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Koch: Stop Corporate Welfare

Koch Bros ask fellow capitalists to stop corporate welfare
Koch, who pays over $900 million on our elections, says he fears gov control via welfare for the wealthy will eventually degrade American capitalism. “This is creating a two-tiered system where opportunities for the disadvantaged are being destroyed and we’re creating welfare for the wealthy, so it’s unjust,” he told Yahoo. “It’s an unjust system, and it’s making people’s lives worse.” According to a report from Good Jobs First, which tracks government subsidies, some of the biggest companies in the United States received hundreds of billions of dollars in federal grants and tax credits. General Electric received $836,000,000 and General Motors received $529,000,000.

Is a simple IRS tax code right for you?
GOP favorite applause grabber is “simplify taxes.” Beware what you wish for.
10% tax rate. Noncash compensation is tax-free. Corporations pay 0% tax.
Tax preferences will be added.  Everyone will want their wages/salary in goods not cash. All the rich people will take compensation in stock certificates or dividends. No one will have Social Security in the future. Medicare and Medicaid will end. Deficits may double in 5 years due to war spending not included in budget. Interest on debt alone costs $230 BILLIONS. Wealthy people will incorporate themselves and their American assets and pay nothing to America. Only the middle- and poor-classes will pay taxes, just as Mrs Helmsley predicted. Simplify now—use your IRS tax-FREE trust:

More companies moving “legal” addresses to evade taxes
“If Congress doesn’t act, tax inversions will be very appealing for many American corporations,” according to Edward Kleinbard, former chief of staff of the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. Congress has an incentive NOT to act. Lobbyists pay for their campaigns and perks. Firms like Pfizer may merge with Allergan, which has already shifted its own tax domicile to Ireland through a tax-inversion merger. Pfizer already holds $140 billion overseas and is quite skillful at minimizing its taxes.
We don’t have to move to Ireland to cut our taxes:

Does our President need to be pragmatic and respect all religions?

“Without some alteration in our political creed, … We are fast verging to anarchy and confusion!” George Washington, 1786.

Cruz: “we should be providing safe haven to [Christians]” only.  Matthew 25:35???
Trump thinks Ben has “pathologic disease” can’t be cured.
GOP wants our kids to go back to clean up Sadam’s old army buddies Bush overthrew.

TX GOP says, “Don’t bother us with the facts”
Texas rejects allowing academics to fact-check public school textbooks. The board's textbook process has for years sparked ideological battles over subjects such as climate change and evolution. Supporters of the failed proposal said those are now likely to continue.

5 old men will decide if we have rights to our own sex health—ban sex?
GOP led Supremes will determine how far states may go in regulating the procedure without violating a woman’s constitutional rights. TX closed many clinics so as many as 240,000 Texas women between the ages of 18 and 49 have tried to end a pregnancy by themselves, according to a pair of surveys. Many end up in emergency.

GOP is wrong—We need regulation otherwise “everyone” would cheat!
Dr Scott Doak, Xenia, Ohio, stole $66 million and pays $250,000 fine to US.
Student Financial Resource Center and College Financial Advisory, Global Financial             Support caught charging for financial aid assistance they don’t actually receive.
Regulators require advisors to act in YOUR best interest not their own finally in 2016.
Fake Bob Marley schemers caught stealing name and trademarks for $78 million.
Integrity Advance, James Carnes caught deceiving consumers about the cost of loans.
CDC monitors Chipotle-Linked E. Coli Illness as Numbers Drop as testing continues.

Is the MyRA right for you?
This retirement starter kit is Obama’s answer to the young financial illiterates who work at a small business that does not offer retirement plans like a 401k. It is free of fees and safe—like savings bonds—guaranteed by the gov. But because it has the character of a savings account, it is almost worthless as a retirement vehicle. No one can retire by contributing $25 a week to a gov account paying 1% a year. Obama should have offered the plan he and Congress use. It is best for all workers. Thrift Savings Plan has low-fee Life Cycle stock/bond mutual funds averaging 10.83% and used by federal workers.   
Best alternative: Non-profit mutual funds cost little and can grow at market rates of 11% per year. $100 a month could become $250,000 tax-FREE in 28 years not 120 years.

How much does your advisor get paid?
One firm, Commonwealth Financial plans to offer a flat 95 percent payout on fee-based retirement plan business. It will boost payouts by 3-9% for advisors who act as ERISA fiduciaries and have at least $100,000 in fee-based retirement plan revenue. Your advisor must now give you the best advice for your situation not their own fee revenue. Most should use TIAA or Vanguard, the not-for-profit management firms:

Earn 3.79% or 11% on your retirement money
Survey of broker customers shows the average earnings were just 3.79% compared with just holding the stock market index fund at 11%. Pay less, earn more.
The hard part is letting your money GO LONG:

SCAMS: No Jail Time so crime does pay!
Dr Scott Doak, Xenia, Ohio, stole $66 million and pays $250,000 fine. No Jail Time!

Special Inspector General John F. Sopko has spent years documenting waste, fraud and abuse in the U.S. military’s efforts to rebuild war-torn Afghanistan. We have spent $110 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan. When adjusted for inflation, that total exceeds the value of the entire Marshall Plan effort to rebuild Western Europe, WWII.
=More than $8 billion in spending on counter-narcotics efforts in Afghanistan that have “failed by every conceivable metric. Afgans grow poppies like we grow corn.
=The purchase of nearly $500 million worth of airplanes that never could fly and had to be turned into scrap.
=Construction of a building that literally began to melt when it rained.
A $500,000 health clinic that lacked water and electricity. Newborn babies had to be washed in a nearby dirty river.

Terrorists’ phones can’t be hacked—We pay $Billions for CIA, NSA, FBI for what?
Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that advanced encryption technologies being used by Islamic militants has stuck a wrench into investigations of individuals plotting violence in the United States.

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