks go down and correct the stock/bond balance automatically over time. Of course if an analyst picks certain dates to study, the opposite answer is proved. What this kind of “proof” also forgets is that the costs of trading and taxes are not included. Over time, trading costs can take up to 60% of your total possible accumulation. Vanguard found sometimes rebalancing outperforms a drifting portfolio, and sometimes it didn’t. When investors use the short-term and long-term buckets concept, they are more likely to let their stocks rise and fall with the market and thus achieve the long-term market return of 11%. Rebalancing seems to work if you know how the market will perform in the future. Both practical and academic evidence shows that it is almost impossible to predict future market conditions consistently. This is the same reason, 95% of active traders fail to beat the market index over a 15-year period. Buy and hold securities in tax-FREE account.

The unbiased investor advice
Warren Buffett does not need you to invest in his fund so he is probably the ONE advisor to listen to. “And in my view, for most people, the best thing to do is to own the S&P 500 index fund. People will try and sell you other things because there’s more money in it for them if they do. And I’m not saying that that’s a conscious act on their part. Most good salespeople believe their own baloney. I mean, that’s part of being a good salesperson. And I’m sure I’ve done plenty of that in my life too, but it’s very human if you keep repeating something often enough.” But Buffett still advises us to invest in index funds. If we have card debt, pay off debt is a sure thing: “I don’t know how to make 18%.” I mean, if I, owed any money at 18% the first thing I do with any money I had would be to pay it off. It’s going to be way better than any investment idea I’ve got.”

Wealthy get to deduct more: lower taxes
The wealthy with business property receive another tax break in the “CARES” law.
A provision of the CARES Act suspends, through 2020, the excess business loss limitation imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). This will allow increased deductions such as for real estate depreciation for non-corporate taxpayers. The wealthy business owner can now deduct ALL losses from income resulting in no income tax. Further their accountants can go back to 2018 and take all losses as deductions against income in an amended return. They can claim “bonus depreciation” too. “For 2020, business taxpayers may look to accelerate deductions that may cause excess business losses that they can use sooner rather than later.” America’s tax system is built by and for business. According to the Economic Policy Institute, between 1979 and 2018 worker productivity—how much value a worker produces in their job—increased by 70 percent, but hourly wages have only inched up by 11 percent. That difference increases wealth—not wages. Billionaires "do not rely on income for additional wealth," meaning their excess wealth, on its own, yields more returns on investment. Investment income is taxed at a lower level than wages.

If you don’t have a business loss to reduce your taxes
You might not have a business that can shield you from higher income taxes! What is the next best thing? A tax-FREE account! Based on the assumption you want to earn over 9.5% on your retirement money with fewer years of a loss, your choice is the low-cost fund: Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund Investor Shares. As of May 5, your YTD return is down just 3% compared to the market: 500 Index Fund of -11.47%. Your fund owns stocks like Johnson & Johnson and quality bonds that hold value. The best way to avoid the future income tax increases needed to pay off the extra $3,000,000,000,000 debt is a legal tax-FREE account. This tax shelter is free of federal and state income taxes. And you do not have to hide your money in an illegal overseas tax haven either.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

If it takes a village, the village idiot is in charge: “metrics up here” (his head)

Idiot: “an innocent man” yet Flynn admitted he lied to FBI with Putin

Idiot predicts: Virus will take over 100,000. Let’s go back to work!

Idiot crying: "I believe I am treated worse than Lincoln." Lincoln Memorial violated

Trump has valet we pay taxes for and he has the virus: Trump immune to C-19?

US to borrow $3 Trillion in 3 months: our kids will pay more taxes to Saudis, China, Japan, etc
$½ Billion repaint so Trump’s Wall looks ‘tough’: could have bought billion masks instead

Post office DOES make money on Amazon deliveries: Trump just hates Jeff’s Post

$500 per child relief check will be delayed: sometime in 2021 perhaps: have-nots screwed

Trump hates new Lincoln Project ad: Buck stops with prez so he muzzles specialists.

C-19 created by our gov; vitamin C protects you; exotic cures; fake news sources
NJ Christie’s workers free of BridgGate non-crime: political revenge triumphs over all

Fake news: how pictures are doctored to make political hay and money: Virus coin $125?
FDA: “unscrupulous actors” have been “marketing fraudulent antibody test kits

FASTER Paycheck: advance, payday loan, direct deposit, same day pay
A job gives home buyers the edge: pick the best lender in buyer-is-king period

Fidelity brokerage looking for 2,800 staff: financial info providers not brokers

Who owns your account now?
Denver retirees must pay back pensions: state made an error and widows pay
Trump’s new campus sexual assault rules bolster the rights of the accused: Kavanaugh

$1 million gift for hospital employees: designated just for employees 
Wealthy only: New drug to help C-19 victims get well costs $4,460 10-day treatment 

Still? Two armed white men kill unarmed black man: No arrests: KKK rules in GA?
Hero does what Trump refused to do: woman helps medical staff get protection

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