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Is timing our Social Security benefits important?

Is timing our Social Security benefits important?

When planning retirement benefits, know the rules:

1. Starting benefits at age 62, cuts benefits for life. Women live longer and are more likely to end up with SS benefits alone. Women who wait to age 70 receive ¼ more than at age 62 or 65, so waiting may be best for her.

2. Coordinating benefits and working may help both of you. This recession’s structural unemployment affects men more than woman. Men can take benefits at age 62 if they cannot find meaningful work. Women can continue working to age 70 to maximize their benefits and take ½ the man’s benefits if they have attained their full retirement age. The total benefits may equal what the man would have received if he started later. This preserves the woman’s increase in benefits for the rest of her life. She loses nothing of her own work credits by taking his too.

3. Medicare can be engaged at age 65 but may not be needed if the woman’s coverage is better or cheaper through her employer. Medicare does not cover all expenses. Medicare supplements and Part B are usually necessary.

It may be helpful to meet with a SS official when one of you reaches age 62 to find out what works for you. Call your local office for an appointment and free analysis.


CAUTION: Advisors giving poor advice to clients on SS, survey says

The newly released findings from the Wharton School's Pension Research Council concluded that “many advisers still approach Social Security claiming as an individual decision rather than a household decision (even though) clients would be better served if a household- approach was utilized.”


Financial Power in the 21st Century: $1,000,000 Tax-FREE

Accumulate $200,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 with NO taxes …  EVER.

Financial power in the 21st century is tax-FREE income

  • Use a special tax haven to protect all your dividends, interest and capital gains
  • Contribute $9 a day to your tax-free account
  • Earn 9% a year on your wealth with no income taxes
  • Spend 9% of your wealth with no income taxes

Isn't it time you started using the tax laws to your benefit like the people in the top 1% ! How does Warren Buffett pay only 17% total tax?

How does Mitt Romney pay less than 13.9%? You may not receive $21 million a year like Romney does but you can use a tax haven he can't use to compound $9 a day into $1,000,000. Compounding high investment earnings is “the most powerful force in the universe.” Compounding is money earning money on its earnings over time. Simple but powerful and ... no tax … ever.


Two Americas—states providing health insurance to uninsureds

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New York, and Vermont have received new grants to help support the establishment of Affordable Insurance Exchanges. GOP states have said no to Exchanges for us.


TX voters will NOT need special ID to vote—GOP lost voter supression tactic

A federal appeals court in Washington Thursday struck down the Texas voter ID law requiring photos for voters at the polls, calling it racially discriminatory.

The decision is a major victory for the Obama administration and its Democratic allies, which had challenged the law.


Is critical illness insurance right for you?
This insurance is being pushed as a group plan in small companies. However, it only covers the unusual illness-- such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. If you have to go the hospital for other reasons, you may be faced with a large bill you can’t pay. This kind of policy is popular in Canada because everyone is covered already by national health and it is the only product insurers can sell. If you cannot afford a comprehensive policy which covers all the expenses of these illnesses, compare a high-deductible comprehensive plan. You will have a limit on your expenses but large bills will be covered. You do not need critical ill policy if you have the more comprehensive one.



SCAMS           “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley


Romney/Ryan claim to cut taxes AND not increase the deficit—except for workers!

Romney is still committed to making his tax cuts "revenue neutral"--in other words, not leading to an increase in the deficit.

When asked how this was possible, given the magnitude of the cuts (20% across the board on personal income taxes, along with a 10-point cut to corporate income taxes), Hubbard, his spokesman, explained that the cuts would be offset by:

  • Stronger economic growth, and
  • "Broadening the base" of taxpayers (in other words, having poor and lower-middle-income Americans pay income tax)

In the past, Romney has also promised to increase revenue by eliminating some loopholes and deductions. Romney has never been specific about which loopholes he would eliminate, and Hubbard did not provide any specifics.

Earlier this year, the Tax Policy Center concluded that it would be impossible for Romney to cut income taxes across the board and make the cuts "revenue neutral" without also effectively increasing taxes on the lowest-income Americans (and that was when the Romney plan called for merely maintaining current tax rates, not cutting them). The Romney campaign dismissed this conclusion as factually wrong and "partisan."

