Friday, January 29, 2016

You and I must pay Johnson Control's $150 million tax bill!

You and I must pay their taxes; Johnson Controls evades $150 million in taxes
Tyco in Ireland buys Johnson Controls but keeps name and headquarters in Milwaukee. A few papers are shuffled and our taxes or later taxes go up. It is that simple. Our ‘reps’ let it happen. Our average total tax burden is $17,372 (31.5%). We pay income taxes (federal, state and local), sales taxes and payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance). Since there are now thousands of companies leaving America or evading taxes, even getting refunds, we need over 8,800 more taxpayers this year just to cover Johnson Controls’ tax bill. The CEO used money for Ponzi scheme.
Don’t be the only one left paying taxes:

Why not increase your tax refund $400-$800?
Study found you can increase your refund by doing these simple things. Even if you don’t want to do your own taxes, you need to test drive the FREE software to make sure your preparer checks for every creditFree File IRS. Tax credits reduce your tax not just reduce you income. Deductions are limited while a credit can eliminate any tax owed. Some even give you a refund when none is due from your income. Look at last year’s return to make sure you have received every form. All banks and brokers/advisors don’t meet the Jan deadline. Try itemizing even if you don’t have a mortgage and property tax deduction. Education and child credits are best. If you make under $53,000, EITC worth $6,000 just by working. Charity clothes/cash deductible. Claim everybody. Pension and SS may be excluded.

File your simple tax return for FREE
Many sites provide FREE federal e-file but charge $13 for state e-filing. The IRS approves these firms: We are on our own: 51 million taxpayers called the IRS with questions in 2015; answer few. "I've tried to call them," says Lisa Ross, "I gave up." After waiting on hold for hours, some taxpayers were forced to give up. Do what you think is right (Google it) and send. Check if your preparer is legit at For short time, Fed and state returns are FREE for simple returns at and at

What to do when your investments go down?
You could sell and lock in your loss or you could wait for them to go up. Your emotions say sell now before you lose more. Your mind says wait—where would you invest if you sold? Would you then miss the increases that might come again, like Thursday and Friday last week?  Look at the chart of the past returns. It really depends on when you need to use the money. If you don’t need the money for at least 10 years, 2016 is a dip. If you need all your money next month, then you should not invest—you should buy CDs. Depending on your time frame, you can earn 11% or 3% a year.

Use the tax code to reduce taxes even if you aren’t wealthy
The wealthy use accountants, lawyers and tax shelters to pay a lower rate than we do. They have the money for avoidance strategies. Very profitable corporations receive “subsidies” worth over $63 billions each year. Check your list: mortgage, education, medical, investing, lump-sum, gifts, and more. Most millionaires became and stayed rich by working in their own business. They reinvested profits and deducted every expense. They built their retirement fund from their business success. Even a small business can provide hundreds of tax benefits to offset your salary. If you have no business to reduce taxable income, use a Tax-FREE account with fees under 0.50%. Keep more: “In every time period low-cost beat high-cost.”

Does our President need to be smart and truthfulDo they even care about truth?

Trump: Meglomania defined: “I could shoot someone on 5th Ave and polls go up”
            “I won’t debate” I don’t like the moderator so I won’t play. Cranky baby?
            Fox says: "We can’t give in to terrorizations toward any of our employees."
            Palin, VP or SecDefense or new Apprentice show? His campaign promises
I get elected, we're going to be saying 'merry Christmas' Christianity will have power”
Fiorina: Pitches Anti-Abortion to Preschoolers – Any rational adults around?
            Her fake video makers were indicted; Lied about Planned Parenthood acts!
Bloomberg: Will run if Trump vs Sanders—Battle of the Billionaires for control!
Jeb: MI gov Snyder did a ‘great job’  (poisoning children of Flint)—gov said water ‘safe’!
Sanders: Clinton supporters lack enthusiasm so they are desperate now.
Cruz: “I don’t have health ins bec/ ObamaCare” but he really does—was dazed/”confused.”
Rubio: “I will follow God’s word.” He plays the GOP religion card for IA voters.
Christie: Wants the state to pay for Atlantic City. Socialism or Communism?

