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Double Your Wealth Power

Double Your Wealth Power
Use compounding of low-cost mutual funds and a tax-FREE account to double your power to build wealth. Even in 2012, with a slow economy, our members’ 10 Vanguard funds continued to earn over 11.5% averaged over the last 30 years. You avoid ALL taxes on accumulations now, and, even better, when you take the money out. You benefit from the two most important investment engines of all time—NO TAX and COMPOUND INTEREST. As Warren Buffett said, "My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest."

Did you consider these “Best public college” choices yet?

19 States To Have Own Health Care Exchange – check state map below
The exchanges set minimum standards for healthcare and allow those who don't have insurance through their employer to comparison shop for the plan they like best -- much like how travel websites allow comparison shopping for airline tickets.
The Obamacare law does not mandate a state create a health insurance exchange, but does hold that if an individual state does not create their own exchange or partner with the federal government to create one, the federal government will create one for them. Most Democratic states have moved to create their own exchange while most Republican-controlled states have resisted. Only four states with Republican-controlled legislatures have created the health exchange -- IdahoNevadaUtah and New Mexico -- the Times said.

Vanguard leads price reductions in the cost of stock ETFs
Most of Vanguard’s U.S. equity sector ETFs now charge 0.14%, which is down from 0.19% and well below the 0.18% charge for equity sector SPDR funds. This could mean an extra 50% in your nest egg over time. Low-cost stock funds beat high-cost funds over every time period, according to independent rating firm, Morningstar.

Have you made these common financial mistakes?  The experts make them
Even John Bogle, founder, Vanguard, made them.  Bogle tells how the investment industry changed from putting the customer first to putting the managers’ bonuses first. Video:

Has your company pension been shorted again?
A new study indicates that the aggregate pension funded status is estimated to be 75% at the end of 2012, compared to 78% at the end of 2011. Overall, pension plan funding decreased by $79 billion last year, leaving a deficit of $418 billion at the end of 2012. Results are from pension plan data for the 429 Fortune 1000 companies that sponsor U.S. defined benefit pension plans and have a December 31 measurement date.

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Ten diversified mutual funds assure us of retirement income AND inflation-busting growth we can't outlive.

Watch out where you drive!
According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, 22 percent of drivers in Alabama do not carry mandatory liability insurance. Those records also show Alabama is the sixth-highest rate of uninsured drivers among the states. In Mississippi there are an estimated 28 percent of motorists uninsured. In New MexicoTennessee,Oklahoma and Florida, about one-quarter of drivers have no insurance. In New Hampshire you are not required to have insurance but 90% have it.

Safest cars 2013
Winners include the Acura TL; Dodge Avenger and its twin, the Chrysler 200 4-door; Ford Fusion; Honda Accord 2-door; Honda Accord 4-door; Kia Optima; Nissan Altima 4-door; Subaru Legacy and its twin, the Subaru Outback; Suzuki Kizashi; Volkswagen Passat and Volvo S60. The Acura TL and Volvo S60 are midsize luxury cars. The other models are midsize moderately priced cars.

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” GOP leader Dick Cheney

Are any of the 2013 tax credits for your benefit?
New tax law includes 50 tax breaks including credits for race track owners, moviemakers, electric motorcycles. Our rep are digging a bigger hole

Insurers and Feds dragging out Sandy payment process
Hopes of getting the hardest-hit stretches of the Jersey Shore rebuilt by next summer are fading, as delays in insurance settlements mount and uncertainty hangs over federal aid. Insurers used the same tactic for Katrina repairs. Some are still unpaid.
More than 70,000 property owners have filed claims with the National Flood Insurance Program, according to FEMA. The agency would not say how many of those claims had been settled, but in communities up and down the Shore, property owners and local officials reported that only a small percentage of homeowners had seen flood insurance settlements two months after Sandy made landfall.
Some property owners filed with FEMA and were sent small business loan applications instead of receiving help. The application is longer than a new home mortgage app.

Why Sandy help was not approved—more Washington games
The Sandy bill contained pork—spending for projects that have nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy or the victims, including millions of dollars for tree planting in areas untouched by Sandy and a new roof for theSmithsonian Museum. Only $1 out of every $6 — $9 billion of the $60 billion will be spent in 2013. That means 85 percent doesn’t come until 2014 and beyond.
The bill also provides $336 million for Amtrak (10 times President Obama’s request of $32 million), $150 million for fishery disaster relief, for which recipients in Alaska and Mississippi will be eligible, $50 million for the National Park Service’s historic preservation fund (twice its annual funding), and $50 million for employee retraining programs.  According to the Heritage Foundation’s Matt A. Mayer, there is $28 billion for “future disaster-mitigation projects on the East Coast,” which is a large component of the 64 percent of the funding that will be spent after 2014.  Whether or not these unrelated spending initiatives are worthwhile, they deserve more scrutiny than they will receive as part of an enormous Sandy relief bill being rushed through a lame-duck session of Congress.

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