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Is a health savings account right for you?


Get to know your financial biases for a more secure future

What are the Fundamentals of behavioral finance? First: overconfidence bias. New investors make a killing on one of their first trades and now they feel like Masters of the universe. Self-deception means we miss information vital to making informed decisions.

Second: Over-simplification means we think “investing is simple—just do what we did before.” Some people try to mirror an action they read about like buying Coke because Warren Buffett owns Coke. Third: Emotional decisions. Some folks hear about a fantastic money-making scheme and avoid doing their own research. Internet chats tell them to buy Vietnamese Dong and check the site for the signal to sell. Fourth: Social pressure means you hear that the “smart money is selling health care stocks short.” That advice may have been accurate last month but not now. Learn more about your biases here. Remember, the middlemen only make money when you buy or sell. It is your money!



Is a health savings account right for you?

When health care needs are NOT great—you both are in good health—this kind of account lets you save money in a tax free account. You may accumulate funds until you need them year after year—even later in retirement. This account may be set up IF you can buy or your firm offers a high deductible health care policy. By using untaxed dollars in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and some other expenses, you may be able to lower your overall health care costs. HSA funds generally may not be used to pay premiums. While you can use the funds in an HSA at any time to pay for qualified medical expenses, you may contribute to an HSA only if you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) — generally a health plan (including a Marketplace plan) that only covers preventive services before the deductible.



Many wealthy people want to copy Trump’s $750 tax bill

“Why can’t I do that?” Less than 0.5% of very high-income households paid as little tax as President Trump in 2016. Few of us of any income can match Trump’s avoidance methods. With median incomes (AGI of about $50,000 to $75,000), only about one in 10 paid $750 or less. 45% of those middle-income households paid between $5,000 and $10,000 in federal income tax. People who know about taxes think that Trump took questionable deductions. Trump has special legal entities to avoid taxes. Real estate development is especially ripe for cheating—almost anything can be considered an expense in the real estate biz plus depreciation on buildings provides extra large deductions. Also Trump has turned his business failures into huge tax benefits. Most of us cannot deduct the huge real estate loans he used to develop properties that failed. If we go bankrupt, we can’t deduct the loans like he did. His accountants have used questionable techniques in that area according to some experts. For instance, Trump used special appraiser friends in inflating the value of his ‘woods’ to produce a tax avoidance of $21 million. Trump has left a low-cost method of tax avoidance for us in current IRS rules.

Use the IRS approved tax-FREE account for working people:


Are you ready? Social Security will cut benefits in 10 years

Social Security Trust Funds are expected to see shortfalls starting in 2031, three years earlier than expected, according to a new forecast from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Without Congressional intervention to shore up the funds, the SSA will need to cut benefits to retirees and beneficiaries as much as 25%, CBO said. With the loss of revenue from GOP tax breaks to the rich, Covid pandemic economic effects, and low interest rates, most smart investors are expecting less retirement income. For those who have at least 10 years before retirement, savvy investment moves could offset the loss of SS benefits. We don’t know what will happen to the market in the future, but we do know fixed income CD rates of under 2% won’t help us. The only inflation killer is a portfolio of stocks. Despite the fall in prices in 2007-8, those who held on did great—earning 13.58% per year over 10 years; 11% per year since 1976. If you start now, you will have enough for retirement since no one takes ALL their money out of stocks when retirement begins.

Avoid the cuts:




Need to save money? Save over $3,500 a year

When returns on investments are low, paying your advisor’s fees can rob you of over $100,000. If your investments are earning 6% but your fees, commissions and expense ratios total 2%, your account will grow HALF as much as it could have over time. Example: You invest $250 a month for 35 years with costs of 2% per year. You end up with only $229,194. If your 6% a year on average only cost you 0.07%, you would end up with $352,216. That is $123,022 more—HALF again than with advisor fees. You can always hire an advisor when you have a problem. Your advisor pockets the $123,022. Most of us are correct in assuming advisors are a luxury item. We can’t afford to give away that much of our nest egg. Plus it could be tax-FREE, adding ¼ more.






Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want a Dictator?


Supremes decide election … again?

Follow the money


Dictator to terrorists: “Stand by”  We will see [if I leave WH]

Dictator: I’m not inciting terrorists, just “having fun

Dictator: “I just start kissing them” 19 women

Dictator: Plan to eliminate FBI, jail opposition


How Govt wastes our money: Our Representatives gave 3.7 Trillion to the wealthy! 

NASA putting 4G network on moon: many kids can’t do online school here lacking 1G

Trump blocks CDC guidance on masks on all transport: Almost like he wants us to suffer

Trump blames leftists for protest violence but court docs say young adults from burbs


Trump’s Post Office mail tampering/slow down may decide our election: Swing states

Trump’s family separation operation can’t find parents of 545 children: Child abuse?

Trump’s GA immigrant prison doctor did “forced unnecessary gynological surgeries

Trump mob to get discount on $ Billion no-bid contract for 5G network: we lose control




PA tossed 372,000 votes because voter checked box requesting future ballot: GOP wins

Roberts & Supremes allow ballots post marked Nov 3 to be counted despite slowing mail

Putin’s hackers change election: picture says “1 million Trump event”; really musicfest Zurich

60 Minutes’ too rude, biased to Trump ego so he walks: Dictators need positive messaging


21,000 Election Day polling places have been eliminated to help Trump win: 11 hour wait!

GOP uses any means to stop voting even when it helps them: NO standard for signature review

Postal service benches its police who guard mail boxes: thieves encouraged to ditch ballots

Company employees threatened with job loss if Trump loses: FL GOP pressures companies

Trump brags he can shake-down Exxon for money: Trump did it to casino owner for 75M

Jared to start new Trump media outlet: Trump-branded product outlet; rebuild brand/empire


Trump paid $188,561 taxes to China but just $750 to US: average American paid $3,346

Trump mob member Broidy pleads guilty to unregistered foreign agent for China: no jail

Another teen Trumper caught plotting to kill Dems: AR 15 & explosives van;


Ten states Friday reported highest one-day cases: Trump rallies mass spreader: 224,000

Schools open then close: virus cases up: teachers face life or death or fired

Grace Community Church CA no masks violation: three virus cases so far

30% small biz run out of money by Dec: Mitch GOP says no money for working families


OxyContin maker guilty defrauding US; not murder of 450,000: Sacklers not jailed

SEC asked firms to tell us the truth about their bad acts: Wall Street does not: Surprise!

Mark Gelvan caught running fake charity (vets, cancer, disabled) $56 million: spent most

Motty Mizrahi CA caught defrauded clients $3 million guaranteed risk-free returns


Sunshine Mills announced a recall of certain pet food: poison mold kills

DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats caught charging restaurant 20-40% fee to deliver plus tip

Insurers caught taking some drugs off their coverage list: how to buy now


Vast Tech, OMG Tech caught tricking clients’ computer problems so buy tech support

Health Insurance Team caught fake state website mislead buyers with private fee plans

One-Time PIN Code Scam:


Is your vehicle the most popular with thieves? Make sure your coverage is complete.

New York Stock Exchange Prepares To Leave NJ: Trade Tax Threatened: NY Exchange in New Jersey

Trump claims Google stifling competition and innovation: I tried others—just garbage

Eric Trump caught tricking voters with fake photo of Mr Cube’s hat: how low can go?



Fake product reviews:


10 online shopping scams: how to tell it’s a fake: fake copycat websites look like official

Is your employer watching you at home? ‘You have 60 sec­onds to start work­ing again.’

Ultimate intimidation vehicle goes electric: does the gun rack fit? The $113,000 toy.


Is it a scam?  Check AARP scamline 877.908.3360.


Check IRS:

Check Social Security:


Safeguard data: ConsumerReports help:



NJ hiring and training coordinated by gov: 70,000 jobs goal

No GRE required: Information and Data Science: online UC Berkeley

CVS Health said it will hire 15,000 employees: winter contagions


Who owns your account now?

