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Don and Hill will need more revenue

Don and Hill will need to raise taxes to pay for walls or wars
Don’s wall and Hill’s return to Iraq and Afghan will cost us more taxes. Both want to spend more on guns and war and that ain’t cheap. Her plan will cost $1.1 trillion. His tax cuts will cost $9.5 trillion and he will cut “waste”—Medicare and SS benefits—to limit borrowing. Both will need to raise revenue one way or other since more 1%ers and corporations are using loopholes to avoid paying any tax. Don can avoid taxes for years with his $50 million loan write off.
Start your tax-FREE account now so you don’t get stuck with taxes later:

Put your advisor on a diet—Market returns will remain low—hedge funds close
Economic gains will be slower with Don or Hill so stocks will be pressed to break 7% return. It is time to put your advisor on a diet and cut their share of your gains. If their fees, trading charges and taxes continue to take 2%, you could end up with only 63% of your potential nest egg. Taking more risk for greater yield is not the answer you want from them. Fees will continue even if no gain. Better to go with par, the average return. Try an ETF or index at 0.05%. You may clear 7% not 5%.

ETF or index fund?
Advisors are all excited about the ETFs they have to offer you. Why? Index funds have been out there since 1976. Perhaps it is because index funds are packaged in a commission product. Yes, the sales person who once hated index funds can now praise them. Excitement over exchange-traded funds continues among financial advisors, according to Journal of Financial Planning. ETFs are the preferred investment vehicle for 83% of advisors up from 40%. Advisors are selling them to clients using ‘lower cost’ as the sizzle. What advisors don’t disclose is that the fund version is much cheaper than the ETF commission/fees. Don’t be fooled.

Is a homeowner policy Virtual inspection right for you?
Esurance offers a do-it-yourself Home Inspection app, which allows policyholders to self-inspect their homes and receive policy discounts. For instance, the insurer needs you to fix broken sidewalk. Now you can prove it yourself. No need to wait for inspector to show when you have a claim. Just record what the insurer asks for to prove you lost your siding or roof. Insurer promises quicker service. They don’t need to send a drone or adjuster. But sometimes you do better with private expert on your side.  

What is the most important predictor of your investing success?
According to an unbiased Morningstar study, low-cost funds beat high-cost funds PERIOD. It is a myth of Wall Street that you must pay more for good performance. You are just paying for the Wolf of Wall Street's toys. Other Wall Street myths: Buy low, sell high; manager tenure; proven performer; get in on ground floor; concentrate portfolio.
Warren Buffett, the master of investing, disagrees:
            "A very low-cost index is going to beat a majority of the amateur-managed                                money or professionally-managed money."

Income inequality, rising since 1970s, link to frozen wages?
New study, which measures income inequality by state, metro area and county, shows that inequality has risen in every state since the 1970s. Most of the income change has gone to the more senior corporate chiefs and not in salary. Corporations are escaping taxes and shareholder limits on excesses. Your Apple gear costs a lot to buy but little to make. Your shoes don’t cost $150 to make. Verizon service doesn’t cost Verizon $200 a month to provide. Corporations have digitized and outsourced for the last 40 years and haven’t shared the increased profits with workers or shareholders. Is David M. Zaslav’s labor really worth $156 million a year? Yahoo’s CEO got a 69% raise for ..? Chipotle’s head found $29 million despite sickening patrons. His 1st boy got $28 mil. Chase gave its CEO a 134% raise. Another study shows higher CEO pay; worse performance.

Is a Goldman Sachs CD right for you?
The commercial bank famous for creating the mortgage meltdown by packaging bad mortgages with pretty ribbon is now in need of money. They offer savings CDs for the non-1%ers. You only need $500 to obtain 2% for a 5 year CD. So if rates go up you will have the privilege to be stuck with $52 profit over 5 years. If you need it back, you lose part of your $52. If you want most of your money to grow above the inflation rate, you will need to keep it in stocks and bonds at the lowest cost you can find. Your money is actually safer in stocks than with Goldman because you lose half your purchasing power over time: 47 cent stamp used to cost 33 cents just 15 years ago.  

Auto insurer’s satisfaction falls 7 points
Overall satisfaction declines by a significant 7 points. The 17 largest insurers are the primary drivers of the overall decline. Satisfaction among the smaller insurers increases 1 point from 2015. JD Power survey found the top insurers for each region were NOT all large insurers even though they had best digital scores. Winners:
California: Ameriprise (846)
Central: Shelter Insurance (819)
Florida: The Hartford (834)
Mid-Atlantic: Erie Insurance (829)
New England: Amica Mutual (855)
New York: GEICO (828)
North Central: Auto-Owners Insurance (842)
Northwest: PEMCO Insurance (847)
Southeast: Farm Bureau Insurance – Tennessee (870)
Southwest: The Hartford (829)
Texas: Texas Farm Bureau Insurance (836)
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM) and USAA also achieve high levels of customer satisfaction in the study, although they are not included in the rankings due to the closed nature of their respective memberships. 

