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Our "representatives" promote Socialism for the rich

GOP gives away the farm!
New farm subsidies (socialism) will cost US more than old formula
Would you like to sell a product and have a guaranteed profit whether the price you sell is high or low? If you don’t get the high price you asked for, taxpayers will pay you what you want. You can make the price go up by holding your product until there is more demand and prices go up. You and other producers can work together to make the price go up and if it does not, you get paid anyway. This is not the capitalism GOP raves about.
This is the new farm bill that will cost us more because conservative GOP voted more money. Most farms are large agribusiness firms that pay our ‘reps’ election costs and give them perks via their lobbyists. It’s Socialism for the rich, pure and simple. GOP in charge of Congress now?

Tax evaders may lose passport
State Department can revoke, deny or limit passports for anyone the IRS certifies as having a seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000. It could mean no new passport and no renewal. It could even mean the State Department will rescind existing passports.

IRS code used to avoid paying taxes
These suggestions may work for you even though they were written for the wealthy people who pay for the elections of our “representatives:”
Real estate investments can add cash using depreciation as expense. Oil and gas partnerships reduce tax. Passive income tax credits from §42, §47, or §48 partnerships. Charitable remainder trusts shift income to family. ‘Defective’ non-grantor trusts avoid state taxes. Use trust and estate distributions to shift income to lower tax brackets. These and other tricks lower your tax bracket from 39%. No one pays the bracket set for their income. You can now use your IRS account to avoid taxes like the wealthy:

GOP budget cuts Social Security benefits for our future to pay for wealthy perks above
GOP cut strategy called “file and suspend.” This meant one member of a couple files for benefits but then suspends them. This allows the other spouse to begin collecting spousal benefits on the other person’s earnings record. The suspended benefits of the first spouse then continue to increase by about 8 percent a year until age 70. You can still do this by April 30. GOP also cut the “restricted application.” Under that rule, a person files a restricted application and collects spousal benefits while his or her own benefits continue to grow until age 70. Applicants will have to turn 62 before the end of this year in order to take advantage of this strategy. For anyone younger, it is being eliminated. Do it now!

GOP religion—carry gun for Christ—get them before they get you!
The Liberty University president told students that with more concealed-carry permits, “we could end those Muslims.”  “Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here.”
U of Texas, Austin OKs guns in classrooms. 
This is NOT the Jesus in the Bible!
Sounds more like the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

GOP says terrorists CANT fly but CAN use guns.
NYC will spend $20 million a year on unarmed security guards at non-public (religious) schools.
Synagogues and Mosques buy protection too, just like in Iraq. ISIS winning?

Get a loan with your phone habits and Facepage network
How you manage your social media is now the new credit scoring factor in granting new loans for some new age lenders. Some companies think they can predict your ability to handle loan payments by how often you charge your smartphone and how your friends repay their loans. “People are more likely to be better borrowers if they have friends who pay back their loans on time.” Crazy!
So if you can’t handle balancing a checkbook, you still have hope for that new car loan!

The top reality TV Show in America! New show on Dec 15!

Does our President need to be rational and truthful?

            NO, the new GOP is entertainment like Apprentice—fake calamity for money!

Trump: I’ll “go after the wives” of terrorists and do things to them you can imagine.
            Ban all Muslims until our ‘reps’ figure out what is going on"? They can’t!
            Will send 10,000 to ISIS-- "I'd knock out the capital" -- ISIS has no capital!  
            Random acts of violence against people who look Muslim break out in America.
            Opens new hotels for Muslims in Azerbaijan and Indonesia. Dubai takes down pic!
Carson: new health care -- raising the Medicare eligibility age to 70. Fewer to cover!
Christie: Signed gun control on terrorists in 2013; flopped over for the NRA support.
Jeb: Tax plan adds $7 T to debt and wealthy add 12% to their $ Billions.

Sanders: Western Illinois has correctly picked each president since 1975. He wins!
Hillary: Back on top with endorsements and GOP infighting.

Supremes on affirmative action—“I don’t see discrimination in segregation”
Scalia questioned the benefit of trying to include more minority students at the nation’s selective [white] universities. ‘Really competent blacks’ would win admission without special considerations, he said.” Lawyer Garre: “I don’t think the solution to the problems with student body diversity can be to set up a system in which not only are minorities going to separate schools, they’re going to inferior schools.” Scalia is saying that he does not see discrimination in segregating blacks in 2nd class schools.  Born in Trenton, he went to Harvard, which used to keep Catholics out until 1893. Harvard claimed that Catholics had inferior educations at Jesuit schools.
Scalia is a racist and should be impeached. It has never been done!

