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Where can you invest $100 for your child now?

Where can you invest $100 for your child now?
Teach your child to invest the Buffett way. Success with money starts early. Compounding over time assures your child of security. You have a great opportunity to teach your child how to become successful with money. They can learn to take care of themselves and even become wealthy from your guidance TODAY. You can show them how to take advantage of the greatest power in finance: compound interest and the time value of money. Warren Buffett, who turned his paper route savings into $60 billion, credited compounding over time for his wealth. "My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest."

What to do with your inherited IRA?
Tricky rules can create a BIG tax bill. Consult your tax preparer or planner, NOT your broker/advisor—they do accumulations not distributions. “The worst thing to do would be to cash out the plan, put it in your account.” IRS reversals are hard to get. A spouse has many choices so get help making the decision. If you inherit from parents or other non-spouse, you may be able to pay taxes over time as you make withdrawals. If you inherit an IRA that has already been tapped, other rules apply. If you inherit with other beneficiaries, be careful. If there is a trust, hang on till a lawyer give OK.

Why your broker is pushing financial planning or dumping you?
Morgan Stanley (and other brokers) has just told its sales force that they must push financial plan sales and find higher net worth clients to earn the same next year. Management wants more income after they had a banner year of 18% increase! Wirehouse brokers have enjoyed higher incomes because everyone’s account has grown 35% on its own in the last 3 years. MS raised the payout grid tiers to force advisors to find richer clients and get rid of customers with less than $250,000 in their accounts. In fact, we will earn less on our cash if we leave it at MS. If we want a hard copy—a check or statement—we will be charged up to $25. Even support staff will be rewarded for getting our recurring deposits. MS noted that brokers earn more just because the markets grew and this new grid recognizes that. Big producers will not be hurt by the changes of course. Advisors encouraged to influence credit & spending of customers’ lives now.

Which fund is best for your retirement nest egg?
We have learned that we can trim the risk of market upheavals by using a ‘balanced’ approach—stocks for growth and bonds for ballast. Since 1970 one fund has continuously provided retirees with total returns (income plus capital return) of over 9%. Since 9% is greater than inflation of 3% over time, our nest egg can maintain our purchasing power even though we may live long and prosper. Insurers sell their annuities to offer this same ‘longevity insurance’ but at a higher cost. If we don’t take the income each year, we can actually double our money in 10 years. So if we have other income (SS plus pensions plus forced IRA distributions), we can provide a legacy and or have a large medical contingency fund at the end of life. To some of us, this beats every annuity plan that brokers offer.

Is ‘alimony’ insurance right for you?
Consider that the median age of divorce is 32 years old. If you are the spouse receiving alimony and your spouse dies, how will you live? Will your income cover your family needs for the future? Life insurance is the answer if the paying spouse keeps up the payments. Your divorce decree may contain this provision but you will not know if the premiums are being paid unless you are the owner/beneficiary.

Reliable cars from Consumer Reports
Most reliable turns out to be a sports car: Mazda MX-5 Miata. Toyota Prius, Lexus, Hyundai and various models of these nameplates make the 10 top. Shocking that an American nameplate is not on the top 10 list. On the other hand, CR found 12 car models, including the Audi A6, Ford F-150, and Honda Passport, cut from the list because of problems identified in our annual reliability survey of CR members. 20 other models actually moved up on the list including Porsche Cayenne, Tesla Model 3.

How would you feel if your investments went up 30%?
That is what is facing many index fund investors this December. Growth index funds with costs of only 0.05% are up over 30% YTD. A one-third increase is difficult to accept given that most people fear investing in the stock market. However, no one can predict the movements of the markets so the only rational answer is to stay invested in all of them. The markets go thru phases: look at this chart: 2017, 2013, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 all had over 30% returns BUT in different sectors. Even the most knowledgeable money managers like Warren Buffett cannot predict which one will grow your account by 30% a year. Use the ten best funds since they average 11% a year.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

Trump offers bribes to Congress members: VIP perks at our Camp David: we pay!