But stronger growth means LESS revenue for government when rates are cut and taxing low-income working people means LESS demand for products in US.


We saw this movie before. The job ‘creators’ moved their Bush tax cuts to Bermuda and left us with the debt. Reagan and Bush started the deficit climb; Bush II added to it. See chart at




Why my IRA has not grown to $10l.6 million like Romney’s has.

Mitt Romney made use of arcane techniques in several of its Cayman Islands-based funds to avoid U.S. taxes, according to a trove of Bain Capital's private audit and finance records made public on the website Gawker today.

The audited financial statements of one of the Cayman Islands funds make note of the use of "blocker" entities, which are used to help retirement accounts and nonprofit entities avoid some taxes. Financial statements for another fund note that it "intends to conduct its operations so it will … not be subject to United States federal income or withholding tax ..."


Congress allows hedge funds to rip off the gullible

New rules allow any manager to sell “private placements” to those who wish to become “instant millionaires.” One commentator wrote: ‘The “JOBS Act” has authorized virtually any company to offer securities to the public without review or registration. This event is as catastrophic as the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. Within the year, there will be horrendous stories of fraud by companies using this act and of the powerlessness of securities agencies to take any action because of the act.’


Who owns your account now?

TD Insurance, a subsidiary of TD Bank to USI Insurance Services



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Wealth: What Every Student Needs to Know iTunes $3.99

Wealth: What Every High School Student Needs to Know NOW at iTunes $3.99

Use a simple tax-FREE account called a Wealth Reserve to learn how to invest for long-term growth. This Wealth Reserve can provide $160,000 annual income for life with NO income tax.
This Wealth Reserve can provide real “lifestyle” security.

This Wealth Reserve can self-insure and self-fund financial needs saving $3,000 every year.

This Wealth Reserve takes advantage of the miracle of compounding—$250 a month becomes $2,000,000 over time.
Start today! Every year you delay costs you $100,000 later.


NC to reduce uninsured by 64% with ObamaCare

With the implementation of health reform, the first year of the Medicaid expansion alone is expected to reduce the number of uninsured persons in North Carolina by 64 percent, said a new report from the Budget and Tax Center a project of the North Carolina.


America is getting older

Baby boomers will turn age 65 at a rate of nearly 8,000 per day for the next 17 years. Most couples will need income for 30 years. IRAs must be used starting at age 70.5. If they are not needed, IRAs may be converted to Roth IRA which allows all gains to be left to heirs tax FREE like life insurance. 401k income is taxed as income. Social Security benefits (up to 85%) may be taxed if other income is high. A little planning goes a long way with our Guide:

Will you have enough? Where will you invest? How much will you spend?


Is your advisor talking and showing variable annuity benefits again?
LPL and other firms are helping their advisors to push variable annuities since sales are down and commissions are up. LPL and others are using videos to help capture more clients’ dollars. The benefits are income and growth in the future during low interest times. Your advisor should also mention the costs and risks of these products. The SEC has warned that misleading claims can lock you into low benefits/rewards in the future:


RememberVariable annuities are designed to be long-term investments, to meet retirement and other long-range goals. Variable annuities are not suitable for meeting short-term goals because substantial taxes and insurance company charges may apply if you withdraw your money early. Variable annuities also involve investment risks, just as mutual funds do.



Book review Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget

How did we get to this point of owing $49,000 for each family member, up from $1,640 in 1966? Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter David Wessel explains each party’s contribution to the mess. Who pays tax and who does not, how much goes to waste, how much is decided by 12,000 Washington lobbyists at $10,000 to $20,000 A MONTH retainer? How did corporations reduce their share from over 30% in the 1950’s to 6.6%? In 1980, 22% of all business profits were booked by firms that did not have to pay corporate taxes. In 2008, 73% of all business profits are booked by firms that don’t pay corporate taxes (yellow line in graph keeps going down).

Estate taxes account for less than 1% of revenue. Wage earners are paying 58 cents to state/local government for every $1 paid to the Feds. Why Reagan had to raise taxes 14 times and still couldn’t balance the budget. 

Is this socialism for the rich or what?


Accumulate $1,000,000 with NO taxes EVER.
+Take $6,600 monthly income FREE of income taxes in retirement.
+Avoid tax on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits.
+Turn your taxable pension or IRA into tax-FREE income.
+Use a special tax haven to protect all your earnings and gains.