Does our President need to be smart and truthful? Do they even care about truth?

                        What does Trump’s National Socialism stand for?
Reinstate older white male value system: Make ‘WASP” America Great Again
Reinstate Christmas and Christian observance in schools, home, court, stores, etc
Put successionist’s flag back in public spaces - cemeteriess, courts, state houses.
Put up a wall, end trade, bring back repetitive “robotic” jobs back from low wage areas.
Cut regulation of all business activity, lower wages for women, pregnancy
Replace ObamaCare: no mandate (tax credit so you can try to find your own like before)
Cut federal spending on health especially when control women clinics
Cancel immigration for all from non-EU countries. Deport them
Voter suppression of DEMs (even in Brooklyn) Latins, blacks, poor, students.
Limit rights of non-Christians, Muslims, gays, Indians, Asians, protesters, press
Increase debt and devalue debt. Let Mexico pay for the Wall by taxing imports we buy
Create tariffs on imports so we pay $6,000 more for stuff we buy. Middle class tax.
Trade pacts are no good for us and no good for our workers.
Install state gov that cuts Medicaid, education, federal payments, infrastructure like KS.
Lust for executive power”—GOP House leader thinks Don wants to just snap fingers.
I could stand in Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” 
Don’s rallies begin with crazies denouncing supporters--thrown out as “protestors.” 
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” E Burke

Don: I found my running mate: Ken Lewis. He doesn’t like Orlando’s non-whites.
            I just took $1million from campaign. I’m not a charity. I need to be reimbursed.
            I’ll help Christians dominate American social life: remove church/state barriers.
            It’s “my greatest contribution to Christianity” advisors Michele Bachmann, Ralph Reed.
            ‘I’m really rich, I don’t need donors. Fundraising for to make wealthy feel good.     
            I’m in Scotland to open golf biz since I still have a job (Scots love me I’m sure!)
            I don’t care if Reagan gave 2.9 million illegals amnesty “legalization” in 1986.

Hill:  Looks like 1964 all over again. Goldwater had similar message for racists and lost.  

Paul: ‘This is one of my big concerns:’ Don’s “lust for executive power.” He’s OK now?
Bern: “It looks like I will not be the nominee.” More energy than Hill! 2020?
            Millennials, wanting to remain, did not turn out like older BRexit voters

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

.Congress votes for more killings: terrorists on watch list CAN buy assault weapons.
.GM wants judge to dismiss claims that your car lost value when recalled 
.Judge: KS can’t bar DEMS from voting because non-KS form to register, yet KS does.
.NJ says NO to more open carry guns—Christie embarrassed—NJ is NOT wild west!
.Nissan recalls 60000 Q50 for steering problems with software.
.Another child dies handling gun with no safety. Guns kill people. Fear not crime drives.
.Fiat/Jeep with trans problem kills Star Trekker Yelchin—Grand C rolls in ‘Park’. 
.NYC rescinded Don’s property tax rebate meant for middle class homeowners. What?!
. Merrill Lynch fined $415 million for using customer cash to generate own profits 
.VW pays $10.3 billion to settle claims from diesel emissions cheating scandal

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

Why do star athletes have to prey on unconscious women? Too obnoxious or too mental?
Orlando killing was gay revenge?—self-hate crime—Muslims can’t be gay so terrorist
Muslim got FBI to start file on Omar—he was not radicalized enough maybe never.
Tombstone had gun control for good reason—it reduced deaths. Congress helps terrorists  

Ignoramus Award: Congress represents the American people. Right. Except on the topic of guns. This is the 3rd rail that can kill politically. When assault rifle kills 26 kids and now 49 gays, is that enough to pass just a background check? Does your rep fear your vote more than NRA? Even in 1686, NJ recognized that people get afraid and into quarrels when they carry guns. 2nd Amend was for militia not average Joe.

How our government wastes our money
Crazy Dems Go on Strike in Congress—Work stoppage to get a vote on guns
            Civil rights leader John Lewis and Katherine Clark conspire to force GOP action
            First time in US history House members sit-down strike their own jobs.
Zika protection used as tool to defund ObamaCare so not passed. FL hurting for $.
55 percent of Democrats say the Republican Party makes them feel afraid and
49 percent of Republicans said the same about the Democratic Party. Try socialism?
General Electric decided to move some production overseas to use foreign export credit.

Who owns your account now?

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