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How to avoid your income taxes by using a PO Box in Ireland

Can you Pay Less Tax by buying a post office box in Ireland?
Like many American corporations, which the Supremes have decided are “people,” I want to “move” just my legal address to a country with lower tax rates so I can pay less. Recently, Johnson Controls, WI and Pfizer, NY, said they had “moved” to Ireland (not really). Recently, the NYTimes asked an expert how we real human beings can do the same to save taxes. We can’t do it, according to the expert. Corporations can give unlimited amounts to buy our elections and they can lie about their home and pay less tax. Apparently, corporations have more rights than ordinary Americans do. No surprise there—they can buy more politicians. We are billed for Pfizer’s $35 billion taxes! And Pfizer still gets to enjoy our courts, police, army, lifestyle benefits for FREE.
The Times forgot one way to avoid Pfizer’s taxes:

Wealthy are seeding their next bumper crop of ... not tobacco but … marijuana
The next big thing for the 1% ers is outlawed in most states but has a growth potential bigger than alcohol. Your rich friends are looking for something new and exciting. “I was drawn to the newness and growth of the cannabis industry,” one said. Banks won’t touch the stuff but people with money to burn can’t resist “stirring the pot.” They just don’t tell their well-heeled friends. They call it an “agriculture play.” They look at the “12% return and 60 percent loan to value.” Most risk only 5% assets because “it can go up in smoke.”

This is why you don’t give money to hedge funds
Aequitas Capital Management appears to be unraveling before investor’s eyes. Everything looked good in 2015. Aequitas appeared to be a healthy, growing firm, opening a new division to serve investment advisors. At its peak, it reported some $1.7 billion in managed assets. It offered short-term notes through advisors paying 8-12% interest and a more than 2 percent commission to advisors. Then in late 2015, it told investors that it was unable to refund the notes when they became due. Now it is allegedly under investigation by the regulators.
Low-fee always beats high-fee investing according rating firm Morningstar:

Vanguard attacked because the fees are TOO low?
Disgruntled employee is after a government reward for telling the IRS that Vanguard owes it more money because Vanguard charges less for its services than all other mutual fund companies. Claim: Vanguard’s average expense ratio is 0.14 percent, compared with an industry average of 0.64 percent. That means Vanguard’s fees bring in about $4.5 billion a year, and if the fees were raised to the industry average they would bring in about $20.5 billion. Since Vanguard is run at break-even now, that difference would presumably be profit, and thus subject to corporate income taxes. This means more tax for IRS. This is like asking your food co op to pay tax on the profits it does NOT make because it could be like a Kroger store. Some people have too much time on their hands!

What happens after ObamaCare?
Despite GOP talk, the government did NOT determine my ObamaCare coverage—an insurance clerk determined what care I can receive. When going for an operation (my hip replacement), I called Horizon’s clerk and she read the manual for my ObamaCare contract. My daughter’s employer actually determines what their coverage is and how much she must pay herself. All GOP candidates wish to eradicate ObamaCare on Jan 21 2017. When that happens, how will we obtain care? Most insurance contracts run for a year so nothing will happen. The enrollment for 2018 is in Oct, so Congress has to pass a bill to make a new system. Insurance firms and hospitals and most providers will need another year to design and sell new GOPCare health contracts. So maybe 2020!
Since NO plan has been offered by the GOP (ObamaCare was GOP idea in 1993), we can only assume that Trump’s plan will be used. He promised "We'll work something out," when asked by ABCTV. He says he will have private plans; “great plans and health savings plans.” He “won’t let people die in the streets.” This sounds like what we had before so insurance clerks will continue to decide what treatments and surgery we will receive—IF we can afford coverage. The poor will go back to hospital ERs for primary and preventive care and we will still have the most expensive system in the world that only treats those with money. Hospitals are required to treat thanks to Reagan in 1986.