Medicare: enrollment Change plans from Oct. 15

NJ Health marketplace: Replaces in New Jersey at

Best quality/safe/reliable used vehicles for teens: CR picks start at $7,000


Charlie Brown TV specials cancelled: Apple bought Christmas and Thanksgiving specials

Avoid first-time home mortgage mistakes: get best deal for long-term loans



MI bans assault weapons near/in polling places: Trump encourages terrorists to be there

You pay less tax if you earn over $142,800: income over $142,800 Social Security tax FREE

Trump’s food stamp cuts for 700,000 poor outlawed Sunday: 8 million new poor since May


Top military leaders vote Biden: 'The world no longer looks up to America'

Pope: "Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,"

GOP Supremes could derail progressive laws in 2021: 3 years for Roosevelt to re-balance 


We can apply for Medicare online:

We can apply for Social Security online:




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This is why you can’t afford to ignore fees


This is why you can’t afford to ignore fees

When returns on investments are low, paying your advisors fees can kill your account growth. If your investments are earning 6% but your fees, commissions and expense ratios total 2%, your account will grow HALF as much as it could have over time. Example: You invest $250 a month for 35 years with costs of 2% per year. You end up with only $229,194. If your 6% a year on average only cost you 0.07%, you would end up with $352,216. That is $123,022 more—HALF again than with advisor fees. You can always hire an advisor when you have a problem. Your advisor pockets the $123,022. Most of us are correct in assuming advisors are a luxury item. We can’t afford to give away that much of our nest egg. Plus it could be tax-FREE.


Is your employer’s 401k right for you?

There are situations where you are better off NOT using your employer’s pension plan. Your employer may have picked the wrong fund options or they do not match your contributions. If the only options are expensive funds and there are many extra plan expenses, you can gain the same tax advantage with lower costs elsewhere. Your total accumulations will be greater. If there is no match, there is no advantage to using a 401k or 403b. In fact, some types of employer plans may end up losing your money. Single-employer pension plans are better protected than multiemployer plans by using available pension insurance. Use Brightscope to assess your plan. If you are paying more than 0.15% total costs (fees, charges, expense ratio, bookkeeping, annual statement fee, etc) and you do not receive a match to your contribution, you will be worse off in retirement. A Target Date fund may be the right choice. And you can avoid retirement income taxes too by using a special IRS account available at the largest fund firms.

Consider the better options:

 Is a robo right for you?

A robo-adviser is a computer algorithm that invests your money based on your answers to a few questions, such as when you need the money, your tolerance for risk and how much you have to invest. You pay for the website process and you pay for the funds the robo puts your money into. So you must decide your risk tolerance (how much market volatility you want) and when you need the money (when you will retire or buy your dream vacation). You must also decide how much to invest even though this is one of the hardest decisions to make. You can pay extra for “tax-loss harvesting” although mutual funds pass on gains and losses every year without much control over your taxes. You can pay up to 1% a year for a robo account.  An easier alternative is a Target Date fund which does the same things for 0.14%. Save yourself $ thousands over time.


Another way the wealthy avoid paying their fair share

Trump caught inflating value of his woods: tax avoidance of $21 million. Did you obtain a tax break when you bought your home simply by claiming you would not build in your back yard? No of course you didn’t. The wealthy use these kinds of tricks and politicians don’t fight it. Usually because the wealthy help the pols get what they want too and nobody goes to jail. First, you have your company buy the property. Then you hire an appraiser who makes a report that IF a new owner were to develop the land, it would be worth double current values. The appraiser who also does deals with you makes up “unsupported assertions and misleading conclusions that boost the value of [your] charitable gift — and [your] tax break.” Another example is the private museum of Peter Brant in CT. Operated by a nonprofit charitable foundation created and controlled by Mr. Brant, this cozy museum with old bicycles is tax-exempt. Wealthy collectors save $ millions in federal taxes by donating art and money to museums and foundations. But for Mr. Brant’s center and a growing number of private tax-exempt exhibition spaces like it is that their founders can deduct the full market value of any art, cash and stocks they donate, even when the museums are just a quick stroll from their living rooms. The museum is not open to the public however. So you could set up a museum of your old baseball cards in your shed but the lawyer set up will cost you. Or you could just use your legal tax shelter which costs nothing to establish.