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Michael Snedeker caught avoiding taxes skimmed from Swedenborgian Church Boston
MI gov gives clean water to employees while telling Flint poor that bad water is OK. Race?

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies/cities wouldnt fix bad products on own

How our gov wastes money
Keystone Pipeline Now Wants $15 Billion From US Taxpayers for cancellation.
$1 Trillion for F35 stealth fighter that our old F16 can kill

 “Isn’t this a wonderful country we live in?” said Cliven Bundy, Ammon’s father.
Good Samaritan shot by stranded driver he tried to help—“guns are not the problem”         
50,000 South Carolina residents tried to buy guns in December, the most in history.
Land Rover Defender dumped; not supported by India Tata

Who owns your account now?
FSC Securities, Royal Alliance, SagePoint Financial, and Woodbury Financial as AIG Advisor Group to Lightyear Capital

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Congressmen get really rich from illegal insider trading

Congressmen become the super rich using insider info that is illegal for us
Among the powerful politicians, the portfolios of Republicans outperform the market by 32.05% to 36.19% under a one-week holding period. “Our results imply that the performance of congressional portfolios is mostly driven by private information” that they have and we don’t “based on their power and party membership," Serkan Karadas, economist, Sewanee: The University of the South, writes in the study.
Worse, Congress passed a law that says they are above the law (Insider trading is illegal for us). The study, which looked at almost 62,000 trades made by members of Congress in 2004-2010, found outperformance of 22.13 to 24.16% under a one-week holding period on an annual basis. That short-term outperformance is significant, implying that the politicians were trading on time-sensitive information. Worse, Republicans with little financial experience are beating Wall Street’s “top traders.”
Why let Congress have all the benefits of the tax code:

GOP tax plan failure in KS & MI is warning for US
Econ “trickle down” does NOT work! GOP tried to make Kansas a Tea Party showcase, but it has created a budget gap of $190 million just like Bush2. KS has fewer services while small biz pays nothing. US was prosperous in ‘50s 60s with tax rates at 90%. Regulations are needed! GOP in MI tried to save money by poisoning Flint children with lead. It cost $14 to test water BEFORE changing sources.
Wealthy love these low tax schemes and take their money to Caymans. They don’t build more factories in US but in cheap labor countries.

Where is the new tax evasion (insider trading) money going?
This yacht firm’s growth estimate is about 20 percent growth in the client base between now and 2020. You can pick up a used Sunseeker for only $2.5 mil. Many KS lawyers are putting their former tax money in art. Since 2012, professional offices (dr, esq, cfa) have invested in yachts and art work. Congressmen with gains of 36% keep their money offshore like Mitt Romney. Job creating factories are a waste of capital with global markets with cheap labor. Like 26 of the most profitable US firms, they use their tax evasion money outside America—yachts, art, foreign subsidiaries, St Kitts estates.

GOP wins: Washington just cancelled your Social Security benefits!
Consider using the three benefits that Congress has decided to take away from us without discussion. You may apply before April if they help you maximize your Social Security benefits. They are technical so you may have to go to a SS office to make sure you qualify. You may double your benefits if you have to file early (age 62) because you have no job. You lose 25% for life if you don’t wait to age 67 but you could use spousal if file by April. If you are divorced, you may still collect from your EX’s account but you must meet the requirements. Check it out before April.

