Friday, May 31, 2013

Buy financial services like you buy groceries not perfume

Buy Value: Buy financial services like you buy "groceries, ... not perfume."
Accumulating wealth requires that we buy value—quality at the right price. We want to avoid the KILLERS of building wealth—fees and taxes.
We avoid fees by buying only the financial services we need. We avoid taxes by using an IRS-approved account to keep ALL our earnings. We accumulate $1 million by leveraging the Miracle of Compounding.
Tax-FREE growth and income can provide 30% more to spend for the rest of our lives.

RI health care premiums up 10%
Health insurers in Rhode Island are seeking double-digit increases in the premiums that individuals and small businesses will pay for coverage next year -- the largest increases in years -- as the federal health care law takes full effect. Comparison shopping may avoid any increase. Compare health plans to a high deductible HSA plan tailored to your health profile:

Lobbyists stop online car sales
NC is the latest state to ban car sales without a dealer. Electric car maker Tesla doesn't yet have a showroom in North Carolina, where it has sold about 80 cars to date. Consumer Reports gave its Model S electric sedan a near-perfect rating. Tesla currently operates 29 stores and galleries across 14 states and Washington, D.C. Customers can order a car online at a sales location or at home but not at galleries. Dealers feel threatened by buying online. But at about $70,000 before rebate, dealers will have lots of business for a while yet.

Health care costs rise
Annual Health Care Cost For A Typical American Family Is $22,030 according to Milliman. Compare health plans to a high deductible HSA plan tailored to your health profile:

If you receive a phone call from an insurer, don’t hang up!
Insurers like Nationwide are calling beneficiaries about benefits they are owed due to a recent settlement with all states. Carol did not know her sister Judith had paid for a policy long ago so she couldn’t make a claim. Until recently, the insurer just pocketed the money. Now that states have no money, they are forcing insurers to find beneficiaries or send the money to the treasury. It is a law that states never used till now. Good luck.

Women have 2nd job in 40% households but get paid less
America's working mothers are now the primary breadwinners in a record 40 percent of households with children — a milestone in the changing face of modern families, up from just 11 percent in 1960. The findings by the Pew Research Center, released Wednesday, highlight the growing influence of "breadwinner moms" who keep their families afloat financially. Of course women receive only 81% of the male wages. While most are headed by single mothers, a growing number are families with married mothers who bring in more income than their husbands. Women can do it all:

Do you need to start a college fund?
Save $20,000 on the cost of private schools.
++Use your Wealth ReserveTM for tax-FREE cash.
++Accumulate $100,000 in 15 years to cover most expenses. 
      Never give up your retirement savings to pay for college. There are NO low-cost student loans for retirement. Let a tax-FREE account and the power of compounding help you help your kids pay for their educations. Why not let them provide as much of the cost as they can? After all, they will be the ones that double or triple their lifetime earnings because of this education. Studies show students get more out of it when they pay for it. 

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” Republican godfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

Two Americas
For millions of people below the poverty line, no assistance for health insurance will be available in states that have refused to expand Medicaid—Texas, Florida, Kansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. More than half of all people without health insurance live in states that are not planning to expand Medicaid. People in those states who have incomes from the poverty level up to four times that amount ($11,490 to $45,960 a year for an individual) can get federal tax credits to subsidize the purchase of private health insurance. But many people below the poverty line will be unable to get tax credits, Medicaid or other help with health insurance. Their “reps” don’t want it.

Biblical hypocrite: Wealthy take welfare but cut food stamps
Stephen Fincher, a Republican and a farmer from Frog Jump, Tenn.collected nearly $3.5 million in subsidies from 1999 to 2012. Mr. Fincher was one of the biggest proponents of $20 billion in cuts to food stamps in the legislation. At times he quoted passages from the Bible in defending the cuts.
“We have to remember there is not a big printing press in Washington that continually prints money over and over,” Mr. Fincher said during the debate. “This is other people’s money that Washington is appropriating and spending.” Washington gave him subsidy!