+Twelve low-cost mutual funds that return 11% long-term.

Where is your sloop going? A retirement portfolio that flies. $12.95


Insurers to raise price of UL life policies

Survey shows many insurers must raise the premium and lower their guarantees because of low interest rates and poor profit records. UL has a life insurance component which continues to cost less and savings component that can’t meet promises. Perhaps you should take your buildup and invest it while you switch to a lower cost term policy. You will have more later and still be covered. Life insurance is never a solid investment.



GOP wants Romney to abolish interest deduction to lower his classes’ taxes

Republican platform drafters refused to put their party on record for preserving the mortgage- interest deduction, giving Mitt Romney more flexibility to promote his plan to lower tax rates paid by corporations and the wealthiest Americans without increasing the federal debt. Middle-class taxes would go up to pay for GOP tax breaks.



Are commission-based accounts right for you?

Advisors are trying to switch our accounts into fee-based revenue accounts. Some are getting rich on 1-2% per annum but 72% of industry assets remain in commission-based accounts. Which is best for you? Like life, it depends on what you want to do. If you are a buy and hold investor, paying a low annual fee and no commission may be your best bet. If you like to pursue the hot products, a 1% fee may be great for hopping in and out of new trends. ETFs are popular but there are commissions to pay while an index fund of the same market may be cheaper. Learn from the insiders: Lies My Financial Advisor Told Me


Are your mutual funds really holding index funds (ETFs)?

Since you are paying 1-2% for a manager to pick market beating returns, would you be surprised (and angry) to find that they have put a lot of your money into index funds? It is true. Smart Money revealed that some small cap funds are actually invested mostly in the Russell 2,000 stock index ETF. Your manager may claim that they can easily sell the ETF when you and others want to cash in, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of paying a “professional” to make the “smart” bets? Why pay extra for ETFs when you can buy the real McCoy and save the manager’s 1-2% fee plus ETF fee. The difference can be 40% of your total nest egg long term. In the last 10 years, Vanguard Small Cap Index has moved up 9.79% annually. You need your money more than your manager! Try it “neat!” Commissions/dp/1442168137


Women dissed by advisors?

According to a Boston Consulting Group survey, 73 percent of women say that they are dissatisfied with the financial services industry. Women claim they are overlooked, excluded, receive contradictory or poor advice and get worse deal terms than men.

But women are better investors than men and most know how to shop for a bargain. Stop wasting money and get better financial performance too:


Woman dissed by GOP

Paul Ryan, a married Roman Catholic, would overhaul women’ s health rights, Medicare, Social Security, and the health care law. He has actively fought abortion rights, government funding of family planning and insurance coverage for contraceptives. GOP platform says no abortion for rape, incest, even the death of the woman. GOP claims the sanctity of life, but not the pregnant woman’s life? Back to the coat hanger in the alley?


College student’s stuff may be covered by homeowners’

Check your policy or agent to confirm that your policy covers most of their stuff in the dorm or off-campus housing.


10 investments that worry regulators

Test your knowledge of the top investing scams being investigated by local regulators.



SCAMS           “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley


Life Partners accused of fraud—“Gambling on death”

Accusing Waco-based Life Partners of fraud, state officials asked a state district judge in Austin on Thursday for authority to seize the life insurance settlement broker because it may run out of cash in two months. Texas claims that Life Partners sold unregistered securities and manufactured the value of the life insurance, or viatical, settlements by artificially shortening the life expectancies of those covered by the policies.

The company bought up insurance policies from elderly people, then resold fractions of the policies to investors, often promising big returns -- saying they are safer than buying gold or stocks. But some investors discovered that they had to pay premiums to keep the policies from collapsing, as people lived far longer than Life Partners predicted. Dah.


Congress benefits from letting lobbyists write our laws?

You have to be a millionaire to understand how the laws are written and they are.



Who owns your account now?

Coventry Health to Aetna



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Free health screenings

Women have free screenings now

Most women won't notice, but as of Aug. 1, insurance companies must cover a range of women's preventive health care services for free. The new benefits are part of the Affordable Care Act, which is rolling out in stages. "Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, nearly 50 million women will now have guaranteed coverage of the preventive health services needed to keep them both physically and fiscally healthy," Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, said in a news release.

