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The Don is just a contractor from Queens

What is the real Trump like?
I just finished the David Johnston book, The Making of Donald Trump. It is fascinating to see the creation of what has become the Leader of the free world. I was in awe of the things he has done and still, became our POTUS. If we survive to 2020, it will prove we are a true democracy—the greatest nation in all history. We are learning first hand what makes him tick—distain for the educated, revenge on those who do not fall on their knees, twisting of any truth to suit his aim. He learned early and often that the world loves a winner and nothing—I mean nothing: love, honor, integrity—matters more than being no 1. He has never had a boss, corporate board or anyone to tell him ‘no’ so he thinks he is an expert at everything, especially making money. He believes that he, and only he, knows how to recreate the America of post WWII Queens. But alas he is still only a contractor from Queens. If we remember that, his actions make sense.

FREE tax preparation
Advertising to you is how they pay for free credit score and “free” tax prep needs your eyes to obtain dollars from sellers of financial services and they give you software to file federal and state taxes at no cost. If you need to file a simple return, this is the cheapest way. Usually simple means you have W-2 income and no home deductions. The IRS has a topic look up so you can find the answer to your question easier than waiting on the telephone for an operator to answer: You can do your federal online FREE using commercial sites through the IRS These sites charge for a state return. You can also use a local AARP tax aide office: AARP does not discriminate by age or income so they can usually take care of most people. Best tip: deduction for IRA contributions and tax credit up to $2,000 subtracted from tax you owe. Double Your Pleasure. 
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What Your Advisor Really Means when they say “suitable” investments
A brokerage firm officer explains that this means you get the most expensive product that the firm uses for your profile. If you claim “conservative” (“I don’t want to lose money”) on the application, your money will earn short-term govt bond rates (0.29%) less expenses 0.20% less firm fees (0.2-1.0%). Over the last 6 years, you lost money from inflation and fees. Your choices are "income," "growth," "conservative," "moderate," "aggressive" and "speculative." The firm compliance officer should compare your claim to your advisor/broker investments. For instance, audit should not find 500 index fund or ETF in your portfolio. Also be sure there are no interest-sensitive contracts in your account. Some advisors put risky products marketed as conservative interest plays in your account. If you are saving for retirement, put most of your money stocks or stock funds for 10-12% growth. If you are in retirement, put most of your non-income funds in a balanced fund for growth at a reasonable price and risk level. Say “I want 6-9% annually with only one negative year since 2000.” 

Number of rich skyrockets due to compounding; not work
While all affluent U.S. households have experienced significant wealth expansion since 2008--the depth of the Great Recession-- the greatest increase has occurred among the wealthiest households. The number of American households worth $25 million or more has grown 73 percent since 2008, compared with growth of 54 percent for millionaire households. 10% of Forbes richest are immigrants. The number of billionaires has grown from 470 in 2000 to 1,810 in 2016. That is about a 300% increase. Most are NOT new so instead of creating a new successful business most millionaires got to be billionaires by investing. Warren Buffett says compounding is his secret.

How does our President get away without paying taxes?
From the tax return that was secretly sent to the NYTimes, we know he claimed a tax write off of about $1 BILLION in 1995. He can offset his income for 20 years and probably does. He is very proud of avoiding his fair share of cost of living in America. We pick up his share. He also stiffed investors, vendors and NJ taxpayers (Christie gave him a pass on $30 million in taxes). He bankrupted his companies but still took out $millions for himself. He learned that he could live very well by using real estate depreciation expense against income of any type. Depreciation on his buildings let him tell the IRS that his 1978 income was negative by $406,379. The next year, it was negative $3.4 million, according to documents David Johnston found in NJ casino regulatory files. Because most of his dealings are in his own name, he can use the losses on his bad deals—loss on The Plaza, Vodka, Airlines, etc etc—as tax deductions against any income. Since most of us can’t avoid taxes with losses and depreciation we must use the only tax shelter for working people:

