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1,000 becomes $100,000 tax FREE

Every $1,000 invested becomes $100,000 tax-FREE in retirement

The best long-term investment (retirement) is a low-cost stock mutual fund. Morningstar found that “low fees are the single best indicator of superior performance,” not the manager’s record or anything else. Each $1,000 you invest grows to $100K. 20 contributions invested for the long term provides $2 million tax-FREE. Start your trust NOW:

Saving $1,000 every year on auto/home?

Insurers are fighting for market share. 1 hour of shopping can clinch a nice bonus. Find your last ‘dec’ (declaration) page and call 3 “direct writers.” Use our Guide to buy only what you need (avoid the extras and duplicates you already have):

Allstate recently ranked Pennsylvania fifth among states with the greatest numbers of dog attack claims, up 34% over last year. Dog attacks are one of the top 5 claims in most states.

Is your home just about to have a claim?

These ten tips for filing claims can save you $1000s

Tax credit up to $5,000 for health insurance purchase

Today, the Treasury Department issued final regulations implementing the premium tax credit that will give middle-class Americans unprecedented tax benefits to make the purchase of health insurance affordable. Individuals and families who qualify for assistance (income $22,350 to $89,400 for a family of four in 2011) will receive premium tax credits of over $5,000 per year on average. Older Americans who face higher premiums can receive a larger tax credit. Advance payment of the premium tax credit will be made by the Department of the Treasury directly to the insurance company for those with little cash. The credit is refundable for those with little tax liability. Example:

Why are so few people in nursing homes?

If you listen to a sales person offer Long-term Care insurance you might get the impression that almost everyone will need an expensive nursing home at some point in their lives. If this were true, there would be millions of people in nursing homes by now. Actually, out of 40 million American seniors alive today, approximately 1.5 million currently live in nursing homes, about 3.7%. Most people will never spend more than a few months there. Most policies have a 90 waiting period—a deductible—so most people won’t receive any benefits. Two-thirds of those going into nursing homes leave before 90 days are up. Few people end up in nursing homes because most people don’t want to end up there. Family takes care and they usually pass away in a hospital. After all, medical science can keep us alive there. Consider all the alternatives before buying:

Retirement isn’t all that is planned

37% of workers say they will retire before age 65, yet more than 80% of current retirees did so before age 66. Half of retirees leave work earlier than planned because of health, layoff or care of elder, according to EBRI. 70-80% of workers say they will work part time in retirement but only 27% of current retirees actually do. This means that life happens!

Be prepared. Creating a Wealth Reserve can keep your lifestyle in shape:

Investors move money to low-cost leader

One of every three dollars invested in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds through the first four months of the year went to Vanguard, according to Morningstar Inc. Investors are learning that highly paid advisors taking 1% from smaller gaines can really destroy their earning power. Earning 5% and giving up 20% to someone for bad management makes no sense. Just as Facebook skids down 14% from its opening price, investors are getting tired of the hype. Members feel vindicated with

Poverty is the future for more Americans—the gulf widens

Growing numbers of older Americans are spending their retirement years in poverty, according to a recent study. Poverty rates for people ages 65 to 74 climbed from 7.9 percent in 2005 to 9.4 percent in 2009, according to the EBRI analysis of University of Michigan health and retirement study data. For older retirees ages 75 to 84, there was an even steeper increase, from 7.6 percent to 10.7 percent over the same time period. But it's the oldest retirees who are the most likely to live in poverty: 14.6 percent did so in 2009.

 One of the biggest drivers of poverty in old age is failing health and the associated medical costs. Many people also spend down their retirement savings too quickly, especially during recessions. There is an incredible amount of geographic diversity in poverty rates, ranging from over 25 percent in Opelousas-Eunice, La., and Gallup, N.M., to less than 2 percent in Pocatello, Idaho, Helena, Mont., and Ames, Iowa. The Urban Institute expects retirement income inequality to increase dramatically over time. Members plan their spending:

Americans don’t want insurers to deny payments for emergencies—Dah!

Seventy percent of Americans oppose efforts by insurance companies to deny payment for emergency visits when patients believe they are having medical emergencies, but after examination are diagnosed with non-urgent medical conditions, according to the results of a new poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). In addition, 85 percent of respondents with regular medical providers who sought emergency care said they could not have waited to see their regular providers.

The Supremes will decide about our care next month—5 old guys will decide for us!