Services that no longer require a deductible or co-payment include annual well-woman checkups; breast-feeding support; screening and counseling for domestic-partner violence; screening for gestational diabetes; screening for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV; testing for some strains of human papilloma virus; and contraception.

"I think sometimes women are confronted with paying for their birth control or buying groceries." These services are already covered in California under state law but that now insurance companies will have to eliminate deductibles and co-payments. "It's literally nominal because it's already covered," Green said. "Access to preventive services reduces health care costs down the road."

We get less than we put in—negative SS earnings retirement plan!

The AP reports that new retirees will receive less in Social Security benefits than they paid in Social Security taxes. It's the first time since Social Security began that middle-income workers will get back less than they paid in and experts say the problem will worsen in the future. If you are a high income earner and still working, you are really upside down!

Help yourself while you can: Where is your sloop going? A retirement portfolio that flies. $12.95

401k or Roth 401k: Which is better for you?

If your employer offers the Roth 401k, the benefits can be huge—but they come later. Compare paying income tax on $3,000 contributions to your income tax savings of 50,000 on each year you contribute. So if you contribute $3000 this year, you may pay an extra $500 to $750 in taxes with the Roth. However, you will have NO taxes on your $2.1 million in retirement in 40 years. With a regular 401k, you will pay income taxes (whatever the rate is) on ALL your annual income --30% of $50,000 = $15,000.

Discover the pros and cons of Roth with our Guide:

GOP not sure if Romney would repeal ObamaCare

Romney fears “allowing people to die” under his plan so now he claims he will “embrace health care reform.”

What does that mean for R/R?

Romney/Ryan budget ends fixed-cost Medicare—pay as you go system

Costs shift to individual: Stop paying for medical increases by not funding them.

Ryan plan in black and white:

Five points about R/R plans for our future:

Popular cars that may not make you happy

Consumer Reports these 5 are not what they seem.    

Obama election committee sees it this way

“Romney and Ryan share a conviction that our future will be brighter if we simply pass even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy; dramatically shift health care costs from Medicare to seniors, and walk away from our national commitments to education, research and development, and new energy technology,” wrote senior Obama strategist David Axelrod in an email. “So they would be a natural ticket, but it would be ticket to disaster for our economy and the middle class.”

Socialism for the rich

Driven by high commodity prices and crop insurance programs that eliminate risk for farmers, a total of 23 million acres, or 36,000 square miles, of grassland, wetlands and shrublands were converted to agricultural uses between 2008 and 2011. There is a "strong correlation" between crop insurance subsidies and conversion rates, Cook said. The highest rates of land transformation occurred in counties with the highest rates of crop insurance subsidies, he said. Most subsidies go to Agibusiness corporations.

Your tax dollars at work.

 SCAMS          “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Romney job “creation” program ends in bankruptcy and pollution

The rusty stains on Shirley Carter's home are a permanent reminder of her fight with the local steel mill, just down U.S. Highway 17 near the boat docks. No matter how many cans of industrial-strength acid she went through, the red tint on her property never seemed to go away. In 1998, Carter and her neighbors sued Georgetown Steel, then owned by the company Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney co-founded, Bain Capital. They sought millions in cleanup costs and accused the mill's owners of leaving their historic Southern neighborhood looking like it had been hit by a "chemical bomb."

State officials determined the mill was largely to blame for the pollution. As the lawsuit dragged on for years, the steel mill filed for bankruptcy and the plant ultimately settled with the residents.

In the end, Bain walked away with more than $30 million in profits. Carter got $800.

Goldman Sachs beats government rules again

The U.S. Justice Department's decision not to prosecute Goldman Sachs Group Inc for its subprime mortgage trades resulted from either "weak laws or weak enforcement," the senator who asked for a criminal investigation of the firm said on Friday.

A day after the department announced its decision, Democratic Senator Carl Levin reiterated in a written statement the criticisms he lodged against Goldman beginning more than two years ago. He called the firm's actions "deceptive and immoral." It was never prosecuted for the derivative sales deceptions either.


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No tax EVER

Accumulate $1,000,000 with NO taxes EVER.
+Take $6,600 monthly income FREE of income taxes in retirement.
+Avoid tax on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits.
+Turn your taxable pension or IRA into tax-FREE income.
+Use a special tax haven to protect all your earnings and gains.