Want to see how Congress votes on the issues (in advance)
With an eye on collecting their US pensions AND their bigger pension from “influence peddling” in their 2ndjobs, look at where our Congress persons go AFTER sitting in the hallowed halls. Our “representative” gets paid to take their buddies still on the Hill to lunch and dinner and whatever. Find your “rep” in the line up:

Bankers using new tactic to stop law to avert another meltdown
U.S. bankers and insurers are trying to use trade deals, which can trump existing legislation, to weaken parts of the Dodd-Frank Act designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. Bank lobbyists call it “enhancing regulatory efficiency.” Sounds good enough to vote for. “The trade talks could easily become a Trojan Horse,” said Marcus Stanley, the policy director for Americans for Financial Reform.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Congress lets our corporations pay only 10% tax

Why does the Congress allow corporations to use gimmicks to pay less tax than we do?
Apple paid just $3.3 billion on $34.2 billion of profits in 2011— giving it a tax rate of just 9.8 percent. Nearly every major technology firm has its share of tax tricks up its sleeve. Apple accomplishes this feat with a two-pronged tax strategy. For domestic sales, the company pays profits as a royalty on a subsidiary it owns in Ireland, which are then routed to a tax haven. For overseas sales, the company uses a second Irish sub, routes the profits through The Netherlands to avoid European taxes, and then sends its profits to its tax haven via the first Irish sub. This sub is called a “disregarded entity”—an affiliate not subject to U.S.income tax. (This strategy is called the “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich,” the report says.) Warren Buffett pays only 17% total tax, Mitt Romney only 14%, and John Kerry only 13%.
Isn’t it time you used IRS rules to your advantage too?

Why do high-fee money managers using no-fee index funds charge fees?
The latest buyers of index funds called ETFs are those managers who say, “We can pick the right stocks and beat the market, so pay us 2-3% of your balance annually.”
More than 100 mutual funds hold SDPR S&P 500 (SPY), while more than 70 portfolios use iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate (HYG). Mutual Funds with ETF stakes include Columbia Dividend Income (LBSAX), Monetta (MONTX) and Vanguard Windsor II (VWNFX). ETF provider SPDR says that 21 of the 25 largest fund companies hold at least some ETFs. The managers could bid for individual securities, but, they figure, it is simpler just to buy an ETF. So why are they still charging us the full load?
Duh—because they can.  
Switch to the real thing AND pay no income taxes on your gains—EVER!

Do you own any of these funds?
Here are 10 funds that lag their low-cost index because they charge too much. 
Here are 12 real dogs that have lost you money (-8% to -14%) in the last 5 years AND still charged you 2-3% per year. It is enough to make you cry or quit!
Now there is an answer. Buy and hold ten low-cost funds earning 10-12% a year. Accumulate $400,000 in 25 years.

Hedge funds earn 5.4%, index earns 15.4%; amateurs beat “professionals”
Hedge funds’ returns have stayed “lackluster” this year, with the $2.3 trillion industry trailing the gains of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index by about 10 percentage points, according to Goldman Sachs. Hedge funds gained 5.4 percent on average through May 10, compared with a 15.4 percent rise for the S&P 500 (SPX) and a 14.8 percent increase for the typical mutual fund, a team of Goldman Sachs analysts said.

Why are early retirees robbing their IRAs?
48 percent of people who were aged 61 to 70 and in the bottom half of the income distribution withdrew money from their IRAs annually during the period studied (2002-10). Even in the top quarter of incomes, 29 percent of people aged 61 to 70 annually pulled money out of their IRAs, EBRI said.
The sizes of the withdrawals were substantial, too, ranging from 12 percent of funds for young seniors in the top quarter of incomes to 17 percent for those in the bottom quarter.
Older seniors (aged 71 and up) appeared to be more frugal, according to the EBRI study. The Internal Revenue Service requires people with ordinary IRAs to make minimum withdrawals each year starting at age 70½. Many of the older seniors withdrew just the minimum—and then stashed some of the proceeds into other forms of savings. Save $3,000 a year on financial services to rebuild your funds:

CA pension firm’s long-term care insurance premium up 85%
People who bought long-term care insurance from CalPERS 10 or 20 years ago, thinking it would provide security in their old age, are stunned to learn the agency is raising rates by 85 percent over two years. What are the alternatives?