Vanguard cuts fees again
Increasing flow of investments from managed funds to low-cost Vanguard funds, the client-owned mutual fund company has lowered fees on 21 more. The move will save investors $25 million. The money management industry has been in a fee fight, with Vanguard putting pressure on the likes of Fidelity, BlackRock and Schwab as they duke it out for increasingly cost-conscious investors. The Vanguard 500 Index provided 11.9% return in 2016 and 10.9% a year since 1976. The 500 Index of the top 500 US companies is one of the Vanguard Top Ten. You get more of your earnings back with fewer fees.
Make investing simple—10 funds for your whole life: Vanguards-Top-Ten-mutual-funds/dp/150073909X

Why are working people getting less of the economic pie?
Why is the workers' share of gross domestic product fallen since the 1980s, particularly since the 2000s. An earlier theory holds that American workers' pay is ground down by competition from foreign labor. Another is that capital, such as machinery and software, has gotten cheaper relative to human beings. Thus we make 100 widgets using a $500,000 machine with 1 operator instead of 100 workers. The operator knows how to work the machine; not make the widgets. The basic cost of running a big company is relatively small because you don’t need an army of typist, accountants, salesmen, marketers, or plant managers anymore. The share of revenue controlled by the top four companies in an industry rose on average from 38 percent in 1982 to 43 percent in 2012 in the manufacturing sector; from 24 percent to 35 percent over the same period in finance; and from 15 percent to 30 percent in the retail trade. Concentration also rose in services and wholesale trade while falling slightly in utilities.

GOP tax plan: cut income taxes for the rich; raise sales and use taxes for us
OH has joined KS in giving the wealthy more while taking more from the rest. Ohio Gov. John Kasich proposed an increase in sales and other taxes to pay for a 17% income-tax cut—mostly for the rich. The GOP will increase the state sales tax by a half-cent to 6.25 percent and increase taxes on cigarettes, vaping products, alcoholic beverages and oil and natural gas produced by fracking. KS is going bankrupt from their “socialism for the rich” tax cut in 2012. They had to raise taxes for the budget and hit up the citizens who drive, smoke and drink. NJ raised gas taxes 23 cents to continue the “millionaire” tax cut. CA did the opposite and is prospering. Trump has proposed a 20% hike in tax of imports while giving his class a huge tax break. KS “inspires” GOP to cut health plan supports.

Can your advisor pick a winning stock?
What are the REAL chances your advisor will pick a winning stock? Most stocks earn less than cash but a bunch of them like the top 500 earn 10-12% per year. The chance of your advisor picking the winner over the long haul is 2 of 8 as explained in this chart:
The REAL risk is that you won’t know for many years whether they made money for you or not. Most advisors don’t want you to hold a stock long enough to find the winner. Advisor-managed client accounts earn 3.79% on average. Most advisors recommend a stock after it has proven success and just in time for it to fall back to average.

Your tax refund can pay for your retirement?
Yes, it is a fact that you can invest your refund which averages $3,120 and create a $500,000 nest egg. Warren Buffett said recently that compounding is the real source of his $63 BILLION net worth. Compounding is earning interest and capital gains on your previous balance. So $3,000 a year for the rest of your working life can grow from $60,000 you contribute in 20 years to $500,000. Simple: $3,000 earns 11% average from investments and is worth $3,184. Add $3,000 in 2018 and you have 6,738. Make it automatic and you have about $55,000 in 10 years; $220,000 in 20 and $993,414 by the time you retire.
You can make your $ million nest egg tax FREE too:

Can the republic survive to 2020: We can’t live by executive order alone!
Half The Don’s subjects think the emperor has no clothes or worse.
The Don’s investigation of voter fraud comes from his misunderstanding the law. He assumes those registered in 2 states vote twice and all the dead people on the rolls are voting. His top 5 inner circle are all registered in 2 states because it is not illegal. Dead people can’t remove themselves from lists because they are dead and don’t vote.

Is your Bomb Shelter ready?
A conspiracy propagandist gets on the National Security Council CIA, Jt Chiefs, National Intelligence booted out. It’s a “political correctness” Council now. Bannon promotes chaos and misinformation. What if Pakistan misunderstands Trump’s solitary late night tweet and hits nuclear button. Alone with TV, fake news and nuclear codes is scary. Spicer gives fake news: Terror attack in Atlanta (Actually Orlando) Press covered all.
“Alternative fact” Kellyanne references "massacre" by Iraqis in Bowling Green KY in 2011. She claimed this was why Trump made travel ban. No massacre. Fake story. Lies
Kellyanne promotes Ivanka’s Chinese threads in official interview

Trump’s conspirators make up enemy that is not there. Are they on drugs? Atlanta?
The world sees America differently than “leader of the free world” now. ISIS uses chaos.