+Twelve low-cost mutual funds that returned 11% long-term.

Where is your sloop going? A retirement portfolio that flies. $12.95

Another Long-term Care insurance offering dropped

Mutual of Omaha, Omaha, Neb., says it will stop taking applications from employers for new multi-life LTCI programs. Mutual of Omaha also is cutting first-year gross commissions on new LTCI policy sales by up to 15% in many states. The company is eliminating the lifetime benefit option and all limited-pay options, except for the Flex to Age 85 option. Interest rates are cited as a reason.

Why the Romney ‘way’ is the wrong way

Romney and his fellow buyout barons don't care in the slightest about whether they create jobs or destroy them. All they care about is making money for their investors and themselves, not necessarily in that order.

Is this the American we want for all the people?

GOP and Tea Party at odds over subsidies to Agribusiness

Conservative groups like Americans for Prosperity, Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform and the Competitive Enterprise Institute accused farmers of using "the current drought to lock taxpayers into a trillion dollars worth of bad agriculture policy." Congress returns to Washington in mid-September, for 10 working days. If Congress fails to pass a new farm bill by Sept. 30, federal farm subsidies will revert back to the 1949 farm bill intended for a very different America, in which there were 5 million farms -- more than five times today's number, and no crop insurance. The 1949 farm bill has been the backstop for every farm bill that's followed, but Congress has always managed to pass a new farm bill. These are different times. Last month, for the first time in a half century, according to the Associated Press, House leaders chose not bring the House Agriculture Committee's draft farm bill to the floor for debate.

Which lobby will win?

SCAMS           “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Wall Street caught taking advantage of our cities

The S.E.C. has also pursued some accusations of improprieties among underwriters. In 2009, J. P. Morgan Securities settled a case in which it was accused of making payments to friends of Jefferson County, Ala., commissioners in a scheme to win county business involving municipal bond offerings and derivatives agreements. In settling, J. P. Morgan agreed to pay $50 million to the county, and to forfeit more than $647 million in termination fees associated with the deal. Jefferson County has since filed for bankruptcy.

But cases where the agency has alleged unfair dealing on behalf of issuers during the credit boom are rare.

Who owns your account now?

Carlyle Group LP (CG) agreed to buy TCW Group


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Lies My Financial Advisors Told Me

Lies My Financial Advisors Told Me and low-cost alternatives I found

Did your advisor show you how to earn 10-12% return on your money without paying their fees every year?
Did your broker tell you that you can buy individual securities for $0 commissions now?
Did your agent call you about falling insurance premiums?
Did your banker explain your accounts will be ‘nickeled’ and ‘dimed’ to death?
Did your money manager explain that low costs are the best predictor of investment success?
Your financial “team” is robbing you of $3,000 every year.
“Professional money management is a gigantic rip-off.” Bill Gross, Bond Guru
Just published:

Women need to start building tax-FREE wealth now --$100 to start

Retired women continue to rely on Social Security at higher rates than retired men, with 16 percent of women and 12 percent of men age 65 and older depending on those payments as their only income in 2010, according to a recent report. Women who started late were still able to create a Tax-FREE Retirement:

Medicare helps start new health insurer in CO

The Centers for Medicare& Medicaid Services awarded a $69,396,000 loan today to Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative, Inc. in Colorado to launch a new private non-profit, consumer-governed health insurance company, called a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP). "CO-OPs will promote competition and give consumers more health insurance choices," said Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Acting Administrator. "These new private nonprofit insurers will be run by consumers and are designed to offer individuals and small businesses more affordable, consumer-friendly and high-quality health insurance options."

Free medical screenings begin

Eight new health insurance requirements under the Affordable Care Act covering women's health -- from wellness visits to contraception -- take effect Aug 1 and will benefit millions of women. But the rules already face multiple legal challenges from Roman Catholic institutions and others who say the contraceptive mandates violate their religious freedom. The changes, which eliminate co-payments for wellness examinations, breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling, and screening and counseling for domestic violence will "improve health for women and their children," Karen Davenport, director of health policy for the National Women's Law Center, said Tuesday.