File your simple tax return for FREE
Many sites provide FREE federal e-file but charge $13 for state e-filing. The IRS approves these firms: We are on our own: 51 million taxpayers called the IRS with questions in 2015.
"I've tried to call them," says Lisa Ross, "I gave up." After waiting on hold for hours, some taxpayers were forced to give up. Do what you think is right (Google it) and send. Check if your preparer is legit at Free fed and state is offered for simple returns at and at

Where is the best place to put your tax refund?
The average refund is about $3,000. It is really forced savings at 0% interest. We can spend the money or pay off debt or invest it and earn 8% instead. The market is down 8% so far this year. The market will eventually return that 8% and more. Guess what the smartest investor is doing with this market collapse—Buffett is buying! He is buying energy stocks. Why? Because we panic and sell energy at bottom—down 28%. Buffett is buying a bargain again just like he did with Coke and AMEX last century. He knows that $30 oil can’t last long. Make Warren Buffett your advisor now.

What should you do if your broker has you in junk?
He told you bonds were safer than stocks. She had you buy high income bonds or their funds because you were tired of earning 2% on your money. Now with losses of 20% brokers can’t answer the phone fast enough. But who would buy these losses now? What should you do? If you sell, you lock in a loss so hold on for oil and commodities to rebound. If you have more than 10% of your portfolio in junk, especially “level 3” bonds, you may want to rebalance. You may be better off (more stable income) using a balanced fund like Vanguard’s Wellesley Income Fund which has provided almost 10% annually since 1970. It is one of Vanguard’s Top Ten of all time.

Why are investors moving from expensive advisors to Vanguard?
Vanguard, which offers passively managed funds, had $236 billion new money in 2015 – the largest in the industry. Investors are quitting active money managers. Reason: costs and wild swings in value. Investors realize it is VERY difficult to find a manager who is right when the market falls and rises quickly. They see hedge funds being trimmed savagely. They understand that if markets earned 1.3% in 2015 and their advisor cost 1.3% they end up with nothing. Average returns (11%) don’t look as bad as broker’s say they do. Investors realize that Wall Street can take up to 63% of their accumulations over time. AND Vanguard has licensed reps you can reach for help when needed:

Even wealthy families are cutting out the middlemen to save fees
More wealthy families are using their own expertise to do their own private equity deals, especially for the $500,000 to $5 million direct or co-investment deals, according to Family Office Club data. Over time, a 2% cost (1.3% plus trading costs plus taxes from trading plus BD charges) can take up to 63% of your potential accumulation.
Pay less; keep more:

Does our President need to be smart and truthful? Do they even care about truth?

Trump: See how America will be run by Prez Trump – it’s only a deal for him!
            Demagogues even attract the Bible thumpers despite lifestyle: “he’s honest”??
            Are there Two Corinthians?      Palin endorsement=Market collapse?
            Palin attracts followers for Trump despite unseemly family values dysfunctions
Fiorina: "Donald Trump’s a moron.” “…he doesn’t support human rights” for all.
Sanders: If elected, Bill O'Reilly promised to move to Ireland and Ire is not happy.
            Banks will be split up and stock trading taxed 0.5% to reduce speculation.
            MI gov Snyder should resign after poisoning Flint residents with lead esp. kids.
            Dick Cheney had experience but lacked judgment. Clinton blew it.
Cruz: Yesterday he said Iran should have been bombed (“full force”) for holding sailors.
            He is not Prez and so we got back 4 hostages. Bombs were not answer.
            “NY Values” denigration drew the line for GOP religionists
            1790 law says citizenship passes to foreign-born child by father NOT mother.
Rubio: my gun is “the last line of defense against ISIS.” “My boots from WI” No India
            My form of Christianity (was Catholic, then Mormon, back to Catholic) will             “influence me in everything that I do.” Gov pays for priests’ therapy?
Christie: Even his own conservative supporters say “he lied” – compulsive or fungus
Clinton: “We can go after these tax evasion” schemes [like mine] “in the Caymans.”

Can a Trump/Palin/Christie America survive a crisis without killing us all?
Maybe Bernie’s socialism isn’t so bad—and a new Progressive Era could help us.