Start now:


Why is compounding the key to your investing success?

Warren Buffett credits compounding as key to his success in accumulating over $80 billions. My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” Without compounding Buffett’s securities could not propel his assets to that level. We can only achieve our long-term goals by using compounding. Compound interest of 1% at a bank provides $125,762 after investing $250 a month for 35 years. Since inflation runs about 3%, we are losing money! Only compounding securities’ dividends/interests can we accumulate $1,243,368 in 35 years. Since we don’t have Buffett’s genes, buying a low-cost stock index fund is our best and easiest way to take advantage of compounding.

Use Buffett’s strategy:


Is “professional” money management right for you?

Investors are questioning whether the promises of the large Wall Street firms are really fulfilled. You may remember when Yale Endowment’s use of ‘alternatives’ was the answer to every investor’s dream of “beating” market returns. Well, guess what? It was a myth. Studies have concluded: “…we find no evidence that the average endowment is able to deliver alpha (market beating returns) relative to public stock/bond benchmarks.” Another study found, “little positive evidence supports the conclusion that private equity as an asset class is able to deliver alpha.” But ultimately, they concluded, “We do not resolve the question of whether private equity and hedge funds deliver alpha.” As to other sources of alpha they flatly stated, “We find no evidence that manager selection, market timing, and tactical asset allocation generate alpha.” Even without taxes, “Non-profit endowments badly underperform market benchmarks, with median annual returns 4.46 percentage points below a 60-40 mix of U.S. equity and Treasury bond indexes, and statistically significant alphas of -1.10% per year.” In English, that means “professional” money management is not worth the $ thousands we are paying over our investing lifetime. The fees are subtracted from our account whether there is a gain or loss.

Compare Vanguard’s low-cost lineup:


Is it ever time to buy a new car?

What is the difference between a new car and a slightly used version? You must consider that the luxury cars have dependability problems so they lose over 40% value in the first to third year of ownership. Manufacturers use owners for a FREE testers—some of us must return these expensive babies over and over to work out the kinks. If you don’t want to be their guinea pig, look to the used market to save on value. For example: BMW 7. Average new price, $109,231. One-year depreciation, 43.4 percent. Average year-old price, $61,784. Audi A6: Average new price $63,931, One-year depreciation, 41 percent. Average year-old price, $26,199. Jaguar XE: Average new price, $50,371. One-year depreciation, 40.9 percent. Average year-old price, $29,786. Compare Honda Civic hatchback: Average new price, $25,390. One-year depreciation, 11.9 percent. Expected average year-old price, $22,686. If you are still not convinced, price the Porsche SUV (contradiction in terms?) at $127,800 for the Cayenne Turbo. The used 2020 SUV is a ‘bargain’ at $106,000.

Buy right insurance for it:


Most of us have no idea how much money we need

An overwhelming majority of us are heading into retirement without any idea of how much money we will need. New survey: 71% of adults within 20 years of retirement have not run a projection on how long their savings will last based on their life expectancy. Moreover, 53% of that group said they expect to retire with less than $100,000 in savings. But averages don’t mean a lot. We now have tools to help us get a better idea of our retirement spending levels without paying a planner to make a big printout. We can estimate how our savings/investments will grow over time and then how long they will last. Combine that with the Social Security benefits estimate using current earnings ( and we will have a rough guess of our retirement income. If we do it now we still have time to fix it.



You could save $3,000 a year on financials

Our financial industry Insiders show you the "tricks of the trade" so you save up to $3,000 every year on banking, mortgage, education, mutual funds, securities, annuity, insurance-life, health, disability, long term care, vehicle, homeowner's, lawsuit--vehicle purchase, estate legacy, wealth transfer, retirement spending . . . almost any service. You buy the best financial services and avoid high fees and commissions. Your savings builds your Wealth Reserve over time. You buy where we Insiders buy! Our Insider's Guides help you find the savings so you can build your Wealth Reserve to protect your lifestyle, now, and into the 21st Century. Your Unbiased Advisor: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." Our Insiders show you how to SAVE $3,000 every year by buying your financial services DIRECTLY--using Insider's Guides for each financial product/service.





Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want a Dictator?


Supremes decide election … again? “Follow the money


Dictator affirms Qnon ‘domestic terror’ threat

Dictator: I order Barr to indict Biden over the Russia ‘hoax’

Dictator: I blame veterans’ families, not ‘consort’ Hope

Dictator: “I’m immune” “I’ll kiss everybodykilled H Caine

Dictator: “virus less deadly than flu218,000 so far!


How Govt wastes our money: Our Representatives gives 3.7 Trillion to the wealthy! 

Trump’s tariffs destroying good jobs in MI: trade war caused loss of 175,000 manufacturing jobs.

Trump used his office to help over 200 businesses who secretly paid him thru his properties

GOP has "no appetite" for a $1.8 trillion bill: Senators not hungry: they still have jobs/insurance


MI sheriff speaking for terrorists plotting overthrow MI gov: out of state terrorists for Trump

Police buying every anti-personnel item: police costs tripled as crime rates fall: fear makes $

Trump’s accusations of Obama conspiracy proved false: Barr finds nothing


Trump gave PPP money to aviation firms AFTER they laid off workers: paid to owners

Trump withholds fire disaster funds from CA: political revenge

House on vacation again: no-show jobs Washington style: 898,000 file unemployment



Health insurance costs increase faster than wages: workers are losing ground to insurers

Revealed: GOP health care plan finally, we know what is in the plan: just promises!

Over 20 million will lose coverage if Trump’s Supremes vote down ACA


How the ‘Hoax’ hit 15 relatives from one TX family: TX Gov OKed small groups

Trump calls Regeneron a "miracle" “cure”: Trump owns stock in maker: he pushed up price 60%

Scientists: Trump ‘cure’ remdesivir has "little or no effect on mortality" for patients hospitalized 

Trump is contagious: Virus remains for 28 days: McConnell avoids WH and rally killed H Caine

Trump put 2 political hacks at CDC to bend virus information: its what dictators do


domestic terrorism threat is rising: Armed Trumpers at polls: guard him in WH after loss


Supremes halt census: Constitution:The actual Enumeration [count] shall be made every 10 yrs  

Supremes nominee indoctrinated in male authoritarian propaganda: decisions biased

Supreme Court biased by political clubs and lobbyists for the wealthy: revenge of right


Supremes’ Citizen United makes election about money: Adelson rescues Trump with $75M


Millions with low-income locked in poverty: a tiny raise can cancel benefits given for poor

Robinhood Users Say Accounts Were Looted, No One To Call: hackers cashed out stocks

Phillip Kenner AZ caught $17 million scheme: promised HI land developments: jail

Securities firms caught hiding their RR disciplinary histories from us on CRS forms

Nissan caught misleading, deceive, overcharging, holding items ransom fine $4 million

Midland Funding caught suing for loan collection late & without documents, notice, etc

Robert Smith: how tax evaders stay out of jail: lawyers and a little ‘help’ to their friends


Car fluid flush: mechanics do scams too: Find a new shop if you are hit with these scams.

5G phone on today’s networks like Ferrari on neighborhood streets: wait: maybe in 2025

Social Security benefits up 1.3% but Health care costs up 3%; rising every year



Is it a scam?  Check AARP scamline 877.908.3360.


Check IRS:

Check Social Security:



Fidelity Investments To Hire 4,000 People In Next Six Months

Wages stopped growing relative to productivity in the 70s for most of us: we can’t retire

Trump still has a job: 898,000 new week unemployment claims


Who owns your account now?

BMO Harris Financial Advisors moved to LPL

Vanguard gets out of China institutional money management: focus on individuals.



Killers loose: MI terrorists AR weapons never get asked for license or background check

WI police never disarmed 17 yr old AR weapon: killed 2: terrorist not ‘militia’: Tombstone law?