The Department of Health and Human Services estimates the new benefits will be extended to 467 million women as their new or altered insurance plans take effect over the next year, Davenport said. Women will have access to all major forms of birth control without any kind of co-pay, said Jennifer Frizzell, senior policy adviser for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

Other women's benefit expansions that begin Wednesday include screening for diabetes during pregnancy, human papillomavirus (HPV) testing, and counseling and screening for human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) and counseling for sexually transmitted infections.

On the floor of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., said, "This will make a real and lasting difference for every woman across this country who can be ... screened for HIV, get a flu shot or receive DNA testing for certain cancers at no cost. Finances will no longer stand in their way.

HALF of US in crisis drought

More than half of all U.S. counties — 1,584 in 32 states — have been designated primary disaster areas this growing season, the vast majority of them mired in a drought that's considered the worst in decades. To help ease the burden on the nation's farms, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Thursday opened up 3.8 million acres of conservation land for ranchers to use for haying and grazing. Under that conservation program, farmers have been paid to take land out of production to ward against erosion and create wildlife habitat. "The assistance announced today will help U.S. livestock producers dealing with climbing feed prices, critical shortages of hay and deteriorating pasturelands," Vilsack said. Vilsack also said crop insurers have agreed to provide farmers facing cash-flow issues a penalty-free, 30-day grace period on premiums in 2012.

Accumulate $1,000,000 with NO taxes EVER.
+Take $6,600 monthly income FREE of income taxes.
+Avoid tax on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits.
+Turn your taxable pension or IRA into tax-FREE income.
+Use a special tax haven to protect all your earnings and gains.

Where is your sloop going? A retirement portfolio that flies. $12.95 Just published

Penn State insurers refuse to pay for institutional crimes

Penn State faces $60 million in NCAA penalties, more than $10 million in investigative and public relations costs, and the possibility of many millions more in defense and damages for claims by victims of Sandusky's abuse. But Penn State's insurers say they won't pay. State Farm insurance company has brought a federal lawsuit to get out of paying Jerry Sandusky's considerable legal bills.

Will the lawyers work for free?

45% of eligible retirees take Social Security at age 62

The share of workers claiming early retirement benefits under Social Security has decreased since 2004 when about 58 percent of retirees take benefits at the earliest possible age of 62. The monthly benefit for today's new retirees is reduced 25 percent if claimed at the early eligibility age of 62. High unemployment cycles encourage people to take the money early. However, living on less in the future will be a problem for many. Make sure you have enough:

Long-term care insurance rates up 50% at GE

Genworth GE said it will raise rates on a majority of its older long-term care insurance (LTCI) policies by 50% over 5 years and to raise rates on many of the oldest "new generation" LTCI by 25% over 5 years. But profits have fallen short of expectations because of lower-than-expected lapse rates, higher-than-expected claims, and low interest rates, and "we believe that early intervention on the newer block is important to managing the performance of this business," Kelleher said. Company executives said Genworth hopes LTCI rate increases already being implemented will add $50 million in new revenue this year and $60 million next year, and that the new rounds of rate increases will add $200 million to $300 million in annual revenue. Time to look at alternatives:

GOP Bachmann raises $1 million: says Muslim Brotherhood in State Department

During July, Bachmann drew headlines for her letters, signed with four other members of Congress, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of "deep penetration" within the U.S. government and singling out longtime Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Bachmann faces reelection.

SCAMS           “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Romney won’t release tax returns to public and now we know why

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not backing down from his second-hand allegations that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years, but he still won't name his sources for the unproven claim. Reid said earlier this week that an investor in Romney's former private equity firm told him the Republican presidential candidate paid no taxes for a decade. But Reid would not identify the Bain Capital source and acknowledge that he doesn't know if the sensational claim is correct. “I have had a number of people tell me that." But he still wouldn't name his sources. "I don't think the burden should be on me," he said. "The burden should be on him. He's the one I've alleged has not paid any taxes. Why didn't he release his tax returns?"

This is why his fortune is in Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, reports the New York Daly News, and not in the US. We are making up for his lack of tax payments.

Who owns your account now?

Woodbury Financial, (Hartford) with 1,400 reps and advisers to AIG.

Family Heritage Life Insurance to Torchmark Corporation

Zecco and TradeKing announced their intention to merge


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