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Finance 500, CA caught selling penny stocks without authority—pump and dump ops
Fiat Chrysler recalls 389,000 Jeep and Dodge SUVs again for wiring; 1st failed
Renault recall to fix emissions scandal too – Do all auto makers lie?
AL Justice Roy Moore says GOP religion trumps Supreme’s decision.
Goldman, Sachs Merrill Lynch caught violating securities lending practices.
A lead-poisoning test kit for Flint water costs $14 and would have saved 1,000 kids IQ.
FL gov making same mistake in de-regulating water QUALITY. GOP cuts regs for $$         
Herbies Auto Sales caught misleading consumers fined – No Jail Time
2,653 guns seized at 236 airports, 20% more than 2014. 80% were loaded. Crazy!

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies/cities wouldnt fix bad products on own

How our gov wastes money
DefenseDep says MORE troops to Iraq – “Retrain” those in army that ran away before.
AirForce drones have bugs. 20 broke already. No warranty but cost $64 million each.

Bundy’s terrorists seize Fed property and get to walk away—no consequences to terror?
            Feds asked to give property to terrorists – what about original owners: Indians?
Fear not reality is the motivator for terrorism and gun politics: We spend $billions on             terrorism, which killed 229 Americans. In the same 10 years, 310,000             Americans died from guns.
Texas barbecue joint will give you a discount for carrying a gun!?
LA pays $24.3 million to two men wrongly convicted—prosecutor made up evidence
Low-Value List: Cars/trucks that break most often without warranty-quality/price low
High-Value List: Cars that last a long time—250K miles—quality/price ratio high
            Now policeman apologizes for word choice: "My poor choice of words…” He detailed what drivers could do to avoid being charged with a crime if their vehicles struck someone during the unpermitted march. 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Pfizer moves to Ireland and takes our tax money: Congress paid off

Our corporations are refusing to pay their fair share of taxes
If you are a shareholder, you owe taxes when Pfizer moves to Ireland. AND Pfizer just raised U.S. prices for more than 100 of its drugs, some by as much as 20 percent.
What do these company exits mean for our future society? Why do these firms use our courts, roads, airports, military and police if they don’t pay? What if their foreign branches need our military? Can we middle-class survive and pay more for their free ride?  AND Many firms get refunds (they take our taxes), creating bigger deficits for our kids. Boeing, General Electric, and Verizon and 22 others make huge profits AND Congress gives them refunds. WOW The total amount of federal income tax subsidies enjoyed by the 288 profitable corporations over the five years was $362 billion. You and I will make up for the refunds AND they no longer pay any taxes.

Is a broker/advisor’s advice worth the money you pay?
Not anymore. Another study shows Wall Street’s advice is worse than flipping a coin or going to a fortune teller. Consensus predictions were inaccurate in every single year, sometimes by preposterous margins. In 2001, professionals called for 20.7%. We got minus 13%. In 2008, they predicted 11.1%. We got minus 38.5%. Bottom line: If there were a single reliable indicator of the market’s direction, smart managers would use it. But systems and methods aimed at ensuring investment outperformance never work for long. You end up timing the market and lose because you need insider info to call both the top and bottom. DO THE OPPOSITE. Buy and hold like Warren Buffett:

File your simple tax return for FREE
Many sites provide FREE federal e-file but charge $13 for state e-filing. The IRS approves these firms:
Free fed and state is offered for simple returns at and at

IRS hires bill collectors for back taxes from the poor not the rich
Congress has given IRS the task of controlling these vultures and IRS learned last time they tried collectors: IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. It costs more than they retrieve. "It was an awful idea and it's unfortunate that it passed," said Chuck Marr, director of federal tax policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. You may need help if you get on an IRS collection list because you will get "robocalls" or "robotexts" multiple times daily for life. Once on their list, you will need a court order to get off. Scammers will have another reason to scam you. Over 1 million scam calls from the IRS have been recorded. IRS used to claim they never call you but now that will not be true.