We are entering the Twilight Zone:
"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadowbetween science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone" where “alternative facts” and illusions of conspiracies are lived out.  
Rod Serling

Remember, Don Trump is still a contractor from Queens NY, just richer than most.
Most of his income is from lending his wealth “brand” to other’s buildings golf ranges.
The Don will fire you or not pay you for your work if you don’t do as he says.

Like mafia family, The Don has never had a boss, no corporate board to question his acts!
 “Trust only family” “I'd love to have Jared helping us on deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the Middle East” Jared helps State with Mexico.

The Don keeps  “friends” (the mob) closer than enemies: banks own his future income and Putin could buy up his markers. We worry about conflicts of interest.
He charges that our own CIA acted like Nazis in leaking spy investigation on his sex acts then blames media for bad relations. “Media is the enemy”

I won’t take your question. Fake news”
His own Obama birther Fake news got him fame and millions of white voters.
Is The Don “really smart” as he claims or just a smart aleck? No “cum laude

Lies are now called “alternative facts” by Trump’s Press Sec. Photos show real fact.
His nominee for security quit because she used other people’s work as her own book.
The Don has Priebus and Pence saying “no evidence” necessary on voter fraud claim

Little Dictator claims US at grave risk more now: fear drives his legal takeover of courts
Little Dictator hangs up on Australia’s PM in reneging on refugees call
Little Dictator threatens to invade Mexico after invading Chicago
Little Dictator threatens judge in WA: How dare “so-called” judge undo my ‘order’
Little Dictator puts America on same level as Putin’s political killings and invasion of Uk
Little Dictator threatens Nordstrom store for not selling Ivanka’s clothes/jewelry/etc
Little Dictator hiring freeze hurts Trump core—vets, tax payers, unemployed, SS benefits
Little Dictator intimidates GOP; say nothing; even bans Sen Warren --Hitlerish
The other Dictator demands an apology from Fox for calling him a “killer.” Fact?

Deportation, The Wall, Re-Create Jobs, NO Abortion, No ObamaCare, More Guns, No MuslemsReprochmont with RussiaChristian nationJail Clinton, Kill Terrorists and Family, Torture, Cancel Iran dealCancel EU-NATOTerm limits, Replace VA head, Coal Steel InfrastructureEnd drug monopolies, Tax imports esp Ford, Grow 6%, Cut Deficit, Separate banking speculation, Cancel Consumer Protection Act, Change libel law, outlaw flag burningEnd own biz tiesEnd endless tweetsCancel Fiduciary RuleWealthy tax break, No tax income <$50Ktax profits sent overseasChange Washington, Change GOP, Change, Change, It was rigged! … so I would win!

 The Don Way:
The Don lives on OPM “other people’s money” to make money. Taj went bankrupt but Trump took out $ millions first. He avoided $960 million in taxes so we could pay them. Trump stiffed NJ for $25 million in taxes under Christie. Is he smart or just a crook? Trump Foundation closed for illegal operation

Making money from the Secret Service 
and Top Secret info for biz; an Audience with The Don costs you $, FREE govt services and health care, WH site highlights jewelry. Ivanka met with Japan PM Abe already. Sell more bracelets in Tokyo? Nordstrom bans Ivanka junk.
*Mel Trump’s plan to make family more wealthy from presidency laid out by lawyers. *Pentagon (Washington) to pay The Don for most expensive apartment in his Tower
*Make America Great but Ivanka’s goods made in China. Nordstom CXL sales.
*Trump adviser tells Fox viewers to go buy Ivanka's clothing now on official interview.
*Ivanka’s family to buy Miami Marlins with LionTree bank loan and secret partners.

NYC spends $500,000 a day to guard his Tower. Don threatens city over immigrants.
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts …As You Like It

Promises (lies) and Actual outcomes:

The Don thinks America is no better than Russia—kills rivals, enemies????