Millions of voters living life watching video games
Millions spend a couple of hours a day watching others online playing video like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, FIFA soccer, Mario Kart, Minecraft, Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto, Farming Simulator (which is exactly what it sounds like), Poker, Destiny, Halo—and on and on. Young men are leaving TV for Twitch and YouTube.
Is this like our ancestors watching the public hangings in the town square?

Middle-class shrinks from 61% to 49%
America is income polarized—the top and bottom are growing. The share of Americans living in middle-class households has declined from 61 percent in 1971 to 49 percent.  “Nearly Half of All 25-Year-Olds Are Living at Home with Their Parents,” are topics of regular appearance. Back to the 1900 when families had to live together in smaller spaces on slave wages with no unions and no health care. “How the other half lives

We need regulation—GOP is wrong—companies would not fix bad products on own
Regulators: Madoff’s victims got $1.2 billion back; checks averaging $1.1 million each.
Tax evaders get break: GOP cuts IRS criminal division 21% since 2011.
Fiduciary rule: stops bank from selling you bad mutual funds
EOS CCA caught providing inaccurate information about debt to credit agencies. 
Fiat Chrysler caught not reporting crashes and deaths its cars caused for over a decade.

Do you owe more than average debt?
Our debt is about $50,000 per adult person including mortgage, cars, education, cards, etc. More boomers are still paying for their mortgage than in the past. The average means there are many with low debt to offset those with huge debts. For instance, in NJ, an average mortgage of $40,000 means a lot of people don’t have one in order to offset the large number with a $300-600,000 debt.

Is your money frozen now?
Third Avenue Management took the rare step of freezing withdrawals from a $788 million credit mutual fund on Dec. 9. The firm’s assessment that meeting redemptions would be impossible without resorting to fire sales.  Investor withdrawals "are driving the high-yield market now more than anything. Institutions -- hedge funds and mutual funds -- are being forced to get out and unfortunately that’s pressuring the entire market."
Chasing yield has never been a good strategy.

Special Inspector General John F. Sopko has spent years documenting waste, fraud and abuse in the U.S. military’s efforts to rebuild war-torn Afghanistan. We have spent $110 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan. When adjusted for inflation, that total exceeds the value of the entire Marshall Plan effort to rebuild Western Europe, WWII.
=More than $8 billion in spending on counter-narcotics efforts in Afghanistan that have “failed by every conceivable metric. Afgans grow poppies like we grow corn.
=The purchase of nearly $500 million worth of airplanes that never could fly and had to be turned into scrap.
=Construction of a building that literally began to melt when it rained.
A $500,000 health clinic that lacked water and electricity. Newborn babies had to be washed in a nearby dirty river.

Our ‘reps’ give big business a boost—HALF budget spent on killing machines!
“Major defense contractors Raytheon, Oshkosh, and Lockheed Martin assured investors at a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach (last) week that they stand to gain from the escalating conflicts in the Middle East. The good news for the contractors is the latest budget deal authorizes $607 billion in defense spending. The budget deal in the making requires serious thought but the deficit will still rise because Bush tax cuts are not paid for and more companies are avoiding taxes.

Congress spent weeks trying to cancel ObamaCare AGAIN
Instead of solving America’s problems, the House voted again (50 and counting) to repeal the plan that millions use for coverage. Since it is not perfect, the Senate joined them to vote for a repeal Obama is sure to veto. All this BS costs US about $500,000 in wasted time and fixed costs. All 400 plus reps earn $174,000 a year to raise money for their next election. Their staff costs over $100,000 plus too.
They all have great health care so they can afford to TAKE ours AWAY. 

Who owns your account now?
Deutsche Bank AG’s U.S. private-client to Raymond James.

JP Morgan fakes customer complaint to fire broker who refused to sell Morgan’s bad funds. Fiduciary rule would protect us since broker is required to offer products that are best for us not firm.

Conspiracy to commit fraud?
Volkswagen began developing the software that let it cheat on 11 million U.S. emissions tests as early as 2005.

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