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Avoid the taxes The Tax-Credit Class don't pay

Use your Tax Credits to avoid income taxes like Trump
Most of us receive only 4% of federal tax breaks like food stamps and Earned Income Credit if you are poor or the property tax and mortgage credit if you are middle class.
The Tax-Credit class pays less income tax with capital gains and dividends because it is “unearned.” So if you actually work; you are taxed MORE. For instance, Warren Buffett pays 17% on earnings while we pay 33% total tax. The tax-credit class pays NOTHING on assets they got from a “rich uncle” and on their home when they sell. Most of us don’t “itemize” so we lose all kinds of tax credits. We pay 33% of income for many taxes. We are nickel and dimed for 97 kinds of taxes. The Tax-Credit class deducts medical expenses, job hunting and work expenses not reimbursed by others, deferred compensation (bonus and stock portfolio worth more later), investment loans and costs, investment losses, stuff they lose, stuff they own. They can eliminate income tax by listing losses from buildings, race horses, farms, oil, leasing and businesses they own as partners, LLCs, C and S corps. Trump actually deducted $916 million but most of it was other people’s money. Some bank debt was cancelled which normally is taxable but not after RE lobbyists got Congress to change rules in 1993. Trump is tax-FREE for 18 years.

2016 election has shown America’s Socialism for the Rich
If we have learned anything during this election, it is that if you are rich you can get away with anything: 1. Sexual assault on women. 2. Not paying taxes. 3. The Truth is whatever you say it is—just keep saying it. 4. Use tax laws to defraud investors and working people. 5. Wall Street has no political party—follow the money. There seems to be no limit for The Don’s contempt for society; for us. Remember at the beginning he said: “I can shoot somebody on 5th Ave and wouldn’t lose voters.” Now I believe him. Whatever sickness he has, it seems that when you are powerful economically, you can do anything as a business person. There are no moral bounds. It’s the New York construction industry dressed up nice. If you fancy yourself as winner with women, you tell a 10 year old you will soon date her. You buy a “beauty” pageant so you can go into the locker room to watch contestants dress. If you fancy yourself as a great businessman, you can lose $1 billion on your deals and use bankruptcy to stiff workers and investors and brag about not paying your fair share. If you are a political person you never give up saying whatever gets you power and votes. As working Americans, we pay for this dishonesty and sexual exploitation one way or another. There is only one thing we can do.
Avoid paying their income taxes:

Wealthy use Shadow Banking to raise cash, buy assets and avoid tax
Christie’s and Sotherby’s are banks when the price is right. The wealthy can use art they own as collateral for more art or cash. The wealthy avoid the strict Bank Security Act for a 6% loan. “I never looked at a financial statement or a tax return to make a loan,” said one art dealer. Much of the money Sotheby’s uses to make loans come from the credit facility financed by a syndicate of large banks. The weighted average cost of the funds to Sotheby’s was 2.9 percent in 2014 and 2015, filings show. Can you get a bank loan for 2.9%? No, so we are subsidizing this activity with our FDIC banks. Buyers can use a tax shelter in the Bahamas to avoid sales tax. They can then sell or loan the art for cash if needed. This is helpful to folks who may be wanted by their government for draining accounts or end up with stolen art and need “pocket” money.
You can create your own tax-sheltered ‘bank’:

Feds think cost of living in America went up just 0.3%
Gas and rents advanced over 2% for most of us. Social Security beneficiaries will receive a paltry 0.3% cost-of-living adjustment in 2017, the government said. It means the average retired beneficiary’s check will rise about $5 to $1,360 per month in 2017. Hillary and The Don plan to keep current benefits and cut fraud. Hill says “My Social Security contribution will go up, as will Donald’s ― assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.” She’s considering raising the cap ($118,500) on earnings taxed for Social Security. If you earn more, you pay nothing. Unfortunately, the wealthy like Trump and Clinton do not pay FICA because the have little or no “earned” income to tax. Trump earned $6,108Clinton earned $100. Their cash comes from asset dividends, gains, rents interest, royalties, business and “other” income. We pay their taxes—33% vs 17%.