Washington just cut a Social Security benefit after hours so no complaints
This is the way it happens. They take away little parts of our benefits a bit at a time. You may need this benefit and now it is gone (as of April). If you have to take benefits early because you were laid off and can’t find work at age 62, you may have been able to begin taking your benefits and ½ those of your spouse without them losing a thing later. This enhanced amount took the sting out of taking reduced SS early. Now your option is gone and there was no debate or even notice. Congress and the Prez also cut other benefits that might have helped you in special circumstances.

Supremes to take away union political power
GOP-inspired Roberts court will decide unions can’t collect dues to pay for negotiated contract. This will limit union political power and leave the elections to those who can spend $ millions via a super PAC. Like Citizens United decision, this tilts the balance of power toward the GOP and its trend to rule America with less regulation and more GOP-religion power.  

Does our President need to be rational and truthful? Do they even care about truth?

Trump: Muslim woman ejected from his rally for silently standing up
            White racist Jared Taylor tells IA: “We don’t need Muslims. Vote Trump”
            “No person except a natural born citizen, shall be eligible to the office of President”
*Cruz: Iran should have been bombed (“full force”) for holding sailors who lost way.
            Forgot to report $1 million “loan” from Wall Street—OOPS
Carson:  raise taxes on the poor by eliminating current benefits, EIC, CTC, etc
Rubio: support for citizen in-state tuition for undocumented; now against
Bernie: Gun bill complicated
Romney: “I think we’re nuts not to raise the minimum wage.”

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!
VW emission fix plan had gaps and “lacks sufficient detail.” VW not get it yet!
Cincinnati father killed his 14-year-old son--said he mistook the teen for an intruder.
MetLife to break up:  “too big to fail” regs force remaking biz.
Feds wasted 17 months before telling us about infections from gastrointestinal scopes
FiatChrysler caught faking sales for bonus, VW and Renault faking, GM kills 124.
Flint MI caught poisoning its own residents—“water is fine” no testing--just cheaper.

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies would not fix bad products on own

Bundy’s all-male party attracts the righteous martyr-suicide terrorists and gov does not even blockade the property. Party munchies requested. Where is Bruce Willis?
GOP denies warming trend but last 4 out of 5 warmest years were very recent
KY new GOP gov to shut state's health insurance exchange even when helped people
Rick Perry is now a lobbyist for a Florida dental company! What happens to a losing gov
Anglicans defrock Episcopals  for same-sex marriage
Planned Parenthood sued activists for sting video without permission
GE moves to Boston and sells appliance unit to China—of course

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Are you Winning the Investment War?

Are you Winning the Investment War?
Are you earning less than 11% per year average on your retirement money? Is your broker/advisor taking 1.5 or 3% of your account EACH year whether they make money or not? Did they tell you how many years they have beaten the market average of 11%? Did you know that your broker/advisor has strict orders NOT to help you reach your goals using low-cost products? … even if they are right for you now? Do you understand what your advisor has in your portfolio? Why do you still pay 12-b1 fees for marketing charges if you already own the funds in your account? Did you do any research on your broker/advisor? Have they been sanctioned in other states? Did you earn 1.4% this year?

Do you claim tax breaks for your ‘backyard’ like these folks do?
Congress made the IRS tax law that lets the rich claim a charitable deduction for their golf course (giving away the right to develop land they still own and can use). In other words, we pay for their backyard golf course with a view. 1,114 tax “evaders” took an average deduction of $872,250 based on the rule, according to the IRS, for a total of about $1 billion. If you are concerned about the national debt or your tax bill, consider that the rich will always have their golf courses and don’t need the tax break.