CA cites initial premiums for ObamaCare insurance
In southern Los Angeles, for example, a 40-year-old individual would pay anywhere from $242 a month for a plan from HealthNet to $259 for plans from Molina or Anthem. The comparable plan for a small employer costs $362.

How does your retirement look? Need more assets?
57% of U.S. workers have less than $25,000 in total household savings and investments, excluding their homes. 28% said they have no confidence that they will have enough money to retire in comfort, the highest level in the 23-year history of the EBRI study. Only 66% report having any retirement savings, compared to 75% of workers in 2009. 

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” GOP grandfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

NJ hospital tops medical cost listing
Bayonne (N.J.) Medical Center, a 278-bed, for-profit hospital in a working-class city, charges the highest prices of any hospital in the nation, according to an analysis of federal billing data released by President Obama's administration. Based on the bills it submits to Medicare, the Bayonne Medical Center charged the highest amounts in the country for nearly one-quarter of the most common hospital treatments, according to a New York Times analysis of 2011 data, the most recent available. No other hospital was at the top of the price list more often.

Health plans sold by United States Benefits are bogus; premiums returned
Fake health plans go by many names. Check the details with your state insurance regulator.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Tax refunds worth $400,000?

Your tax refund can be worth $400,000 in 25 years. Really?
The average tax refund is $3,022. Invest your refund in a tax-FREE account for 25 years and you can retire. Invest for only 30 years and accumulate $700,000. That is the power of compounding.

Can we “work till we drop”?
In 1880, as many as 80 percent of men age 65 and older were still working. But incomes rose in the 20th century, giving people the freedom to retire earlier. By 1985, only 16 percent of men 65 and older were working. Ever since, the pendulum has been swinging back. Congress outlawed mandatory retirement in 1986 for most workers, and Social Security benefit calculations were changed to make retirement and delayed retirement equally beneficial. Many have had to start benefits at age 62 due to illness or structural unemployment. A spouse may have to work longer to maintain current spending levels. Retirement planning may help:

Will schools be teaching your kids how to handle money soon?
The feds have provided money lessons for each grade so your child’s teacher can use them in classes on different subjects. The lessons are relevant to the ages. EG: how much do you have to earn to buy a skateboard if you have $88 already? How much inflation if gas prices rose 20cents? Compliment site is
For your graduate, our Simple Financial Life has it all:

New cars initial quality survey led by American manufacturers
Total Quality Index was calculated from 17,568 buyers who purchased 2013 models during September to November 2012. The following list contains the number one ranked vehicles in Total Quality in their segments as rated by new vehicle buyers:

Is a ‘pension advance’ right for you?
“These pension advances appear to be nothing more than payday loans in sheep’s clothing. ‘Pension advances' – which are financial products that allow companies to harvest a retiree's pension payments in exchange for a lump-sum payment that amounts to just pennies on the dollar. NY regulators sent subpoenas to ten companies engaging in pension advances. “These companies are literally harvesting the-hard earned pensions of seniors, military veterans and other hard working New Yorkers,” said Governor Cuomo. “Using deceptive practices to cheat people out of their pensions by enrolling them in backdoor high-interest loans will not be tolerated in our state. Anyone seeking to prey on New Yorkers should know that we will use every tool at our disposal to aggressively pursue and put stop this fraud.”

FL protects all people FROM annuity salesmen
Florida’s House of Representatives passed legislation to expand consumer protection laws regarding life insurance annuity sales to all buyers, instead of those who are 65 and older. "Anything that helps remove bad actors and protects consumers is a good thing," the sponsor says. Which annuity may help you:

Are your 401k dollars enough?
According to a Deloitte survey, 401(k) balances have reached an all-time high and now average $85,000.  "More still needs to be done to help employees adequately prepare for their individual retirement needs." If you convert it to income, it is pitifully low! On average retired and pre-retired Americans report they've lost $117,000 in retirement savings due to unanticipated events like medical emergency. $85,000 may grow to $750,000 using a Tax-FREE investment account:

Deficit could be paid if IRS went after super-rich offshore accounts
The rich are hiding $32 Trillions. If they paid their fair share—just 30%—like us, we wouldn’t have a problem. They have their money in legal loopholes created by our so-called ‘representatives’ in Washington. There is more than enough to cover the deficit and the Social Security and Medicare shortfalls. And while the Congress is at it, they can ask the corporations to pay their fair share. HALF of our corporations pay NOTHING. When these people get kidnapped from their yachts, they don’t call the seal team from Lichtenstein or the Caymans, do they?