WI gun totters overwhelm state licensing and insurers

WI has issued over 100,000 Concealed Carry Licenses so far and is receiving 200-400 license applications each day. Since the new law only gives OK to kill in home, car and office, insurers are not covering legal or civil actions out in the streets. Gun owners claiming self-defense may still have huge legal fees and a homeowners/umbrella will not cover the costs or judgment. Gunfights at the OK coral will require separate cover.

GOP have lost their minds?

Arizona's secretary of state asks to see proof of birth in order to put the president on November's ballot. AZ did not ask for Romney’s cert even though he says he grew up in Mexico. McCain was born in Panama but no one asked for his. If you are born to Americans anywhere, you are a citizen.

SCAMS           “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley


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Help make your grad successful

Every grad needs this gift

Wealth: What every high school graduate needs to know in the 21st century $19.95 Amazon

Investors are giving up on broker commission funds

More investors are moving to no-load (no commission) mutual funds. The no-load funds had net inflows of $735 billion from 2009 to 2011, while load-bearing mutual funds saw $109 billion in withdrawals during the same time, according to the Investment Company Institute. Members move to LOW-COST funds also: 0.07% vs 1.68% saves about $500,000 on a lifetime of investing.

Congress hides ObamaCare benefits to small business by not telling?

Why small business ignores tax credit of 35-50% of cost of health care insurance?

For those small businesses that are either adding insurance coverage or keeping it, the tax credit can save them up to 35 percent. In 2014, the credit increases to up to 50 percent of the cost of their health insurance. In Florida, 220,000 small businesses are eligible for the tax credit, according to a report released last week by Families USA. Many businesses will not take advantage of it simply because they don’t know about it. When they find out, they say: "We all have had health scares in our families; we are all very much aware of what it can do if you don't have (health insurance). If something happens, you could lose everything."

Investors want simple
40% of investors say investment products are too complex and that one-third feel overwhelmed by their investment options, according to a survey by MFS Investment. We suspect both figures are low. Members go with the Simple Financial Life:

Young workers want pensions
Younger workers prefer guaranteed income in retirement than older workers, according to a study by the Hartford. Yet more than half are not saving/investing for retirement.

Tax-Free Living: 2012 strategies to build a tax free $2,000,000

CA low-cost auto cover falls 9% $257.69 a YEAR

The cost of an annual premium has decreased up to 9 percent across 58 counties and the income eligibility caps for qualifying have increased. Beginning May 15, the cost of an annual premium for the program has decreased up to nine percent across California's 58 counties and the income eligibility caps for qualifying for the program have increased, allowing more of California's uninsured drivers to qualify for state-sponsored Low Cost Automobile Insurance. Average cost of an annual Low Cost Automobile Insurance policy in California is now $257.69 a year and the premiums for all California counties are now less than $350 annually. 15 percent of the cars on California roads don't have insurance.

Go figure?

A study finds that in 3 of 4 states that enacted texting bans, accidents actually increased. Instead they’ll put the phones deeper in their laps to avoid detection and the result will be an increase in accidents. It’s like football helmets—instead of protection, it’s a weapon.

Is critical illness insurance right for you?

The chance of getting diagnosed with cancer or having a heart attack is heightened for people over age 40. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, one in two men and one in three women develop cancer in their lifetime. This insurance is like a savings account: you get a lump sum to spend. A person in their mid-40s will pay $180 a year for a $15,000 lump sum benefit. A recent study found the average financial cost associated with a critical illness is $35,500. Most of the cost is linked to lost wages, the survey found. MetLife found that households spend nearly $5,000 on out-of-pocket medical expenses that insurance won’t cover, and about $1,500 on non-medical expenses. Let’s do the math: pay $180 a year for 40 years for $15,000 benefit if you need it. But you can pay $180 a year for 40 years in a bond fund and have $53,000 tax-FREE AND you don’t need to get sick. Members buy only what they need:

Should stay at home parent be denied credit card?
“Denying someone a credit card because that person is a stay-at-home parent devalues the work of raising and caring for children and that person’s worth as a partner,” MomsRising Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner said in a statement Tuesday. " This radical shift in policy -- considering individual income rather than household income in granting credit -- does nothing to help credit card companies assess credit-worthiness and everything to harm moms or dads who don’t earn income.” New law denies credit to those without income in their own name. Household income is not enough even though they make 90% of all purchases for the home.


SCAMS                       “Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Will Congress cap the taxes it gives to farm corporations?                Save $1B

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office, which was originally requested by Sen. Coburn, that outlined possible savings of up to $1 billion a year on crop insurance if Congress capped the subsidies for the premiums paid by farmers and USDA took more aggressive steps to monitor for fraud and abuse in the program.

