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Don can't release taxes--zero paying hurts image

Don can’t release his tax returns since it would hurt his image
Don says he is audited every year. “I have friends that are very rich and never get audited. I’m audited every year. Maybe that’s because of politics, who knows.” He is audited every year because he has questionable deductions that zero out his tax bill. His biographer, David Cay Johnston shows his habit since he began putting his name on buildings in Atlantic City. He is proud of paying as little as he can. “I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” That could be ZERO and could explain why he refuses to come clean with his voters. “It’s none of your business.” Yet every president has NOT hid their financials in case there is a conflict. We can only assume there is a conflict and Don is just as surprised as the world that he is the nominee and must disclose. We are passed the convention, so no one will bother him now. He is the GOP winner already.
You can avoid taxes using a legal tax shelter:

Advisors are NOT being paid to help you anymore
Serving clients "used to be about prestige, now it's about margins," said Jane Swan, Sheffield Haworth. Clients with less than $750,000 are now being sent to call center service. Advisors are using the new fiduciary rule as the excuse to jettison the un-rich. Firms have increased the number of clients with over $10 million to invest by 88 percent since 2009. Merrill stopped paying brokers on accounts with less than $250,000. Call center service is so profitable, some with margins over 45%, some firms are taking a second look at what discounters are doing. RoboAdvisors are happy to take mass market investors. Their customers see they can get Wall Street’s Secret Sauce for less. 

Why life insurance is NOT an investment
Agents selling life insurance can’t make money selling term (if you die your heirs get the benefit) so they sell it as an investment. But when interest rates tank and are underwater for long periods like now, the investment portion can’t support the death benefit. Either you pay more to keep the CEO in caviar or you quit and he keeps the premiums and benefits. Same for long term care. Insurance is for premature death; it isn’t a legacy.

Why are young investors using Roth IRAs?
At the end of 2014, 31 percent of Roth investors were younger than 40, compared with 15 percent of traditional IRA investors.  About 25% of Roth IRA investors were 60 or older, compared with 39% of traditional IRA investors. Roth IRAs are newer than IRAs. Older investors started their IRA accounts before 1997. Younger investors are more likely to need the tax-FREE benefit later rather than earlier in their careers. With a tax deductible IRA contribution of $5,500, they save $1375 on taxes (25% tax bracket). But if they compound the earnings on that $5,500 over 30 years, they save over $25,000 on taxes. They can spend the full $110,000 accumulation. Fewer firms are matching their 401k contributions and who knows about the SS fund by 2040. In 30 years, they may need every penny of their nest egg.
They have their own IRS-OK tax shelter:

GOP religion
Everyone is reaching for their Constitution after Khan offered his to Don at the Dem convention. However, the version Clive Bundy promotes is not the same one. Some constitutional scholars say that a number of quotations in the NCCS version are either deliberate alterations or taken out of context. The NCCS changes stress that the U.S. is a Christian nation not intended to be ruled by a single government. For some, the Federal structure has no legal standing and America is a Christian nation. However, most Americans pay taxes because Congress passed laws on the basis that Federal supersedes state law. They think America has no state religion. Read the official version: Get copy:
Library of Congress. There is no word “Christian” in it. Print the FREE one here: There are many interpretations of what it says so everyone gets to claim they are “strict constructionists” and “originalists.” It is clear that this country was founded on religious freedom but not the kind GOP religionists are trying to make law. Mr Kahn’s point is that we can’t exclude someone based on religion or sex or color. Jefferson was clear to keep religion out.
Don and the GOP are wrong—we don’t discriminate against people we don’t agree with.
Why are Christians voting for Don? Does the long record of Don’s business practices align even remotely with the ideals laid down by Jesus? How would Jesus respond to this record? Is it possible to imagine Trump repenting of anything? “Beware false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
By their fruit you will recognize them.” 

Don does not really want the responsibility of president—he just loves the spotlight.
Trump’s image is basically unchanged from a month ago. He’s viewed favorably by 36 percent and unfavorably by 61 percent. Still the election could be close since only the ardent vote.

Is the election rigged?
We have not had the election yet so Don is remembering all the GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression we have had in the last 8 years. GOP states have made laws cutting the voting days and times and places and voter cards. 90-year-olds don’t have drivers license anymore since can’t drive. They have claimed mass voter fraud when no state has proved it. GOP states have redrawn the voting districts so that all the minorities are in one district and the other 15 are GOP strongholds. They have one rep in DC not 7 as per population. This is why the House is now full of GOP reps who 1. shut down gov 2. end all regulatory agencies, 3. allow AR killing machines for ISIS to buy. 4. vote 50 times for repeal our health access without replacement. 5. give more subsidies to big air, oil, gas, agribusiness, etc. 6. allow insider trading by Congress people. 7. bailout bad banks  

Don:    Former CIA chief Morell calls me Putin’s “unwitting agent.” “Putin likes me”
            I never apologize: "…when you apologize, they use it … against [you].”
            I know Obama founded ISIS because I read it on the internet. BushII?

Mike:   Of course Don is not manipulated by Putin. Don loves praise from ANYONE.  
Hill:    This election is like 1964:
            Joe says Don’s thinking:
            Don called me “founder of ISIS” not devilBush II has that title!
            FBI said some emails were not clear on marking Secret—I did not intend crime.
            FBI own agent gave China secrets and knew it. That is crime.

Tim:    "I trust Hillary Clinton with our son's life."

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Merrill Robertson Jr. Cavalier Union caught defrauding elderly, coaches, promised 20%.
Ray Lucia barred by SEC: giving false information on inflation REITs in “Buckets”
Russell K. Jalbert, Jacob Keith Cooper, Terence Marable, Beverly Bailey lose CFP cert.
Patrick Evan Churchville ClearPath caught making Ponzi to buy RI mansion.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police want gun control. They don’t know who to shoot. Shot a psych worker with his hands up while on ground. 

Cold war toxins come back to kill us from global warming—great movie but TRUE

“We're paying them for a service. We have every right to question their behavior.” ???

How our government wastes our money

Who owns your account now?
Robo-Advisors are being bought by the firms--Look before you leap.
Our next book: Best Robo-Advisor: Ultimate Automatic Wealth Management  

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