Is a “deferred income annuity” right for you?
These contracts used to be called deferred annuities—but they have been re-hyped by the marketing department. Sometimes referred to as a longevity, deferred payout or advanced life-delayed annuity, the DIA pays income to the policyholder starting at least 13 months from the policy date. Whereas the immediate income annuity is appropriate only for those looking for income starting immediately, the deferred income annuity would appeal to someone in need of guaranteed income later.
For the majority of owners, the income is never used so these contracts are passed to heirs who must pay tax on the earnings at their (the heirs’) higher rate. Some contracts cost the owners 2-3% a year for benefits they never use. Commissions can be as high as 8% of your deposit. These are really expensive tax deferral mechanisms that are costly to cancel. There are alternatives:

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” GOP grandfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

Executive Life gives up its money finally.
Some policyholders will not get the full amount of their annuities. Benefit reductions will begin to occur soon. A court decided that liquidation can begin, including activating the participating insurers in the state guaranty funds, pledging more than $100 million to a special hardship fund, and topping off state guaranty funds and covering “orphan contracts” in states where ELNY was not licensed. The National Organization of Life & Health Guaranty Funds (NOLGHA) said it is pleased with the decision that all challenges to the liquidation restructuring plan have been removed, and is looking at a third quarter unwinding of the estate. Some have waited over 20 years for their money back.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Why celebrities have money problems

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says, I Hired an Idiot to Manage My Money
Do you ask your family/friends for advice? Watch out!
 “I chose my financial manager, who I later discovered had no financial training, because a number of other athletes I knew were using him,” he wrote. “That’s typical athlete mentality in that we’re used to trusting each other as a team, so we extend that trust to those associated with teammates.” This type of thinking extends into everyday advice, when friends and family offer well-meaning tips on subjects they may not be particularly informed on, or recommend an unqualified financial planner who has duped them into trusting them. “Consequently, I neglected to investigate his background or what qualified him to be a financial manager,” Abdul-Jabbar continued. “He placed us in some real estate investments that went belly up and I came close to losing some serious coin.”
Friends recommended Madoff too. 

IRS ignores $400 billion tax evaders--goes after the poor instead!
The IRS's data-detection tools come nowhere close to collecting the $400 billion in tax dodges estimated to take place each year. The area in which its robo-audits have had the most impact is on tax returns for low-income taxpayers, especially the EITC. 
Starting this year, the IRS will track all credit card transactions. The agency has also instructed agents on using online sources such as social media and e-commerce sites including eBay, as well as the rich data generated by mobile devices. Your profile will likely include shopping records, travel, social interactions and information not available to the public, such as health records and files from other government investigators.
Unfortunately, the IRS ignores questionable euro debt swaps (unlisted derivatives) with no clear economic purpose beyond tax avoidance. Even if it is detected, agents face a team of lawyers in a Liechtenstein bank. Often, the IRS ignores this $5 million tax loss because of the low odds of collecting.
By the way, the IRS thinks it is doing a great job: “… we continue to make our mark as the finest financial investigators in the world,” CI head Weber said. Remember, 2/3rds of corporations pay no tax because they have lobbyists in Washington.
Isn’t time you took advantage of tax laws and paid your fair share?

Need a graduation gift?
The Simple Financial Life consists of five actions. You don't have to be wealthy or a genius to become financially independent. This book will show you how to live the Simple Financial Life: Use only 3 mutual funds to reach ALL your financial goals.
Buy the best tax shelter. No taxes ever and it's FREE. Start them out right.
Protect your family and assets with your Wealth Reserve. Borrow from your own 'bank' to pay for large purchases. Stop wasting $3,000 or more on the financial products you now own. Manage your investments in 15 minutes. Buy whatever you need at a discount. Practice the FIVE actions for financial freedom:

Best performing college savings plans
You can use the best 529 plan for your child or grandchild even if you do not live in that state, especially if your state gives no tax deduction for your contributions. The best for over 10 years is Alaska’s plan. Direct purchase plans avoid broker fees so ALL your money compounds for you—up to 40% larger account.