Will Congress stop the bank bailout waiting to happen?                     Save $3B

Morgan Chase’s $2 billion loss proved that we need to separate the banks into 2 banks: the FDIC backed deposit bank and the betting bank. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said that Dodd-Frank allows banks to hedge particular assets but prohibits the kind of position that JPMorgan took.

“This kind of hedging on the direction of the economy is not allowed,” Mr. Levin said. Regulators have given banks two years to implement Dodd-Frank. Morgan Chase bets on “synthetic credit securities” and could face $1 billion more in losses. They aren’t sure  how it happened exactly???? NY Fed knew about JPMorgan's trading loss and did nothing. Government is letting it happen again.

Do we need another catastrophe before we do something?

GE pays fired employee $2.25 million for poor job performance!

Genworth Financial will pay former Chief Executive Michael Fraizer a lump sum of $2.25 million as well as stock options worth $ millions as part of a separation agreement reached on Monday. Fraizer stepped down as CEO after the company's weaker-than-expected results earlier this month. Only in America!

By the way, GE made $5.1 billions and paid no tax--got a refund too!


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Perfect gift for your graduate

Perfect gift for your grad
Wealth: What every high school graduate needs to know in the 21st century $19.95
Amazon Now an ebook!

What can you do with an old life policy?
You can have an unbiased evaluation and find out your options at

Where to find $3,000 this year?
Your tax return is the easiest way to find extra. The second way is moving your mutual funds to a low-cost provider like Vanguard. There are over 200 ways to save extra money  this year. We put them together in one place:

OH bans electronic diversion and driving
Ohio moved a step closer Thursday to being the first state to ban teenagers from using electronic devices while driving. Thirty-one states have banned cellphone use for teen drivers but none have gone as far as Ohio might go. Exceptions were made for hands-free GPS units and emergency situations.

End of auto insurance business?
Advances in driver and auto safety have now alarmed some insurers. Use of three currently available technologies: telematics, collision avoidance and automated traffic law enforcement, has made accident liability more unlikely. The implications for property/casualty insurers would be enormous. Traffic fatalities are hitting record lows for all drivers, but the drop among teen drivers is especially important, given that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. No premiums, no insurers. Shop and save with premium determined by your discounts and driver miles:

Paid advisors are in trouble
More than a third of the surveyed investors – even more among younger people — believe the information they find on the Internet about investments is just as good as what they would get from a financial adviser. About half of Generation X investors believe information from the Internet is just as good and 57% of those from Generation Y have just as much faith in info from the Internet as they would from an adviser. Members agree: Wealth Without Wall Street helps dispell the myths about building wealth.

How is it possible to destroy your wealth?
This story shows how easy it is to lose your wealth without a plan to spend it.
Mewbers use our Guide:

Where will we be in 15 years—2027?
HALF of Americans said they weren’t contributing to any retirement plan; Americans ages 18-34 were more likely (56%) to be among those not saving, according to a new LIMRA survey. "Secure income covers 81 to 100 percent of monthly expenses for nearly six of 10 (58 percent) of retirees polled," Black Rock said. "Across all retirees, on average, secure income covers 76 percent of expenses," with pensions providing most of these payments. While 80 percent of current retirees said they had pensions, only 53 percent of current workers have them, and the total drops sharply among younger employees." TIME can make up for their lack of money. $3.33 a day can grow to $1,000,000 by retirement. The New American Retirement System is the answer:

PA court disallows long term care insurer to liquidate—blames regulator
PA court has disallowed efforts by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to liquidate two long-term care insurance (LTCI) companies of Penn Treaty. In the absence of receipt by the Companies of these justified premium rate increases, actuarial projections suggest that there will be insufficient funds to meet the Companies’ future obligations. “A liquidation will shift to the taxpayer the ultimate cost of a state’s refusal to grant actuarially sound rate increases because taxpayers will have to reimburse the guaranty funds.” “The Rehabilitator’s evidence showed that rate regulation is governed by politics, not actuarial evidence or legal principles. This case presents a serious indictment of the existing system of rate regulation of long-term care insurance.”

SCAMS                       Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Socialism for the rich is complicated (so we don’t see it as socialism)

Paying corporations NOT to grow food while 50 million Americans are paid food stamps to eat. Paying Brazil $150 million so US cotton corporations can export cotton. Paying corporations to grow corn for gasoline additive cost more than Arab oil so US refiners can export. The corporate owners pay less % tax than their workers.

Socialism for the rich is fun but complicated (so we don’t see it as socialism)

The players get to keep their winnings and we pay for the losses!

Morgan Chase's $2 Billion loss from big wagers is backed by the Fed—no run on bank is necessary.