IL McDonald’s workers sue: failure to protect from violence/managers complicit

Easy Military Travel, Edmiston caught: misled military travel clients
Samuel DelPresto MLF caught fraud 'pump-and-dump' microcap scheme fine no jail

Trump mobster: Nunes worked with Ukraine to get dirt on Biden: Nunes conspirator?
Trump challenges American constitution: GOP thinks Pelosi quits: too much Cool aide
Which money, Dems or GOPs or Putin’s will decide 2020 election?

Navy defies Trump's clemency of SEAL Gallagher to save its ‘institutional integrity
Navy vet; worked 18 years as Customs Officer; fired because born in Mexico 51 yrs ago

Compare Ukraine and Watergate: Robert Redford reviews today yesterday today.

Who owns your account?

75,000 stores close in future: no more entry level retail jobs: showrooms only survive
Truck Job layoffs: orders of heavy-duty trucks were down by 51% from last year
Schwab taking jobs to TX from San Fran: TD moving to TX from NE too
Small town has town employees run grocery to help town folk: socialism or just practical

10 yr old saved from own family pit bull attack by neighbor: quick action saved her arm
Priests finally receive justice for abuse of children but not from Pope/Bishops from govt!

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Our new medical system: scrubs worn just for the ‘TV show’?

Our new medical system: scrubs worn just for the ‘TV show’?
You get to watch the Dr Skow ‘Show’ while he examines you from his (phone?) screen hundreds of miles away in the telemedicine center that provides remote emergency care for 179 hospitals across 30 states. Physicians for Avera eCare work out of computer screens (soon phones) instead of exam rooms. They wear scrubs ‘to look the part’ of traditional doctors on camera, even though they never directly see or touch you, their patients. If you can’t afford a real doctor, this is what you get for your $144 a month Medicare B payment. Rural America’s busiest emergency room is in fact a virtual ER located in a suburban industrial park. Instead of 25 doctors and staff, you now get 5 people in the room. None were doctors. None had significant experience performing emergency intubations. Downside: you still may receive a ‘surprise medical’ bill since another doctor may ‘consult’ by computer while you are in the ‘ER.’

Holiday gifts for your family

What is the best investment strategy for you?
Fidelity study: best investment strategy for accumulation over time was leaving your money alone to work for you by itself. The accounts that were forgotten or owned by dead people showed the best performance over time. Warren Buffett, one of the best investors, says the same thing—We continue to make more money when snoring than when active." If you are not going to let your money work for you (impatience), it won’t grow as fast. This implies that Wall Street ‘professionals’ cost more than they are worth! Fees, trading, timing, special opportunities, etc are how we give up 50-60% of our overall potential accumulations by giving a ‘professional’ control of our money. In almost every period, we investors are better off using an index than an advisor: 11% vs 3.79%.

Your fund’s return--market index up 26.03%?
Low-cost investing in a diverse company fund like the Vanguard 500 can help you meet your goals. It also provides greater diversification, less volatility and more predictable earnings over time. We don’t need to worry about picking the right stocks or time to buy them. Most working people can accumulate $1 million for retirement with just one fund automatically invested from their paycheck. It is so simple: it’s like brushing your teeth—once you start it becomes a habit you do ‘automatically.’ This is Buffett’s strategy for investors: “A very low-cost index is going to beat a majority of the amateur-managed money or professionally-managed money.” He says you put your investment on autopilot and forget it. Chart: your total goes down sometimes but then it goes up 11% over time.