Do you need monthly income from your nest egg?  The annuity alternative!
Ever wish you could put all your money in one fund for your retirement income and growth. In the last 30 years, this mutual fund had negative returns only 4 times compared with the overall market’s 6 drops. The worst year was 2008 with a downturn of 9.8% compared with the market’s drop of 39%. The overall average was a gain of 10.2% per year. Not bad since the market’s average was just 10.7%. This fund has averaged over 10% since 1970. It holds 60% in bonds for income, 40% stocks for growth. It costs just $25 vs $100 per $10,000 invested in comparable funds. The Vanguard Wellesley Income fund can provide your checking account with a fixed monthly income just like an annuity, which usually costs TEN times more. Annuities lose value over time due to inflation—your $1000 a month buys $500 worth of food in 20 years. Wellesley’s stocks keep your account growing so you can increase your monthly income without paying for another annuity.

What will your next hospital visit cost?
The data provided here include hospital-specific charges for the more than 3,000 U.S. hospitals that receive Medicare payments for the top 100 most frequently billed discharges for Fiscal Year (FY) 2011. “Fun” to read and avoid a visit:

Check your credit reports for your parent’s old problems
I just got my annual credit reports from
NOT the misleading one: I found that Experian had added two old credit problems my parents had fixed years ago to MY credit report. Since they were negative reports, I just got turned down for credit. Since our “representatives” in Washington won’t make the bureaus check the misreported data BEFORE they put it on our reports, we must spend hours trying to fix it. I had to get my parent’s old lawyer involved to motivate the government agency that sent in the mistake to withdraw the error from the bureaus.
On second thought, maybe you don’t want to check your reports. I really dislike spending my time fixing their mistakes.

Penn Treaty long-term care insurer under PA plan
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael F. Consedine has filed rehabilitation plans in Commonwealth Court for long-term care insurer Penn Treaty and its subsidiary, American Network Insurance. The rehabilitation plans attempt to address Penn Treaty and ANIC’s liabilities through benefit modifications on a temporary basis, possible premium rate increases, and several other measures. Should the companies’ assets and future revenues become more than adequate to meet future policy obligations, the Rehabilitator may begin restoring those benefit modifications. Before you buy, consider alternatives:

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” GOP grandfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

Mutual fund misled buyers
Regulators have charged Northern Lights with misleading shareholders about their decisions on hiring investment advisers for the funds. For instance, the board told shareholders that advisers' fees were competitive with those of similar advisers when, in fact, they were twice as high. Fees are not clearly shown on quarterly statements so there is no way to know how much you are paying.

Billionaires’ new tax dodge—insurance!
The latest tax loophole exploited by hedge funds involves the reinsurance business. A whole host of billionaire hedge fund managers have started Bermuda-based reinsurance companies since 2011, according to Bloomberg. By sending money through these companies, the hedge funds recycle it and reduce personal income taxes and delay the eventual tax bill. Normally the managers would be paying either ordinary income taxes (39.6%) or long-term capital gains taxes (20%). Other favorites are incorporating and partnerships. These help wealthy get around the millionaire tax (AMT) that is supposed to collect 39.6%.

Who owns your account now?
Aviva USA’s life insurance business to Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

How much of your retirement is going to the middleman?

How much of your retirement money is going to the middleman? 
A recent AARP study reported that 70 percent of mutual fund investors were not even aware that they were paying any fees at all. If you are paying more than 0.1% in costs, you could be giving up 50% of your total nest egg by age 66.