There is no reason to overpay for financial success
The record is clear: earn 3.79% with advisor managed account or 11% with a market index fund like the Vanguard 500 or Fidelity 500 Index over time. If we just held the whole market and didn’t try to time the ups and downs, we could earn 10-12% a year.
This is the record you could have:
2015    1.4%
2014    13.80%
2013    32.43
2012    15.88
2011    2.07
2010    14.87

Is your broker/advisor fee your largest expense?
Why not fire your advisor. That is what this client did. When he found that his single largest expense was the $40,000 asset management fee on his $5 million portfolio, he switched to a planner that charges by the hour or event. No matter how big your holdings are, you can do better than pay 1-2% a year on assets advisors never touch. Just like a lawyer, you can find or negotiate a fixed fee for service--charitable giving, tax planning, paying for college and wealth transfers. After all, no advisor can see the future and guarantee your asset level for 1%, 2% or 5%. Use Vanguard’s unbiased advisors.

GOP judge defies Supremes on marriage equality
AL state court barred state judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses, in contravention of the broadly accepted meaning of a June 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Chief Justice Roy Moore forbade probate judges in the state from issuing marriage licenses that violate the state’s laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, “until further decision by the Alabama Supreme Court.” We either have one national court or we don’t.

Does our President need to be rational and truthful?

GOP silent on white gang grabbing Fed reserve—Silence means agree?      
Trump wants to send Cruz back to Canada—Communist Cuba background?
Trump: It’s OK to use wrong video for hoards of immigrants crossing border
Trump: to increase price of all goods from China by 45% -- almost everything we buy!
Obama blamed for Saudi executions—sounds like GOP: Everything is Obama’s fault
Jeb: Sorry I lied about NRA award and Charlton Heston’s gun gift! “I think I read it
Jeb: Fed poverty programs end; give money to states  who make slush funds
Christie: Out of state most of time costs NJ taxpayers over $1 million for guards/vans!

GOP repeals ObamaCare the 61st time—still no GOP replacement plan!

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.”
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!
Julius Baer Ltd, Swiss to pay $547 million for helping Americans evade taxes. No Jail.
Caldwell International Securities caught churning client’s accts –$1million overcharge
Reg. recall 90,000 pounds Huisken Meat beef--wood found in Sam’s Choice.
MO says sex between lobbyists and legislators is a ‘gift’ and must be posted on forms.

Finra Securities Helpline for Seniors (1-844-574-3577) has recovered fraud and scam $

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies would not fix bad products on own

Best advice an investment manager ever gave me
“You’re gonna get a statement every month,
Compare the funds that did the best over 20 years to help you decide where to invest your serious money. If you will need money in 5-10 years, you will have it and you will have a chance to receive the highest return possible without taking undue risk. Is there an overlap between the best 1-5 year and the best 20 year funds? Well, that one may be your choice. You don’t have to move your money every time another fund advertises it has high returns. As Warren Buffett says, “my holding period is forever.” Hold ‘em and let Buffett’s investment secret work for you.

Special Inspector General John F. Sopko has spent years documenting waste, fraud and abuse in the U.S. military’s efforts to rebuild war-torn Afghanistan. We have spent $110 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.
=Afgan courts that we pay for allow men to kill innocent women. Let’s stop paying!
=Clive Bundy still has not paid his $1 million cattle fees to taxpayers and no indictment!
=Armed gunmen live in Fed building FREE—water, electric, gas we pay for!

Gun collector kills wife over washing then two others; own son kills him. OK?
GM claims airbags not designed to protect us in head-on with trees in Bristow OK.
TX girl “everyone like” killed stopped at light in drive-by shooting.
Wheaton College to fire a professor for writing Muslims and Christians have same God. 
44 percent of lottery winners spend all their winnings in five years, study says.

Clive “refused pay fees” Bundy’s son leads sit-in over federal crime of OR rancher. Son    has $530,000 federal loan for his truck maintenance firm which he isn’t running.
            Clive has still not paid his $1million for cattle grazing. No Jail, No Justice.
IF ‘MILITIA’ was black would Police Stand By as Armed ‘Militia’ Takes Fed Building?
            What did they do to the Black Panther Party?

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