Is a ‘buffer’ annuity right for you?
Advisors love to have a new product to talk about so you should expect to hear this one buzz at you. Buffer annuities are invested in complicated structured products (such as options contracts). Structured products often provide the potential to offer higher returns, but also carry more significant risks than the traditional mutual fund investment because of the types of underlying investments (including emerging markets and REIT index options, which can be inherently more risky). Thus they do NOT provide full downside stops—only buffering your fall partly. Compare this situation to a variable annuity which provides less and an indexed annuity which provides more protection. Your ‘buffer’ is more complex and thus more misunderstood than a simple indexed annuity. ‘Buffers’ probably cost more because of the controlled risks involved in structured investments.

Social Security benefits
The 2020 cost of living increase will be eaten up with a higher Medicare B 2020 increase to $144. If medical costs are part of the ‘cost of living’ index, you would think the SS increase in 2020 would cover the medical increase. Since all the rules for SS benefits are complicated, who can argue? Most retirees agree that we should have started saving for these increases long ago. We should have dealt with inflationary increases by investing in securities that matched the long-term growth of successful businesses. We must own stock in a bunch of successful businesses and earn 11% over time.

Tax-FREE retirement just got bigger
IRS just increased the amount we can stash in our tax-deferred or tax-FREE accounts. We can put up to $26,000 into tax-advantaged accounts. Regular 401k and IRA reduce current taxes but cost more when we retire. Roth 401k and Roth IRA provide more tax-sheltered money when we take money out. We could invest $250 a month in a Roth 401k, receive our company match and spend $1,000,000 tax FREE later: Cost only $99,000.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQMobster?

$7.5 Trillion uncollected taxes from ONE percenters makes our system a joke for US.
Supremes hide Trump’s financials from Congress: democratic check-balance dead!

Trump’s businesses funded by US: mob lieutenants eat/stay only at his restaurant/hotels.
GOP buying up Jr’s book in bulk making it a ‘best’ seller

Frederick Randhahn caught selling Woodbridge notes; not allowed: suspended & fined
Neil Burkholz Frank Bianco caught taking $6 million in Ponzi; options ‘profitable’
Joseph Viet Duy Phan caught borrowing from client w/o OK: defrocked
Financial firms fight for growth by grabbing others’ clients: Goldman’s retail bank

Goldman Sachs caught rigging prices for bonds issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
"Secret Sister" an internet-wide gift exchange: pyramid scheme scams name, address, etc

House to help SEC “recover money scammed from hard-working Americans." GOP ‘no’
Online scams: too-good-to-be true pattern discounts on Facebook Instagram: Research

Sutter Health caught paying kickbacks to Sacramento Cardio Surgeon’s 3 docs for biz.
Hospitals/insurers to post prices: but actual full price omits millions of add-ons to bill. 
Drug makers caught pushing drugs through gifts to charity: healthcare system broken!

Overpriced unreliable vehicles from CR: Chevy, Jeep, Chrysler, Acura, Tesla, VW, Alfa,
Boeing board did nothing re: 737 until 2 plane crashes: investor lawsuit claims on board.

Juul markets flavors to underage kids because Juul knew unverified age: Follows tobacco

Netanyahu indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of trust: sound familiar?

N Korea says can’t use meeting with Kim for Trump propaganda anymore. Waste of time
Trump claims to open new Apple plant open since 2013. Exempted Apple from tariffs.

Elections administrators: 2020 preparations for what could be record-breaking turnout.

Who owns your account?


Venice under water again—can art history be saved? Reversing the tide of warming

Pakistan’s glaciers melt: taking out farms; everything

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Financial revolution offers more for less

Financial revolution offers more for less
The financial revolution is the work of John Bogle, Warren Buffett, and William Roth. Bogle gave us low-cost index investing, greatest accumulations and robo-advisor. Buffett gave us advisor-free management, single fund investing and realistic income projections. Roth gave us tax-free accounts. We can now avoid being ripped off by the industry. We can earn more by paying less, with greater diversification, less volatility and more predictable earnings over time. We don’t need to worry about picking the right stocks or time to buy them. Most working people can accumulate $1 million for retirement with just one fund automatically from their paycheck. It is so simple: it’s like brushing your teeth—once you start it becomes a habit you do ‘automatically.’