Arizona COVID-19 cases fell 75% after mask mandates: family denial no masks 14 sick

AZ heat over 100 HALF the year: living indoors is the future in the desert and on Earth


Voting in some GOP states: It takes 11 hours in GA: Will Dems take a day off work?

Trump PO DeJoy claims reverse all the service and equipment destroyed in Apr by Nov 3



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Is your advisor treating you intelligently?


IRS audits the poor not the rich

IRS admits it can’t audit Trump and friends: the wealthy avoid paying their fair share and they get away with it. The wealthy pay lawyers to outwit the IRS: Congress keeps cutting the IRS budget. The top 10% of earners have accounted for most of the revenue gap, experts say, by underreporting their liabilities, intentionally or not, as tax avoidance or outright evasion. Those with annual incomes under $25,000 are audited at a higher rate (0.69%) than those with incomes up to $500,000 (0.53%), according to the IRS data. Trump will never reveal his taxes since his audit will never be done. The IRS will fail to collect nearly $7.5 trillion in taxes owed between 2020 and 2029, according to one study. Poor Mississippi Blacks are the most audited target. White Alaska Denali is least audited region. Working Americans have one last IRS-approved tax shelter. Why pay the taxes due from the wealthy?

Start now:


Is life insurance in your estate plan right for you?

Some agents make the mistake of selling you life insurance on your spouse’s life but naming your child as beneficiary. When your spouse dies, the death benefit may be taxable to you. Why? To the IRS, since the husband was the owner of the policy, he has given a gift of the benefit to his son – making it a taxable gift amount. Your agent should know that the spouse must own the policy to avoid this blunder. Obviously, your spouse as owner can use your funds to pay the premiums. Another mistake more common today is when you find you don’t need your policy benefit or can’t afford the premiums and you wish to sell. So you sell your policy but the buyer does not tell mention that you must pay tax on the death benefit as income to you. For example, if you sell a life insurance policy with a $250,000 death benefit for $5,000 and you have paid $10,000 so far, the amount subject to income tax would be $235,000 ($250,000-$10,000-$5,000). You sold an asset so you must pay tax on the gain. If the agent suggests naming your estate as beneficiary, don’t sign until you have checked with an estate lawyer. Finally, your agent must follow specific rules to transfer your policy from one insurer to another. Have a lawyer check the contract before signing. Most agents are not tax lawyers. You may have to pay commissions again. You may have a surrender charge if you transfer an annuity.


Is your advisor treating you intelligently?

Is your advisor wasting your time? Here are five things smart advisors never say. If they say, “I think you might want to consider…” it sounds like they don’t know if this item is right for you. What do they mean when they say, “Let me know if you ever want me to take a look…”? Clearly they are fishing and don’t know how to help you. When they say, “I can offer you a no-obligation…” think: what can this really cost? Do I have time to watch a canned presentation? Advisors are taught to stay in front of clients: “I just wanted to touch base…” without any planned next step, this is time waster. When they say, “If I don’t hear back from you…” they mean they will keep bothering you until you take the initiative. They don’t know, specifically, what they can offer you. Another time waster! Don’t forget: Your advisor is a salesperson not a personal friend, ever.








Is America already a socialist country?

Our central bank, the one that sets interest rates and creates new money, has taken the unprecedented step of controlling the way banks can use their profits. Thirty-four banks cannot pay higher dividends nor buy their own stock back changing the value of the stock owned by our pension fund etc. The Fed just extended what it’s been doing since June. It limited bank payouts because banks failed their stress tests: they don’t have emergency funds to cover loses. Another example of socialism: the Fed is using our future tax money to give bailouts to struggling companies. Another: the president demands a commission from his deal for a US company to buy TikToc, which he has ordered us not to use. We are subsidizing coal, oil, gas, agriculture firms and Congress gets perk from their lobbyists. Trump’s new postmaster got employees to make contributions to the GOP, which is illegal. Trump has diplomats and fat cats stay at his Washington hotel to gain access to him. Americans expect to be paid by the government when they are laid off. Only company lobbyists have access to citizen representatives in Congress. Gov aid to small business went mostly to larger employers or GOP favorites. Doesn’t this sound like a 3rd world country dictatorship? Socialism: we pay for losses; elites take the profits.