Trump says election is rigged and here is how GOP does it
1. GOP has IN state police stop voter registration group in minority community
One week before IN deadline to register to vote, state police raided the Indianapolis office of the Indiana Voter Registration Project, seizing computers, cellphones and records. The state police launched an investigation after GOP elections officials in Hendricks County said some voter applications seemed amiss. An estimated 45,000 people, most of them African Americans, might not be able to vote on Nov. 8 if investigators put a hold on applications collected by the group during its investigation. Pence made reference to the police investigation during a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday. The Indiana State Police then announced that the investigation had expanded from nine to 56 of the state's 92 counties.
2. We can’t vote if our names are deleted from the registration lists. FL has deleted any name that resembles list of convicts or dead people. There was no verification so if your name was john smith and a convict was named john smith, you were removed. FL firm told to match last name and delete even if only 80% close to the spelling. FL has a history of suppression. GOP eliminates thousands of voters mostly Dems from rolls.
3. In 2016, 14 states will have new voting restrictions in place for the first time in a presidential election. The new laws range from strict photo ID requirements to early voting cutbacks to registration restrictions. Those 14 states are: Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Circuit Court in Raleigh declares NC law restricting blacks is unconstitutional. GOP keeps trying to cut Dems out. 
4. OH GOP officials are going to destroy ballots with no ZIP code or writing not in BLOCK lettering and other simple errors. An appeal was denied by a judge who is married to the GOP House Speaker William G. Batchelder. The period in which voters are allowed to fix the form was cut from 10 to 7 days, and elections workers were even barred from helping voters with the forms.
5. Donald Trump said Friday that agents have been told to allow immigrants into the United States illegally "so they can vote in the election." But he offered no evidence to support his most recent claim that presidential voting may be tainted by fraud.
6. Donald Trump asked his PA supporters (mostly white) to go to minority polls and “watch” the voters in “certain areas” because “bad things happen” there and he does not want a large black turnout. Donald Trump urged his supporters to “watch” others at the voting booths, while also asserting that the election is “rigged.” GOP in VA urges voters to take their guns to polling places.  Wow!
Civil rights groups say they plan to deploy thousands of volunteers at voting booths in 27 states to ensure that voters will not be turned away by harassment, long lines or confusing rules. Teams of lawyers will file legal challenges if necessary.

Which liar will win American’s vote?
Neither can re-create jobs of the good old daysWe don’t see either one as President.
Do-Nothing Congress will decide US future by doing nothing for more 4 years.
Trump Network: Don’s son-in-law, Kushner, in talks to start Trump Network Nov 9

            11th liar says I touched her v***a at night club. She just wants ‘free publicity.’
            Why doesn’t the press look at the Wikki leaks of Clinton?
            “Election is fixed.” GOP Supremes decided prez when stopped vote count in 2000
            I think Hill needs drug test. “She was all pumped up at the beginning.”
            I won’t listen to our spies when they accuse Russia of stealing DNC emails.
            Junior: Becoming President Would Be ‘A Step Down’ For My Father
            3rd debate highlight: “Such a nasty woman.” Clinton hit on not paying taxes!
            “I will totally accept election results if I winTrump TV begins.
            “I have won” in the court of public attention—I’m already the greatest troll!

            “We have evidence the women are categorical liars but I can’t release it today.”
            Nixon refused to show tax returns too and Congress finally got $500,000.
            Warren Buffett says he does NOT deduct biz losses against income, as I claimed.
            Conway says she cannot believe Clinton is not winning by a bigger margin.
            GOP IN Vote Registrar: “my office is not sure why these records were changed

            “I can’t release it today” “We have evidence the women are categorical liars.”
            “Don’t say that” to supporters who talk of overthrow of govt if Hill gets in.
            Putin Love: Half of Trump's supporters describe Russia as an ally or friend
Hill:    What does Bill’s women got to do with the election?
            My staff emails are clear: I want to win
            AZ Republic endorsed me and now getting death threats  patriotism over party

            Michelle Obama’s speech worth watching. May be the best of election.

Tim:    What can I say they have not already said? It is shocking. Refuse to accept vote?

Trump “reminds me a lot of early Mussolini” Conservative legal scholar John Yoo said.
“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”
Every successful civilization has died from the inside not from attack.
How the party of Lincoln became the party of Trump—conservative means go backward especially among “Christians” who now accept immoral acts in their public servants.
            Therefore by their fruits you shall know them. Matthew 7:20

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill                requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Former SEC Harvey Pitt said he’s sure Wells Fargo scam in brokerages and banks. Jail?
Cellphone kills 5 year old after VA reps avoid passing ban TWICE. Ignore research.
Fiat recalling 224,000 Jeep Wrangler SUVs the air bags may not inflate.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

Police want gun control.
When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police don’t know who to shoot. They assume everyone has gun hidden. You and real criminals both have guns. Body cams make it harder to plant evidence and stage scene for TV crews. Police organization issued a formal apology for the historic mistreatment of minorities.
Hector Morejon killed on suspicion of trespassing in Long Beach. No Taser this time.

How our government wastes our money
Tax breaks for corporations total over $1 TRILLION, enough fix roads, SS and Medicare
$4 billion new Zumwalt warships are breaking down at alarming rates. Leaks. Gears. etc

Where have all the jobs gone?
Toyota hires 1,000 at new office under construction 2,000 temp in a Dallas suburb
GM takes jobs to Mexico quietly Ford gets heat but Labor costs are about a fifth of US
Ford shuts 4 plants—truck sales sour
Drones replace claim adjusters in Matthews storm damage—speed checks homeowners.
Worldwide revenues for security-related hardware, software, and services will grow 8%.

Oak Ridge National Lab test turns carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into ethanol. Wow!             Reverse engine combustion-co2+water+electric charge = ethylene ethanol.             display math

Who owns your account now?
LPL brokerage to _____________?
MetLife retiring Peanuts from its marketing. 

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