Financial industry pushing annuities on women/younger caretakers
Women and younger parental caregivers are being targeted for annuity purchase because they have less income and live longer. The National Institute on Retirement Security found that the average income of women 65 and older was 25% lower than that of men. In addition, women live longer, so their savings have to last longer. And fewer employers today offer traditional lifetime pensions. Annuity sellers are appealing to women by highlighting the need for more income from fixed annuities compared with low-interest CDs. Sellers say economists recommend putting up to 80% of assets into annuities. That’s B.S. Great for insurers but women then carry all the risk of reduced purchasing power over time. This is not ‘worry-free’ retirement because 1. how much annuity to buy, 2. when to buy, 3. what about inflation: it reduces by HALF the buying power of the benefit in 20 years, 4. not much for a legacy, 5. there is no upside potential and no large asset in case of emergency needs, 6. annuities are non-refundable, 7. you forgo the total return of a stock portfolio—no dividends and no capital appreciation. Yes, annuities last for your lifetime but spending power and assets decline over time.

Can you afford an adult child moving back?
More families are becoming depression-era extended families. The question you need to discuss is ‘how this changes your plan for retirement’? If your child cannot afford to pay for some of their costs, are you willing to cut your retirement expenses short? More than 15% of 25-to-35-year-olds lived at home in 2016, according to The Pew Research Center, 5 percentage points higher than the previous generation. Sure, you can plan to work longer but not everyone has that opportunity. Ask for rent so they know you have limits. Let them know all their regular expenses like cell phone are theirs alone. Make the rules BEFORE they move back so there are no misunderstandings. For instance, they can do their own laundry—you’re lending them your machine and water. Remind them that you paid for their college education—running over $10,000 a year. The purpose of moving back is to give them money to finance their own independence eventually. Set a time limit so they don’t take over your home. It’s too easy to become dependent.

New tax rates are issued but what about the $31 million watch?
This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our tax rates. How many dams could we repair with $31 million? Instead, someone spends $31 million for a watch? Something is wrong with our tax system. How can our society afford to buy a watch for $31 million but can’t fix the places where we spend most of our lives? Are the tax rates and code created for the rich so they keep more money for themselves? The rich get richer and the poor get poor—pretty soon there won’t be anyone left to pay the taxes. Example: Warren Buffett pays only 17.7% total taxes; all his employees pay 32.9%: HALF. Expert tax avoiders like President Trump, Mitt Romney and John Kerry pay less than 15%. Most corporations like GM Apple and Google hide income in corporate shells and pay 10% or less. Taxes fall much more heavily on labor income than on capital income. $31 million watch! How fair is a system designed to tax us DOUBLE what the rich pay.

Another way the wealthy avoid their fair share of taxes
IRS says they are going to crack down on conservation easement transactions. Basically you get to deduct the reduction in the value of your property if you donate property for the public good. The reason the IRS is cracking down is because wealthy people overstate the amount of the reduction in value. IRS says there are billions of dollars of potentially inflated deductions as well as hundreds of partnerships and thousands of investors. Apparently there are people who promote this activity for profit. We are talking lawyers, appraisers, tax return preparers and others. President Trump used this trick to ‘donate’ unusable land (now an unused state park) and claim a huge income tax deduction. He said the land was worth $26.1 million: he paid $2.75 million. Syndicated conservation easements are included on the IRS's 2019 "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams to avoid. There are easier ways to avoid income taxes.

Do you really need life insurance?
Are you single? Are you getting life insurance as an employment benefit? Does your spouse have a job? Do you have over $50,000 in all your savings/investment accounts? Do you have a HELOC or over 50% equity in your home? Do you own a business? Are you in the armed services? Do you have medical or student loan debt?