Use Warren Buffett’s Secret to cut your advisor out of the loop and gain 50% more!
Warren Buffett’s Investment Secret
+Contribute $9 a day, $250 a month. 
+ Accumulate $55,000, $200,000, $1,000,000 over time. 
+Use a special IRS account for Tax-FREE income. 
+Use only low-cost high-return mutual funds. 
+Set it and Forget it.
 Warren Buffett's Investing Secret is compounding high earnings over time. Set up this account in 1 hour. Make contributions automatic so you can’t fail.  

Tax-FREE income in retirement gives you an extra 30% to spend.
You heard that the wealthy pay less than 15% of their income. See how they avoid taxes:  Is that fair? Are you paying federal and state and Social Security and Medicare and unemployment and disability for over 30% total? Will taxes go up to pay for two wars, two tax cuts and two bank bailouts?
Start your tax-FREE retirement account now.  “Set it and Forget it.”

How does your bank rate in customer service?
JDPower asks people how they like their bank. Compare your bank to the best:

AR health care plan by GOP solves divided America problem
Rejecting the Medicaid expansion in the federal health care law could have unexpected consequences for states where Republican lawmakers remain steadfastly opposed to what they scorn as "Obamacare." It could mean exposing businesses to Internal Revenue Service penalties and leaving low-income citizens unable to afford coverage even as legal immigrants get financial aid for their premiums. For the poorest people, it could virtually guarantee they remain uninsured and dependent on the emergency room at local hospitals that already face federal cutbacks. Blue states will provide care for poor. The Republican-controlled Legislature endorsed a plan by Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe to accept additional Medicaid money under the federal law, but use the new dollars to buy private insurance for eligible residents. One of the main arguments for the private option was that it would help businesses avoid tax penalties. All Americans can be covered.
Perhaps this is the compromise GOP states need to bring care to uninsured.

Shopping for auto insurance every other year?
Michael went shopping because AARP magazine offered a $20 gas card. He found an extra $511 for his vacation by asking for a free quote. He called Travelers and found he could pay less than he was paying. And he got a $20 gas card just for asking. He spent 15 minutes for that $511 and a week’s gas. Over ten years, he will earn $5110. He is putting his savings in an account for vacations so he is ready in August. Michael said he used our Guide to decide on what he needed—no extras. He declined health insurance since he has his own. See if you save:

Erie good place to start your survey for vehicle insurance
Erie Insurance received top honors on the J.D. Power and Associates' 2013 Insurance Shopping Study, which evaluates the experience of customers buying a new car insurance policy. USAA for service people was also tops but you need to have military service.

ObamaCare simplifies health insurance form
Regulators have simplified forms to apply for insurance under the president's new health care law. You won't have to lay bare your medical history but you will have to detail your finances. An earlier version of the forms had provoked widespread griping that they were as bad as tax forms and might overwhelm uninsured people, causing them to give up in frustration. You can also have someone else fill them in. Most people will use the online version for ease. You must qualify financially to obtain the subsidy that allows most uninsureds to get care. The applications will start becoming familiar to us on Oct. 1, when new insurance markets open for enrollment in every state. They are not for people already signed up in their employer's plan, only the uninsured. READ:

OH will help uninsured sign up with trained enrollers, “health navigators”
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill requiring training and certification for a new group of professionals who will guide consumers through new insurance markets.

ObamaCare helps small business pay for coverage for workers too

AL homeowners’ new coverage
Obtaining comprehensive, high quality homeowners, wind and flood coverage for coastal properties has troubled those on the Alabama shoreline for some time. Frontline Homeowners Insurance, a coastal-focused insurer, is now introducing coverage to Alabama residents. The Frontline Homeowners Insurance website ( features a wealth of tips for homeowners to reduce the potential of claims on topics ranging from home safety precautions to preventing water damage.

When should you start collecting Social Security benefits?
You can ask all your questions before age 62.
Make an appointment at your local office. It is FREE. You can determine, “What will you get” “When should you start collecting” and “How do you know if you are getting as much as possible.” Can your spouse collect even if they are still working and you aren’t? Find your office:

Why do we do these things to ourselves?
5 year old shoots 2 year old with loaded rifle he was given as “gift” in KY. The rifle is a Crickett “designed for children” and sold under the slogan “My First Rifle,” according to the company's website. It is a smaller weapon designed for children and comes with a shoulder stock in “child-like colors” including pink and swirls. What a waste!