Another way the wealthy avoid paying their fair share

Using some of the tricks of the tax laws promoting clean energy, one company CEO became a “utility company” to avoid taxes on salary bonus and real estate investments. Solar tax credits and accelerated depreciation rules were combined so every dollar of solar energy investment translated into more than a dollar of tax credit. Tax credits were used to move taxable 401k assets into non-taxable assets for life-long tax-free income. This particular trick costs us taxpayers approximately $1.3 million in taxes for 2020 alone. Why should we pay for this person’s fair share of taxes?

Make your income tax-FREE too:


We work as long as it takes to save for retirement

Some people say they will work till they die. They are able to work now and they see no reason to quit. Others work even though they could quit and live off their savings. They are able to work now and don’t believe they have enough money to quit. There are people who look at their savings and know they cannot quit. Some think they need $1.9 million to retire. They have an idea that until they reach their retirement nest egg, they must work. Since most of us never learned the power of compounding—the time value of money—we have no idea how long or how much to save. When I was a child my parents put money in a permanent life insurance plan, mistaking insurance for a savings plan. They knew nothing of investments. If my parents had known about the power of compounding the dividends of common stocks they could have retired earlier. If they had known about Anne Scheiber who earned $4,000 a year and kept buying stocks like Coca-Cola, Paramount, Schering-Plough, they could have retired when they wanted to. You can leave $22 million to your favorite charity like she did IF you know about the power of compounding dividends over time. Her returns match the 500 index fund which you can buy and start compounding today. It is time and patience that made Anne wealthy.

Learn about the Miracle of Compounding:


Do investors still need an advisor to stop them making big mistakes?

This is the mantra of every paid professional in the business. How else could they justify fees that could take away from us up to 63% of what we would have had? Morningstar’s annual “Mind the Gap” report estimates the impact of investors’ behavior on their investments. The report found that investors captured every bit of their funds’ return and then some. Because investors have learned not to panic, we may be better off long term WITHOUT the middle people taking their money. Sure, when we need help we can pay a just one fee to a fee-only planner. That is what industry people do themselves. Of course we don’t know how many investors will “stay the course” when we have a long bear market. Another report finds that “the average investor’s appetite for equities has remained unchanged throughout the Covid crisis.” Investors have embraced the strategy of buy and hold by filling up Target Date funds.



Show your child how to invest like Warren Buffett

Teach your child to invest the Buffett way. Success with money starts early. Compounding over time assures your child of security. You have a great opportunity to teach your child how to become successful with money. They can learn to take care of themselves and even become wealthy from your guidance TODAY. You can show them how to take advantage of the greatest power in finance: compound interest and the time value of money. Warren Buffett, who turned his paper route savings into $60 billion, credited compounding for his wealth. "My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” A special IRS-approved account makes their $1 million tax-FREE. Tax-FREE is like a $300,000 bonus from Uncle Sam.

Start today at home in 30 min:




Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?


Philly DA: we have an “authoritarian dictator."


Dictator: I order Barr to indict Biden over the Russia ‘hoax’


Dictator: disdain for masks, ended in hospital

213,000+ die; finally Dictator “gets it” but did he really?

Dictator: “virus less deadly than flu

Dictator: “I'm a perfect physical specimen

Dictator: stimulus on or off today “I don’t know”


How Govt wastes our money: Congress gives 3.7 Trillion to the wealthy! 

Jeff Sessions to border DOJ: “We need to take away children”—crime against humanity

Trump’s trade deficit climbs to the highest level in 14 years: promised to eliminate it

This is where our virus tax money went: fracking firm execs $55 millions: 133 other firms too

Trump’s letter re: drug discount costs us $19 million; card costs $51 million; card sent later?