The bank, betting on a continued economic recovery with a complex web of trades tied to the values of corporate bonds, was hit hard when prices moved against it starting last month, causing losses in many of its derivatives positions. The bank's strategy was "flawed, complex, poorly reviewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored," Mr. Dimon said. Chase sells CDS contracts—insurance—to other banks etc, like AIG did. They placed bets on how the bond markets will go. They have bet about $350 Billion—about 15% of the bank’s assets.

Thanks to the rule “too big to fail,” your taxes back up these risky bets because Chase knows we will bail them out if they fail. They have buddy Geithner on their side. Meanwhile, Goldman says buy AIG stock.

Here we go again!

Socialism for the rich is fun but complicated (so we don’t see it as socialism)

Michele Bachmann is now a Swiss citizen with an offshore account
She can now run for office in Switzerland, thank God. She was on the House “intelligence” committee, with access to all US secrets. Like Romney she now has a Swiss bank account. In the last few years she received $$259,000 in commodities and disaster subsidies at her “family farm.”

Who owns your account NOW?
MetLife to buy the Reynolds Plantation luxury residential golf community and resort in Greensboro, Georgia.

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Graduation present of the year!

Wealth: What every high school graduate needs to know in the 21st century $19.95

Your tax refunds could be your future Tax-FREE retirement

What you do with your refund (average over $3,000) could determine your future financial life. Investing $3,000 a year can accumulate in a tax-FREE Wealth Reserve and provide you with a reserve to pay cash instead of giving up interest and in the future, a comfortable retirement. Use it for deductibles and pay fewer premiums for all contracts too. Consider: $3,000 a year can compound to $115,000 in 15 years, 215,000 in 20, and $700,000 in 30 years using 10 funds averaging over 11% a year. See

Did you receive a refund?

Why are you making a loan to the US government?

Take your refund up front and build a tax-free retirement. Increase your allowances so your boss takes out less in your paycheck. Use this form to increase allowances 1 or 2.

How much are you paying for college savings plans?

The Coalition of Mutual Fund Investors found that plans sold through financial advisers or brokers charge more than twice as much in annual fees than plans that parents choose directly through states and manage on their own. On average, the adviser-sold plans were 2.15 times as expensive. The difference was larger when the fund investor organization also included initial sales charges and account maintenance fees that an investor would pay over 10 years — the time span many parents spend building up a 529 account. That comparison found adviser-sold plans cost 2.73 times as much, on average. In dollar terms, the 10-year cost of a $10,000 investment was an average $1,944 for adviser-sold plans compared with $712 for direct-sold plans. Compare fees:

Unless your state gives you a tax break, low-cost leaders Vanguard and Fidelity are the best choices no matter where you live.

Students face big financial aid changes in 2012 unless our “Reps” work together

Starting July 1, 2012, interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans will jump from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, reports the Department of Education. Unsubsidized Stafford loan and graduate Stafford loan rates will stay locked at 6.8 percent.

Another war?              Are your taxes paid?

Multiple stealth F-22 Raptors, which have never been combat-tested, are now in hangars at the United Arab Emirates. They cost an estimated $79 billion and the oxygen to pilots fails unexpectedly.

No matter. The Air Force says the F-22 is ready for war, should it be called.

A former Israeli spymaster has branded the country's leaders unfit to tackle the Iranian nuclear program because of what he called the "messianic feelings" behind their threats to launch a pre-emptive war on Iran.

Is ”asset-based” long-term care insurance right for you?

This name is really a misnomer. Insurers are reacting to the failure of long-term care insurance to thrive by adding a rider to their regular savings-plan life insurance. They are pitching expensive life insurance as long-term care insurance so younger buyers will feel better about buying life insurance. Now, they say, you get two for one. Sellers can now avoid the ‘use it or lose it’ risk of LTCi. Most of the new Life+LTC policies do NOT include a benefit increase option that bumps up available benefits to keep pace with inflationary growth of costs. Thus buyers are being misled to think this policy will cover their future needs. However, when they need care—perhaps 20-30 years hence—they will find that the benefit is so small as to be useless. An alternative, to invest in appreciating assets, will cover needs more appropriately AND retains value for heirs. Members craft their own care benefits/legacy using our Guide:

GOP gone over the edge?

FL Rep Allen West declares 81 of his colleagues are communists. McCarthyism?

Facts died Wednesday, April 18, after a long battle for relevancy with the 24-hour news cycle, blogs and the Internet. Though few expected Facts to pull out of its years-long downward spiral, the official cause of death was from injuries suffered last week when Florida Republican Rep. Allen West steadfastly declared that as many as 81 of his fellow members of theU.S. House of Representatives are communists.