Don’t forget to take your RMD by Dec 31
Every 401k, IRA and pension must be distributed annually after you reach age 70.5 otherwise you get fined by the IRS. The scheduled annual distribution amount is calculated on your balance of ALL tax-deferred funds the year before. You can rely on your fund company if ALL your accounts are held by them. The rates are determined by your age and life expectancy. Since we are all living longer, IRS will adjust the RMD rates next year. Since they will be spread out over more years, we will have to take LESS income each year. Taking less means adjusting our income requirements next year. RMD works just like an annuity—guaranteed income for life based on your assets each year. Unlike annuity, you don’t give up control and your purchase power may go up. You may leave a legacy too.

Why 25% of wealthy don’t use a financial advisor
Wealthy folks want an advisor with experience, with fiduciary pledge and holistic perspective. Apparently, 25% of them can’t find this advisor or they don’t need one. Those who do have a strategy rely on diversification to manage market risk. Some folks see diversification as the answer to the advisor question. They don’t need an advisor if they know they can’t beat the market with quick trading, market timing, sector rotation and other crystal ball strategies. Besides, paying advisor fees, charges, and retainers can cut their potential accumulation in half. Some might even be taking Warren Buffett’s advice. You may be better off with Warren Buffett as your advisor.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want ‘low-IQ’ as prez?

Trump to just take land for WALL in TX: Family-owned land for generations not selling

Boeing moving lawsuits abroad to save money after killing 346: CEO clueless.
Security Benefit Life caught misleading indexed annuity sales: doctored indexes

Google Apple vie for our checking account biz: all retail banking by phone?
Ed Sec DeVos backed Neurocore, a “brain training” company, offers fake cures

“Aleve is proven better on pain than Tylenol” is fake claim: no proof, it’s all in head.
Medicare Part B—doctors' fees outpatient services—increases to $144.60 per month.

SCAM ALERT: Facebook shut 5.4 billion fake accounts but billions likely remain!!
SCAM ALERT: Which debt collectors work for IRS? CBE ConServe Pioneer Performant

Bath power with talc being changed due to J&J asbestos talc legal history

Nikki Haley fmr ambassador said Trump is truthful.

ObamaCare subsidies: $774 per month covers 67% of costs for family of 4: $60,000.

Mustang electric SUV? Who is marketing appeal to? An electric Mustang SUV? Uh
New cars/trucks to avoid: 37 poor choices—quality, price, reliability, etc.
BEWARE: Self-driving Uber killed woman: not programmed to recognize people!!

80% Millennials Believe Aren’t ‘Good Enough’: constantly feel “overwhelmed” by pressure to succeed

What you should be earning if your 1980 job kept up with inflation: 30K then; 98K now.

Small town hero shows love by example: He could have wasted $ on homes, cars etc
Venice under 6 ft flood: 6 times 1200 years; 4 in last 20. Climate change!
Germany ends coal mining in 20 years: currently 1/3 power from coal. US ends Paris A.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Do income annuities really provide a “Worry-Free Retirement?”

Do income annuities really provide a “Worry-Free Retirement?”
Here is the claim: an income annuity provides insurance against outliving assets and not having sufficient spending power late in retirement. Income annuities are actuarial bonds. They provide longevity protection that is unavailable with traditional bonds. Retirees receive the bond yield curve plus mortality credits. Annuities increase risk capacity because the retiree's lifestyle is less vulnerable to a market downturn. Also, distributions from the stock portfolio can be lessened, reducing sequence risk and helping to preserve the investment portfolio. For those with a family history of long life, you will be assured of having some income for the rest of your life. You benefit from other annuitants’ short lives. However, this strategy is hardly ‘worry-free’ because 1. how much annuity to buy, 2. when to buy, 3. what about inflation: it reduces HALF the buying power of the benefit in 20 years, 4. how much for a later legacy, 5. there is no upside potential and no large asset in case of emergency needs, 6. annuities are non-refundable, 7. you forgo the total return of a stock portfolio—no dividends and no capital appreciation. Yes, annuities last for your lifetime but spending power and assets decline over time.