Defense contractors pay GOP to increase deficit another $18 BILLION
House GOP urging a steep increase in the Pentagon's budget have already received $10 million in campaign contributions. The 34 GOP lawmakers, all members of the House Armed Services Committee, are pressing for an $18 billion increase in the 2017 budget year. The Government Accountability Office has identified several areas of the department as "high risk" when it comes to waste and fraud, including weapons purchases and financial management. The committee's chairman, Mac Thornberry of Texas, topped the list of recipients with $941,700 in contributions made by employees of and political action committees sponsored by companies that do business with the Defense Department. (AP) We can’t stop contractors from buying our Reps but …

Does our President need to be smart and truthful? Do they even care about truth?

Trump: Threatens Pope “when ISIS comes …” I won’t let Christianity be attacked …”
            Klan to back Trump and fmr Mex prez says false prophet.
            GOP history repeats "Fighting Bob" La Follette’s anti-establishment crusade.
Rubio: “We’re keeping Guantanamo” Crowd cheered and yelled: "Waterboard Hillary!"
            Implies Rubio WILL let poor “die in the streets” Trump sounds like a Democrat.
Cruz: Draft women ‘Have we lost our faculties? Is political correctness so consuming”?
            Unleash the holy wrath on terrorists—sending 100,000 more troops in tribal war
            Holy war: “Christians have been ceding the public square to non-believers” 
Kasich: “I’ll give the Japanese a missile defense system and send arms to Ukraine.”
            Women can no longer use Planned Pd for health care in OH: Back to alleys!
            Does not know if wants to be Prez. ??

Perry: I may be nominee in “brokered” convention. Is he doing LSD in TX?
Romney: Raised questions about Donald Trump's taxes—Like kettle calling pot black!
Bush: Momma was right—“We’ve had enough Bushes.” No WMD, Not safe by BushII.
            Bush-Carson-Cruz voters NOT likely Trump voters—Hillary alt.?

Hillary: Trust is not my strong point—experience is—but what laws did she pass?
            Americans like “socialism” by another name—SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc
Sanders: GOP’s Koch says he agrees with Sanders: system is rigged against the people
            We rebuild Afgan and Iraq villages. Why not our 59,000 falling bridges?
            American Revolution from voters voting out the oligarchy.

GOP Religion law allows discrimination in the name of Freedom
America had the rule of law so that every citizen is governed by the same laws, applied through a fair and equal judicial process to resolve disputes peacefully. But states like WV just passed a law that only protects those citizens who have a “sincerely held belief.” Part of the test for this belief is the practice of religion that does not seem to follow the rule of law. So apparently, if you are not a practicing member of a GOP religion, you have no standing with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This law creates a special class of American, and in the case of HB 4012, a special class of West Virginian. This special class may practice freedom of religion, but those who wish to have freedom from GOP religion have no special protections. 20 states have this law even though Supremes said “unconstitutional.”
The law protects GOP religionists so if they don’t want to serve a person they don’t like, they can refuse without legal liability. Discrimination is legalized. Religion justifies racism, sexism, intolerance. Jefferson called for a “Wall separating church and state” but now you must have a “GOP religion” to have the law on your side. This law makes GOP religion superior to civil law. It allows a business to tell employees what birth control they must use because the owner holds “sincerely held beliefs.” And the owners have the money to get an order from the Supreme court. We don’t.
1925 Scopes trial—Students not FREE to learn evolution in public school because GOP religion:
School boards still try to rip evolution from textbooks so no Freedom to learn still!
OH GOP just cut funding for women’s health care at 150 clinics. Clinics had no abortions

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

59,000 bridges need repair: What are we waiting for? DEATH? Wealthy could cover it.
Cliven Bundy stays in jail: “danger to community and flight risk”—owes US $1million. Georgia businessman requires employees have a concealed carry license for his “safety.”
Asset recovery firms scam seniors who were victims of fraud money-making schemes.
Broker examiner officer warning that only 10% of brokers examined is dangerous
“Assault” weapon purpose? Kill as many as you can. Do real hunters really use them?