The Don tells Putin the START agreement was no good but didn’t know it.

GOP has no TrumpCare: maybe next year or the year after

GOP racist is top law enforcer Senate bans woman Sen Warren for truth letter.

Schools to become private or religious under new Ed Head—Dems decimated

Iran deal will be supported with new sanctions – Trump not going to cancel

ObamaCare too hard to replace or repeal –Trump has few options left

GOP plans to give $0 for investigation but does not call Trump a liar.

Travel disruptions reversed by State – Trump orders challenged in democracy

Executive Orders were called ‘imperial’ under Obama; now GOP want more more.

TX judge orders brokers to give clients best advice despite Trump cancel of Obama Rule

The Don takes credit for jobs announced last year—Intel 10,000 jobs AZ

America quits making planes in TX Lockheed moving fighter assembly to India

Tolerance is un-American now?

The Little Dictator never read matthew/25-35.htm I was a stranger, and you took me in.

The Little Dictator threatens UC Berkeley with cut in funds for not receiving right winger

The Little Dictator claims more terror attacks than reported but can’t name one here now. Spicer names Atlanta (none) and Kellyann says Bowling Green (none) Using drugs?

Regulators are the only protection against corporations since we can’t sue anymore
Trump to end regulation and audits of financial services.

Obama Internet privacy rule to end giving cable adverts free access to our lives
Set-top box option gone—cable cos will require rentals forever. GOP kills compromise.
Maserati Recalling 40,000 Vehicles On Risks Of Fires--$145,000 fires

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own
GM killed 124 because ignition switch pin not replaced after knew it killed first in 2006.

Coal companies are free to dump sludge in streams now
Canada can make pipeline in our aquifer and EPA can’t control spills
Exxon can help Putin drill in North Pole with State Dept. help

Police want gun control.
When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police don’t know who to shoot. They assume everyone has one and shoot first. You and thief have guns. CO schools now allow teachers/administrators to carry guns in the classroom. Kid lesson! Since 2015, police have killed 86 people with realistic looking FAKE guns--suicide?

Trumpers want police to start buying military weapons against civilians again.

SCAMERS call and email us for instant $ due on taxes but IRS doesn’t. Verify IRS demand with call to 1.800.366.4484 or at

Fiat makes claims about unreliable vehicles that rank “worst-in-class”: Beware

20 used cars that will only bring pain: CR “never buy” list

Ignoramus Award: Trump: US has no respect for law just like Russia—kill for political reasons. America kills people just like Russia’s Putin. Trump compares Putin's reputation for extrajudicial killings with the United States'. “You think our country is so innocent?”

How our government wastes our money:
Our taxes will pay for guarding Trump’s private properties around the world—5th Ave alone costs $1 million a DAY. His golf course in Bedminster, N.J., and his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach cost $ millions to protect because he uses them regularly. It cost roughly $2 million a year for the U.S. Coast Guard to station boats off the coast of George H. W. Bush’s Kennebunkport, Maine estate during his presidency. Secret Service is reportedly looking to rent two floors of Trump Tower. Trump properties around the world will be targets for protests and vandals and could cost $ billions a year, plus the Marines if needed. His daughter’s houses need SS protection too.
Remember, he got a tax deduction of $1 billion in 1995 so he has NOT had to pay his fair share of taxes for the last 20 years. We pay his share.
*Generals in Afghanistan said he needs several thousand more troops to help Afghans. 923 children were killed in war 2016. More in 2017?

Where have all the jobs gone?
Which job board sites are best for your job search?

Who owns your account now?
Top insurers provide overall satisfaction to car owners: 87% satisfied. Shop for price.
Uber users think your car is Uber and demand to go to airport NOW—even pay twice.
CXL merger Anthem and Cigna

We all brought each other back,” said Brady, 39, the only 5 time winner. It looked like a blowout in Atlanta’s favor, with the Falcons racing to a 28-3 lead. Pats looked dead in 3rd. After forcing the first overtime in Super Bowl history, the Patriots got the ball first and marched down the field. Falcons’ Grady Jarrett tying a Super Bowl record with three sacks on Brady.

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