Even part-time self-employment can improve your situation
IRS just gave us the new rates in 2020. The Self-employed use many tax benefits not available to most mortals. For example, for tax year 1995, Trump claimed a $916 million LOSS that could have allowed him to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years. He and his accountants created the $1 billion paper loss by claiming business losses. Your business loss can offset your other family incomes like his did. Your business can even fund your retirement nest egg and still show a ‘loss’ on paper. You can deduct the cost of improvements (new tools, truck), meals for employees (family), your (QBI) rental real estate, routine maintenance, etc like corporations do. Most corporations pay no federal income tax. You can even claim part of your home and its property taxes. Also you can use these elections post-year end to achieve a desired tax result. You can pay your employees (family) as contractors and avoid some taxes and forms too. Some IRS changes hurt; some help.

Our Attorney General told to find dirt for 2020 election
Trump pushed the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call to help Attorney General William P. Barr gather information for a Justice Department inquiry that Mr. Trump hopes will discredit the Mueller report. If Trump can Bribe Ukraine for investigation of Biden then we won’t be surprised if he encourages other countries to buy adverts in Facebook and other media to present Fake News for the 2020 election. Trump has Barr working Europe to dig dirt. Trump has McConnell stocking the courts with his disciples so he will win any lawsuit against him in the future. Trump has ‘moved’ to FL to assure safety in this GOP state. Even the Supremes may be asked to keep his tax returns from a legal investigation. This sounds like a right turn in American ‘democracy.’ There is hope in a new FoxNews poll that has voters choosing Hillary Clinton over Trump and she isn’t even running.

Trump tax cut has cost $ Trillions with no economic expansion
Last quarter economic growth of 1.9% is a far cry from the “4 percent, 5 percent and even 6 percent” growth rates that Trump once promised to deliver. Every time the GOP controls Washington, they promise the tax cuts that will be paid for by more growth. This is like the gambler who takes the family paycheck and promises that this week they will win the lottery. Thanks to both a tax cut that did not deliver growth and a trade war that backfired, most Wall Street economists believe manufacturing is already in recession. Even steel plants, which were supposed to be among the biggest beneficiaries of Trump’s tariff strategy, are shuttering. Since most of us got little out of Trump’s massive tax cuts, we must prepare for the coming tax increases. GOP used to care about deficits.

Is no-cost trading right for you?
Many brokerage firms are trying to get us to trade securities at no cost. But is this strategy working for you? A simple low-cost market index account is up over 24% so far. Even with no trading costs, can you really do better? How many market timers and special situations have beaten the market? Does your statement show the benchmark for comparison? Most don’t show your YTD total return number side-by-side with index. So how do you know how well your 1-2% fee strategy is doing over time? Most of us don’t take the advice of one of greatest investors, Warren Buffett: "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the IMPATIENT to the PATIENT."

Is your broker predicting bad returns in the future?
Morgan Stanley sees the market returns ‘tumbling’ in the future. Goldman sees no recession. Whose crystal ball do you believe? The analysts see the U.K. having the highest return potential for equities, followed by emerging-market shares. However, if UK is locked out of the EU by closing all borders, how can that happen? Is it even possible to predict the future? And if your broker can predict the future, what makes them think the UK is solid? Are you going to bet the ranch on your sales person who earns a living by thought persuasion? Predicting doom is easy since most of us are optimists and aren’t going to sell all for CDs. Is it more likely that a broad exposure to most of the markets will provide your best chance of positive 9% returns? Are you going to keep your money in 2% CDs for 10 years? Really? How will you know when to buy again?