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

Is this the American Future with the GOP?
Latin American women plead with westerners to send abortion pills. The overwhelmingly Catholic countries have criminalized access to contraception. Women are scared of giving birth to children with microcephaly, the mysterious condition marked by an undersized head and brain damage that doctors have linked to the mosquito-born Zika virus. Pope OKs contraception but silent on already pregnant. The Pope first answered by calling abortion an "absolute evil" and a "crime." “That is what the Mafia does.” Some priests still insist on no contraception to prevent pregnancy: “just wait for a year or two.” Cruz, Rubio, Bush say their religious beliefs will guide Presidency: Abortion illegal?
Will this become the US policy under GOP Religion in 2017?

Is it worth asking for a price check BEFORE seeing doctor?
Can you pay less yourself even when you have insurance to cover that MRI or exam? Some are finding the new world of health upside down. Some providers are cutting out the middleman (insurers) and saving you and themselves time and money. Before you have it done, take a price check at This site takes real prices paid from patients: Mammogram really costs $50 or $607?

Buy your “no repair” car with care
Lexus, Porsche, Buick and Toyota captured the top four spots in the annual vehicle dependability study which measures owners' complaints per hundred vehicles and was released one day after a similar survey by Consumer Reports magazine. These vehicles all had fewer than 114 problems per hundred, with Lexus (95) and Porsche (97) setting the pace.

How to file your taxes for FREE
Despite IRS advice to file early, Congress gave many financial firms until Feb 15th plus a 30-day extension for some tax reporting forms. So you must wait or end up having to file an amended return. One firm, FOLIOfn, told me they don’t send forms anymore. I must find them and download. You don’t need to send in the forms with FREE efile, but the Payor’s number and amounts are important. EG: FOLIOfn’s EIN is NOT for 1099s.
Once you have all your forms, pick a FREE efile site at Most charge for state filing and will work for any income. When you are done, most let you carry data and credits to next year so you will have less to do. I had to amend 2013 and FreeTaxUSA let me input and print it for FREE. Most sites ask you questions you can answer (some with email help) so filing is easy unless you are hiding money overseas (Romney) or have multiple real estate (Trump) holdings. My refunds are maximized and I get my money in my account in 2-3 weeks.
I am building my tax-FREE retirement with my refund:

How our government wastes our money
Air strikes costs $2.5 million each. We’ve spent $1 BILLION so far. We could have fixed the 59,000 bridges that need repairs immediately.  
FBI spends $8.3 billions on security:  Any hacker can crack 1 smartphone.
            Gov (NSA) already has San Bernadino terrorist’s phone calls in database!
            County owns iphone and could unlock for FBI. FBI really wants all iphone’s data.
It costs More than $233,600 a year to keep a young offender in LA county lockup.
Afghans abandoned three of bases in Helmand province surrendering 2 north districts.
Bush II pact allows Putin to spy on US anytime. Not keep us safe AFTER 9/11!
Drug tests for food stamps users but not farmers, energy, or corporate subsidies.
            States spend $1 million on tests to find 321 positive drugs in poor—no rehabbing.

Flint poor paying $864 a year DOUBLE average for water poisoned by lead—2nd highest
IRS OKs “secret money” groups for lobbyists—Saudi’s can buy our elections legally!
IRS seizes store owner life savings for no reason but not Cliven Bundy $1 million fees??
Scalia mystery death reaching from the grave to change GOP future.
We just lost the right to film police arresting someone. GOP wins another one!

Who owns your account now?
Johnson Controls and Pfizer are now foreign firms and leave US with their tax bills. Are car seats and drugs safe in future since we don’t control these firms anymore.  
China bought GE appliances, equipment/chip makers, seed producers, and Chicago stock exchange.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Another corporation leaves US with their tax bill

Another American company moving to Mexico after taking our tax money
Carrier made air conditioners in Indianapolis. Mexico did not suck the jobs out of America. We sent them the jobs. American businessmen decided to move 1400 good-paying jobs to Mexico so United Tech’s group could get a bonus to cut costs. This violates their mission Core Values and history.  CEO Nelson claims he is dumping 1400 workers to “maintain quality.” Quality comes from design and employee commitment. The company received a $5.1 million tax credit from the Department of Energy — for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining green jobs in the United StatesThey broke promise to these workers and America. No wonder Trump and Sanders have voters.
Avoid paying the taxes Carrier used to pay:

Did you get a 23% or 35% pay raise for your work in 2015?
Bank of America CEO Moynihan received a massive 23% pay hike in 2015, pocketing over $16 million. What did you do for your raise? Moynihan drove the company stock DOWN 28% in the last year (down 73% in 10 years). The market rose 48%. He DOUBLED the loss in stockholder equity. This usually means the boss did a bad job but not for bankers. Like the crisis of 2007-8, bankers are rewarded for losses. Chase’s Dimon's 2015 compensation increased by 35 percent to $27 million. They get credit for increased earnings even though it was the economy not brilliant management that did the trick. Brian, as manager, actually lost $10 BILLLION in legal costs from bad decisions.

Investment advice you won’t get from your broker/advisor
The investors who actually make money from what they know and NOT from your money say: “the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets." Your broker makes money from your money when you trade so their advice is BIASED. They are just salesmen not knowledgeable investors. Real investors are patient and know it is time to buy oil-driven stocks now AFTER they have fallen 30%. When they rebound, real investors will profit BIG. Master investors Warren BuffettGeorge Soros and David Tepper have bought Phillips66, Kinder Morgan and other energy related stocks. Since regular investors don’t know energy companies well, they invest in the group like Vanguard Energy Fund. It is one of the Vanguard Top Ten

Uncle Sam will pay you to save for retirement
Saving for retirement is hard but you can get help. First, make an IRA contribution for 2015 by April 18, and reduce your income taxes. Second, take the Savers Credit up to $4,000 for your IRA, 401k, SEP, SIMPLE, etc contributions. Third, reduce your payroll tax withholdings to match your current refund so you can start saving this year. You will have more money in your paycheck each month to save and invest. This will put the Miracle of Compounding to work for you now. $250 a month is worth $1,000,000 later:

Get your refund quickly
File using an IRS approved vendor and file for FREE electronically. Have the IRS credit your bank accounts in 2 weeks. Most states follow the same pattern. Most vendors do Fed for FREE. Some charge for state filing. The nice part is that once you use them, they carry forward your data and credits for next year. Usually, you just copy your W-2, 1095, etc forms onto their screen forms. Fairly easy and most offer all the forms and worksheets you need to file. If you ever have a mistake it is easy to file an amended return since you have the old data in your file online. Prices increase later in the season so file early. Remember, IRS does NOT call you asking for money. Ask scammers for letter. 

What do the GOP candidates say they will do?
They don’t all agree but these seem to be the things they agree on.
No abortions even for incest or rape or to keep mom from dying.  Rubio
No immigrants: must wait/pay fees/file forms even if life is threatened at home. Trump
No/low taxes for those that live on their wealth—0 tax on dividends/gains. Rubio
No complicated tax rules for wealthy and corporations. Cruz
No hold on corporations: cash is speech, unlimited promotion, inequality OK, no jail
No welfare: everyone must work or use soup kitchens, ER, church gifts and shelters.
No healthcare for all: use hospitals for routine care. But Cruz has ObamaCare!
No control on guns: shoot if you feel threatened by musicpopcornpeople, etc. Bush
No regulations on commerce: bad drugs, bad air, bad water, bad products, bad serviceOK
No tolerance for non-Christians—War on Christianity ended by Trump
No sexual activity other than marriage—abstinence only. Rubio Cruz
No government programs to help people less fortunate--cut SS benefits Cruz
No government spending for non-defense—increase deficit. Cruz by $8.6 trillion.
No cuts in military spending--increases even in peacetime. Cruz
No plan for global environmental destruction, scientists are wrong Carson Cruz Trump

Conservatives want to keep social issues as they used to be, so they delay, delay delay in Congressional matters except military spending and tax cuts for already wealthy. “Starve the beast” (no taxes) is their motto but 2017 GOP tax plans increase deficits to pay for greater spending. GOP has become the NO tax and spend partyrun up deficits.  
"Bush I. handed Clinton a $269 billion budget deficit.
Clinton handed Bush Jr. a $127.3 billion surplus.
Bush II handed Obama a $1.4 trillion deficit.
Obama has reduced Bush Jr.’s deficit to just $492 billion.
GOP = Tax (cuts) and Spend Party
Bush III $3.5 TRILLION over 10 years.
Rubio $6.8 TRILLION over 10 years.
Cruz $8.6 TRILLION over 10 years.
Trump $12 TRILLION over 10 years.