Airlines’ lobbyists came through with more: airline bailout talks back on, says Dictator

Jared’s Covid team: 3M encouraged to sell masks to China then we paid 10x for same

FBI pursue/grab domestic Terrorists: Terrorists to overthrow government are not militia


Trump encourages MI terrorists: aiding and abetting the overthrow of gov is treason



TV adverts waste of our money: Political ads have almost no impact at all on swaying voters

Facebook/Twitter ‘news’ can be faked: check real news sources before you believe

Black terrorists NFAC protest another police shooting: TX cop kills Black “good Samaritan”


Drug pusher wins: Killing thousands with addictive drug and yet keep $ billions without jail

Supremes ready to turn back time: Court to make white evangelical world the norm: revenge?

Early voting in limited SC sites creates 1 hour lines: GOP must keep voters away to win.


Trump tells 50K supporters be poll watchers: illegal to intimidate at polls: fake “ballot security”

Supremes help SC GOP make voters obtain witness to “secret” ballot: no ‘secret’ anymore

Supremes to help PA GOP make votes invalid due to Trump’s PO mail delays. MI delays too.

On-time delivery of first-class mail is plummeting: PO documents in Fed court: GOP cheers!


GOP halts FL ex-felons from registering to vote even after fines, fees paid


Trump given drugs made from fetal cells: Religionists were silent: OK aborted fetus for Leader not us

Trump: virus is “a blessing from God” kills 213,000 Americans!

Trump’s “herd immunity” works in reverse: more states, assistants GOP, Jt Chiefs get sick 34


Trump’s TV crew reshoots his entrance into the White House without a mask: stand-in double?

Trump’s insurance covered multi-treatments by 5 doctors: is your coverage as comprehensive?

Hydroxychloroquine is not on the list of medications” taken. Trump pumping up its maker stock


Trump changing FDA safety standards vaccine use to get votes by Nov 3

Trump blames Gold Star veteran families for his virus infection: “cemetery filled with losers


Fradin-Read thymosin not approved for virus: $400 cost for ‘wellness’ docs unproven claims


Router WiFi black holes? WiFi Range Extender may help some areas

Expensive; Least dependable cars: Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo ($77K): 200+ mistakes

Ford bets on trucks, CVs after losing $ billions on cars: new CEO to lighten costs worldwide.


Joseph Gargan Pension Co stole $9,117,165 from annuity owners due from malpractice suits 

Germany’s Allianz sued by pension funds: failing to safeguard investments during coronavirus.

Richard Baldwin jeweler ordered pay back $2.1 million insider-trading case; avoided jail

John McAfee antivirus software Spain indicted tax evasion using fake accounts/names on assets

John McAfee caught promoting cryptocurrency on twitter disguised as financial advice

Adam Hochfelder, caught Ponzi scheme $400,000 Merchants workers

Gerald Eaton MA caught stealing $3.7 million faking ID, signature, over 20 yrs; prison.

Casey Kemerly VA caught stealing clients from advisors; moved from state to state


Trump to let hedge funds hide what investors are buying: even hedge funds are against plan

Trump to allow unregistered advisors to solicit us for high-risk private placement: BEWARE

Trump donor charged with being a foreign country agent: Malaysian and Chinese paid $ millions


Is it a scam?  Check AARP scamline 877.908.3360.


Check IRS:

Check Social Security:



Jobs that will continue to grow: health care, computer-based, construction

3.8 million people have lost their employment for good. No GOP retraining plan in sight.

Teachers take more risks for less pay than college jobs: 20% less so must be mission


Job losses could be permanent: start searching the adverts now before the crowd: Indeed



Who owns your account now?

Eaton Vance to Morgan Stanley




Trump does not want another ‘debate’: Rally is better to scream in: reverse negatives?

Some Christians have been saved from burning in hell: saying ‘NO’ to more kids in cages

Blood Test for Alzheimer’s in reach: 2-3 years diagnosis test; not cure


GOP, except one, wearing masks: surge of infections hits South; West

2000 year old brain cell still intact after volcano heat and quick cool

Don Jr. thinks Trump is acting crazy”: Jr fails to convince family. “They’re all worried.”




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