GOP view of US future is not Christian, Bishops say!

There is something un-Christian about the Gospel According to Paul Ryan. So, at least, says Ryan's Catholic Church. The bishops, in opposing Ryan's budget, called for "shared sacrifice by all, including raising adequate revenues."

"Your budget," a group of Jesuit scholars and other Georgetown University faculty members wrote to Ryan last week, "appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Even Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. Ryan would rather give the rich a tax cut.

AL health care structure may kill people

Alabama's leaders disagree on how to fund the state's Medicaid program should be properly funded, both sides agree on one thing: People will die if it isn't.

All sides agree that lives hang in the balance -- and not just the lives of people who rely on Medicaid for care. State health officials and lawmakers said a $400 million state Medicaid budget would trigger a chain reaction that would lead to care facilities closing and doctors leaving the state or going out of business.

American “job creators” leaving US to find demand

“We’re investing in India. We’re investing in Russia. We’re investing in Brazil. Not to ship products back here but because demand exists in those markets,” a Fortune 500 CEO said. “At the end of the day, this is really about responding to demand. We’re not going to go out and invest unless there’s demand.”

Are Inverse and leveraged ETFs for you?

Regulators fined four brokerage giants – Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Wells Fargo for selling complex ETFs to retail clients whose conservative portfolios shouldn't have contained the risky investments. The brokerages agreed to pay $7.3 million in fines and $1.8 in restitution to customers who bought unsuitable inverse and leveraged ETFs. The only reason brokers put these customers at risk is the commission. "What kind of deterrence does this serve if they can still keep (nearly all) of the profits from the trading...?" said Jill Gross, director of the Investor Rights Clinic at Pace Law School in New York.

EXAMPLE: A 65-year-old conservative customer of Wells Fargo with a stated net worth less than $50,000 held a non-traditional ETF for 43 days and sustained losses of more than $25,000.

Have you been denied health coverage?  See Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.

•You must have been without health coverage for at least the last 6 months. Please note that if you currently have insurance coverage that doesn’t cover your medical condition or are enrolled in a state high risk pool, you are not eligible for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.

•You must have a pre-existing condition or have been denied health coverage because of your health condition. Information about what documents about your pre-existing condition you need to provide with your application is available here.

Are your brokerage fees excessive?

Find out by using a new service: SigFig. Some advisers charge customers “wildly different fees” — ranging from 70 basis points to 260 basis points — for the same services. For instance, some firms give a discount to large accounts, but the discounts don't necessarily line up with account size. “Basically, they charge you whatever they think they can get out of you,” Mr. Conrad said. Joe Duran, chief executive of United Capital, called SigFig a “revolutionary” product that will reward low-cost providers. Disclaimer: Insiders have not used this yet.

Do you know what Social Security will pay you each month?

“Our new online Social Security Statement, available at, is simple, easy-to-use and provides people with estimates they can use to plan for their retirement,” said Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security. Members make a spending plan so there are no surprises:

Have you shopped for auto coverage lately?

Insurers increase advertising to attract new customers.  You may be surprised by saving 30% on your premium because insurers are using more aggressive pricing. Use our Guide to save thousands of dollars over the next 10 years.

WA sued by women who want their health care

Dozens of women filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Rob McKenna, alleging that his participation in legal action to overturn federal health reform threatens access to comprehensive coverage for women. McKenna’s actions are not in the best interest of Washington state and its residents, which he is obligated by law to represent, the lawsuit says.

SCAMS                       Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Helmsley

Which lobbyist is your “representative” hearing from today?

It will cost you to see your rep but you can let them know you need your tax benefits. See where and when to meet:

Another “too big to fail” bank/hedge fund

Wells Fargo will look more like its Wall Street counterparts after a deal announced Friday to buy Merlin Securities, a prime brokerage and technology provider. Wells announced the acquisition of LaCrosse Global Fund Services, a hedge fund administration and service provider, in September. Wells will set up a big trading operation to complement its retail bank like all the rest.

Former Fed banker warns oligopoly banks still can hurt us

“We cannot have a durable, competitive, dynamic banking system that facilitates economic growth if policy protects the franchises of oligopolies atop the financial sector,” Mr. Warsh told an audience at the Stanford.

Wealthy “Americans” line up to give up passports in Swiss capital

Rich Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship rose sevenfold since a UBS whistle-blower triggered a crackdown on tax evasion four years ago. Few have been prosecuted for hiding income however. They pay a fee of $450 to renounce!?!


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