Yes, the market is down 8%. What should you do now?
Franklin Resources said Wednesday that investors withdrew $20.6 billion in the fourth quarter. Franklin saw investors pull $28 billion in 2015, the biggest quarterly redemption in its history. Investors have locked in a loss. They have lost ground but might be a good buy now near bottom. Franklin’s assets under management fell 13 percent over the past year. Vanguard has been taking in assets from many other fund managers because fees have been reduced as market returns have fallen past 0%. Low fees means you lose less. Consider your long-term investment returns. Stocks have provided 10-12% for any 15 year period. Balanced (stock/bond) funds like Wellesley Income have provided 10% a year since 1970 with only 2 down years. This year the stock market is down 8.5% but Wellesley is down only 0.8%. If the market regains its momentum in 1 week, you will have missed an 8% gain. You never know and so “stay the course.”
Wellesley is one of the Vanguard Top 10 funds you keep for life:

Does our President need to be smart and truthfulDo they even care about truth?

Trump: “Cruz can’t run against me” suit because not citizen—new Apprentice show?
            “We’re voting with our middle finger,” Trumper said.
Cruz: Trump defended PParentd, attacked Bush II, and dirty tricks/lies.
Rubio: Tax for wealthy will be ZEROChina lends US another $6.8 trillion.  
Bush III: I spent $36 million to lose in NH and my brother will win SC for me. (63% of GOP still thinks Iraq had WMDs). Trump “fears me” because he attacks me.????

Trump’s immigrant First Lady--Melanija Knavs knows clothes’ design.

Sanders: A Wall Streeter wants his reform to eliminate cheating. It is Fairness stupid. 
            Financial crisis put no one in jail, thousands in jail for 1oz pot.

Scalia legacy:  Bush illegally installed as President, ‘corporations are people’ ideology: “money is speech” so OK to buy elections (Bush III still running after IA, NH loss), corporations can pick which birth control employees use/can’t use, SCOTUS decisions—4-4 ties for over a year bec Senate won’t consider Obama’s legal pick. Is Senate racist? GOP fears Obama confirmation now hurts 2018 elections. Scalia death suspicious: declared ‘heart attack’ by TX JP yet did NOT actually SEE the body and did not order autopsyHow can decide heart attack without examining body? "My gut tells me there is something fishy going on in Texas."
So YOU can be declared dead in TX without being seen? JFK killed in TX without exam too. It required Warren Commission to guess at death and now we will never know.

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Timothy Dembski Walter Grenda, Buffalocaught misleading investors who lost 80%.
Former head, bank bailout: bank-busting is necessary or we have another 2007 meltdown
Future voters: under a new Oregon law, all eligible voters are registered automatically.

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies/cities wouldnt fix bad products on own

Tax regs in future may change value of your Roth IRA
Obama has proposed changes in retirement funding that may change how you structure your future retirement income. Changes are unlikely this year but could be included in “the middle of the night” budgets like the recent ban on Social Security strategy of “file and suspend.” Retirees who were unable to find work could tape their spouses’ benefits early to offset the 25% cut by filing early. Some benefits of a Roth IRA could be dropped: Required RMD, no IRA conversions, no contributions after age 70.5.


How our government wastes our money
OR terrorists left booby traps to kill FBI/police. Go to Gitmo?
Cuba returned US missile that was “inadvertently” shipped to Cuba by Spain, 2014.???

Pope OKs contraception for Zika: “avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil.” WOW
IRS warns of e-mail schemes rose 400 percent in phishing and malware incidents.
Hollywood Presbyterian paid a $17,000 ransom for hacked patient records. Our Future?

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