Were your 401k plan-matching-funds eliminated?
The number of firms offering workers a matching contribution in their corporate 401(k) retirement plans fell by about 5% in 2010 and another 2% in 2011, according to a survey released by American Investment Planners LLC. About 42% of the nation’s companies that offer a 401(k) plan also matched a portion of their employees’ contributions in 2011, the survey found. About 6% of the corporate retirement savings plans that existed in 2009 were terminated in 2010 or 2011, according to the survey.
Start your own tax-FREE retirement fund. Unlike a 401k, you pay no taxes on the growth AND withdrawals—that gives you an extra 30% later. Earn 10-12% on your contributions now.

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” GOP grandfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

Congress doesn’t really want to cut deficit—just our Social Security and Medicare
Lawmakers from both parties have devoted nearly half a billion dollars in taxpayer money to build more Abrams tanks. But the Army doesn’t want them.
Yet in the case of the Abrams tank, there's a bipartisan push to spend an extra $436 million on a weapon the experts explicitly say is not needed.

Deficit pays big agriculture corporations for “projected revenue”
The worst drought in 50 years led to record payouts from a taxpayer-subsidized insurance program created to protect farms from weather-related disasters. But the high costs were mostly a result of policies that guarantee farmers a portion of their projected revenuerather than coverage that pays them for theirdamaged crops, according to a study released Wednesday. Taxpayers pay about 62 percent of the insurance premiums. The policies are sold by 15 private insurance companies, which receive about $1.3 billion annually in total from the government. The government also backs the companies against losses.
Sounds like “Welfare for the rich.”

Congress found money for airplanes to fly!
And the wealthy want their planes to be on time! Notice how quickly they found money for FAA controllers but not your cancer clinics.
Cancer clinics have been forced to delay chemotherapy treatment for their patients. Some clinics may actually have to close their doors altogether if the sequester cuts are not reversed. As several cancer doctors told the Hill, they suspect they may not have been at the top at Congress’ list because reduced access to chemotherapy doesn’t personally inconvenience lawmakers in the same way that airport delays do.

Bank failure is still possible--we have no protection
“Too-big-to-fail” legislation unveiled yesterday in Washington is needed to rein in the biggest U.S. banks because the Dodd-Frank Act has failed to guard taxpayers against future bailouts, the bill’s sponsors said. The four largest banks -- JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co -- “are nearly $2 trillion larger than they were” before getting U.S. aid to help them weather the 2008 credit crisis, Senator Sherrod Brown said in a news conference. “If big banks want to continue risky practices, they should do so with their own assets,” said Brown, an Ohio Democrat. “Our bill will ensure a level playing field for all financial institutions by ending the subsidy for Wall Street megabanks and requiring banks to have adequate capital.”

Regulators ignore risks and OK hedge fund ads
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Mary Jo White is pushing to adopt a rule allowing hedge funds to advertise in a move consumer advocates say could fail to protect unsophisticated investors, 

Supremes should have let recount continue, as per Constitution
Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, whose decision to vote with the majority in the 5-4 Bush v. Gore decision ended the 2000 presidential election recount, said Friday she's not sure the court should have heard the case. The ruling overturned a previous decision by the Florida Supreme Court that ordered a recount of state ballots. Constitution says disputes go to Congress to be resolved. Supremes violated Art. II and 12th Amendment:

Gov says tax evaders still playing deception game
One of the GAO report’s findings is that many taxpayers, in an effort to avoid onerous penalties and back taxes, are not joining the IRS’ offshore voluntary disclosure programs, instead filing amended returns or simply disclosing offshore accounts in current returns, without acknowledging past years’ nondisclosure. The report shows offshore noncompliance may total “several tens of billions of dollars.”

Who owns your account now?
Genworth to drop AARP LTC product line
AARP has been working with Genworth to develop a new long-term care program.
Although the Genworth suspension of AARP-branded LTCI sales ends the exclusive branding arrangement Genworth has had with AARP, AARP is not actively seeking another LTCI provider, but would be open to talking to other insurers, AARP said.

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