What does one of the greatest investors recommend?
Buffett bet $1 million that his recommended investment—just one simple fund—would beat a Wall Street guru with 5 different strategies. Active money management does not help you more than it helps its manager. Buffett says: “A very low-cost index is going to beat a majority of the amateur-managed money or professionally-managed money.” So why don’t more people take his advice: everyone thinks they are smarter than the market and can find the needle in the haystack. Over and over research shows you can’t. Most investors earn just 3.79% not the market index return of 11% over time.

Looking for a trustworthy broker?
All the advice articles, including my own, suggest you do a search of complaints at the self-regulation organization called FINRA. However, its BrokerCheck does not have all the bad news and troubled past of many brokers. Those who have problems move to another firm and state and have their records expunged. Take a recent example: First Standard Financial was a registered investment advisor recently caught for unauthorized, unsuitable, excessive trading. It was notorious for hiring bad brokers who joined with questionable past activity and many customer complaints. The owner of First Standard is Carmine Anthony Berardi. His securities record has no listings for his 11 years in the business: First Standard worked out of offices in New Jersey even though Carmine acts as chief compliance officer from Garden City NY. New Jersey shut down First Standard and froze its assets after finding its agents raked in more than $28.7 million through “pervasive unauthorized, unsuitable and excessive trading.” Potential customers would have no idea they would suffer under the brokers from this firm. You would have had to do exhaustive due diligence to find the true record of brokers like Andre Pierre Davis and William Christian Gennity who worked at First Standard. Note that this malfeasance has gone on a long time and only now has First Standard in NJ been stopped. Customers will have to wait a long time if ever for their money back. You are better off with Warren Buffett as your advisor.


Like 1776, this period is a test of democracy—do we really want a Tzar as prez?

FoxNews Poll: Clinton 43%; Trump 41% and Clinton isn’t even running. Void 2016 election?

Trump’s WALL is being cut open: smugglers know no boundaries—saws made in US.

Justin Amaral, MorganStanley caught churning (“rebalancing”) clients: defrocked
First Standard Financial caught unauthorized, unsuitable, excessive trading: bad brokers
BEWARE: ETF ‘free trading’ means you pay another way: “Wall Street not UNICEF”
Linan Abrego Merrill caught misappropriated client funds: defrocked.
Bolton Securities, MA caught overcharging fees: self-dealing 12b-1 fees

Early retirement can accelerate the usual rate of cognitive decline: Less interaction too
Living in especially noisy areas are at a 30% higher risk of stroke with increased severity
WOW Self-driving car that killed AZ woman 2018 wasn’t programmed to recognize pedestrians!

Fake Social Security and IRS agent scammers lead the theft industry: Ask to call back!

Merrill Lynch and Raymond James caught overcharging 529 college plan fees: no jail
Schwab: I always “hated commissions” but he can always go back when he needs money.

Trump’s lieutenant Parnas thrown under bus: Giuliani strong-arm to Ukraine detailed
Trump undermines “good order and discipline”; military morale: pardon for war crimes 

Trump counting on GOP’s Supremes to keep his tax secrets from the law

Trump had told the Bevin rally crowd on Monday. "You can't let that happen to me!"

Trump is beaten by any Dem in national polls: KY VA suburbanites woke up for Dems
Trump’s lawyer Giuliani lawyered up with 3 as his mob indicted: impeach details.
Trump’s ‘Deep Throat’ tells story of madman in WH: How to thwart mob boss.

Who owns your account now?
JPMorganChase tests new health plan on employees in 2 states: see cost before service!
401(k) contribution limit increases to $19,500 for 2020; catch-up limit rises to $6,500

FL Blue ObamaCare customers access to Lyft rides as part of the benefits package!
Health care scammers have upper hand with hospitals, etc: fail to fend off cyber attacks.

Rating quality of health plans on ACA ObamaCare’s marketplaces not complete.
Mutual fund ratings to include fees so harder for managers to get Morning’s Gold Silver

Rubio thinks Catholicism can save capitalism: “social doctrine does not get lot of attention.”

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