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New tax avoidance plan

New tax avoidance plans for the wealthy
The best and brightest have a new way for you to avoid your fair share: insurance. Thanks to our reps in DC, it is one of the few products that lets you grow your legacy tax FREE and give your family a big seed fund FREE. Now you can avoid estate tax too with a special trust. Insurance dedicated funds are great for advisors too—big fee; no redemptions. You buy a private-placement life-insurance policy. The insurer invests in alternative assets such as hedge funds. Profits are not taxed because of certain restrictions. Beneficiaries get money when you die. You can’t pick the funds but no one can know how your account is doing either. No tax on the growth or legacy means you can distance yourself from most American’s net worth even more. Your advisor does well also. Our reps and lobbyists made this loophole and they could fix it too.

Who benefits from TrumpCare bill?
1%--40% of 1Trillion tax cuts go to top 1% and increases deficit immediately.
            Trump tax windfall is retroactive to Jan 2017 for $250,000 or more incomes.
Insurers—create “sham” coverage policies: pay less; get less. No penalty on CEO pay.
            Trump promised: target pharmaceutical companies over drug prices Jan 2016
            Congress gets to keep ObamaCare coverage and 10 essentials and preexisting.
Seniors—pay up to 5 times more for less care. Nursing homes will expel middleclass.
            Trump said: “lower numbers, much lower deductibles” Jan 2017
Disabled—Medicaid cut $600 billion so states will have to send disabled back to ERs.
            Medicaid cuts start 2021 so Congress does not need to deal with the crisis!
Working poor—tax credit not cover cost of private market policy since most don’t pay taxes. Very little of state block grants will go to subsidizing coverage for Trump voters.
            AZ gives us prelude to what happens to you when Medicaid cut: people die.
Trump: "​I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not," Trump said. “The government's gonna pay for it." Jan 2016  $3 million tax credit.
Most Americans don’t even know TrumpCare will change their lives dramatically. Maybe GOP wants TrumpCare to fail since mandate is GOP idea. Most Reps must vote party or lose seat next election from Koch money. AMA says NO: do no harm
Congress people KNOW these bills are bad for most Americans because they exempt selves:
Wealthy tax credit: $3 million per each uninsured death if passed

Can your investment plan carry you to age 100?
Every year you delay costs you $100,000 later
Attitude and genes have everything to do with living longer. Many retirees work past our assumed “retirement” age. Many work because they love it; others because they have to. Most realize our early-in-life choices determine our financial fitness for the future.
            Example: invest just 10% from your first job onward and you will have enough later. A low-cost stock index fund has grown at 11% over time so your money doubles every 8-10 years IF you leave it alone to compound.
            You can use an IRS-approved trust that makes all your earnings FREE of income tax for the rest of your life. Social Security will cut benefits by 2034 and income taxes will have to pay for the deficit of $161,000 each. Taxes don’t go down for us. Only the rich can afford to cut their taxes by living off capital. You can die without ObamaCare.

Wealthy Koch network plans to buy elections with $400 billion
The end of the environmental protection, Medicaid, Medicare and federal safety net when we get sick or get old are the goals of the “killer” network. They will spend $400 billion to buy our elections and push their agenda—tax cuts for the rich and the end of regulations that protect us from accidents and environment devastation. Koch and their friends will continue to take federal and state subsidies for their coal and oil operations as they pollute our future water and health. Koch uses religious themes to help seduce evangelical partners like Trump lawyer Sekulow’s CASE. Koch drove KS to near bankruptcy with their no tax for business plan and want to do the same to America.

Is your advisor providing you with accurate information?
The number one reason investors pay advisors more than they need to is ADVICE. Yet 35 percent of investors are not confident the information they receive is reliable. 41% say they either are not provided with core information about performance or they do not know if they are provided with all information. Investors are paying for a pig in a poke. There is good reason we don’t trust financial information. Wall Street hides the facts and regulators let it happen—they get paid. Things are changing finally. Vanguard, the low-cost pioneer, has made it easier to see total costs clearly. People want info: simple and readable. Bogle, the founder, created transparency by eliminating the middleman. Vanguard funds are owned by us investors; not Wall Street gurus. All costs (fees, commissions, loads, charges, and trading) are listed on the first page. You don’t need a broker or advisor. In fact, their fees etc could take up to 63% of your money over time. If you are invested for the long-term in a market index, you will earn the historical return of about 11% not the managed rate of 3.79%. When your advisor tells you that they can get a better rate, ask for proof. 90-95% of managed funds earn less. Costs are the best predictor of success—low cost means we keep more. Remember, when your advisor moves you out of the total market: 3 market days account for 95% of annual market gains—trading is dangerous to you; not them. The best trick is when they cherry pick the dates to compare to a benchmark or use start up fund returns.
Forget professional advice; avoid sales hype:

10 highest rated and lowest rated cars of 2017
Consumer Reports says Toyota iA is rare in that it’s a safe, reliable, fun-to-drive entry-level car. It’s also CR’s highest-rated subcompact. The Cruze is the best-selling Chevy car in the world. Prius and Miata best in class. Kia Optima with fewest problems. Impala is the modern version of the classic highway cruiser. Top small SUV is Forester; large is Toyota Highlander. The Audi Q7 beat Tesla S. Finally, the Honda Ridgeline is just right.            On the other end, we have the 10 worst: Mitsubishi’s subcompact Mirage, Mitsubishi MiEV, Fiat 500L, Chrysler 200, Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Journey, Mercedes CLA, Maserati Ghibli, Rover Discovery Sport, and Cadillac Escalade.

Trump can create jobs if he wanted to
After Trump promised to save jobs and Carrier got $7 million from IN, the jobs are going to Mexico. Same story at Boeing where Trump boasted about saving jobs: Five months ago at a Boeing factory in South Carolina, President Trump proclaimed, “We are going to fight for every last American job.” On Thursday, workers at the North Charleston plant learned they’d soon face layoffs. Boeing on Friday issued 429 new layoff notices to union members in Washington State. 12,000 jobs went overseas since The Don took over. In this economy, change is the only constant. Business can’t be forced to keep $25 an hour jobs when $3 overseas. Jobs are created when new tech provides whole new markets to blossom. Electric cars /appliances are the future and they need batteries not more oil.
Despite putting money in coal jobs and canceling the Paris accord to reduce warming, Trump ignores jobs created in renewables—solar, battery, wind. As sea levels rise, jobs in coastal infrastructure are needed. The Don should be encouraging the growth trends: jobs with the highest growth between 2014 - 2024. Not all need a college education. Yet he cuts the retraining programs in coal country and around the nation.

Goal: Everyone knows the Trump brand around the world

We can’t stop watching his “apprenticeship for president” show EVERY DAY!

Trump is still just a mafia contractor from Queens—Fred taught him to be The Don.
Like mob boss, he asks Comey to let Flynn probe go, then asks for loyalty, then fires him, then threatens him.

Putin hacked 39 state’s voting systems but we have not searched for vote changes.

Trump says collusion is not a crime—yes but aiding/abetting the enemy is!
Sanctions for Putin invasion Ukraine cut by oil lobby: Putin invasions OK with US.
Immigrants do NOT commit more crimes than our citizens—ICE director Homan

Lawyer Kasowitz’s clients include Russian bank and oligarch close to Putin, Manafort.
Mueller is now examining whether Trump tried to obstruct justice. Comey, Rogers, Coats

TrumpWorld – using presidency to make money the old fashioned way: theft
US pays rent subsidy to Trump, a public housing owner in Brooklyn. Only he can keep subsidy. The Don is already raising money for 2018 IN HIS OWN HOTEL.
Warming real; flooding in FL often so Trump paying for pumps at MaraLargo
Dow Chemical convinced Trump’s EPA to support toxic Dow pesticide despite proof

Regulators are the only protection against corporations since we can’t sue anymore

Supremes ruled your religion/hospital plan has no protection from fraud, discrimination.
Prime Credit, IMC Capital, Commercial Credit caught fraud on clearing credit problems.
Trump’s EPA to support toxic Dow pesticide despite proof it hurts kids
Trump paying for pumps at MaraLargo--Warming real; flooding in FL Ignores America.
Ford recalls 400,000 Transit for cracked driveshaft sheers brake and fuel lines.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own
GM killed 124 because ignition switch pin not replaced after knew it killed first in 2006.

Police want gun control.
When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police don’t know who to shoot. They assume everyone has one and shoot first. You and thief have guns. CO schools now allow teachers/administrators to carry guns in the classroom. Kid lesson! Since 2015, police have killed 86 people with realistic looking FAKE guns--suicide?

White police shoot black police—“kill, ask questions later” White: “I feared for my life”

Avoid scams: Check Complaints before you buy! This is the list GOP wants to cancel.
Trump made TIME mag front cover of himself and publicly displays it--Heil mein F├╝hrer
This is where Trump gets his ‘news’: Government sending children to Mars

Ignoramus Award:
Veterans who served to be expelled—Pentagon promise to immigrants--another LIE

How our government wastes our money:
We pay subsidy to use corn for gas: gas prices fall on over supply of oil we also subsidize
Trump fake conspiracy of voter fraud hits wall—CA says no voter records for BS study.

Where have all the jobs gone?
Pensions frozen for 70K UPS workers, like DuPont, Lookheed for CEO pay boost

Job interview will ask for your salary requirements. Answer: I will research the range.
Which job board sites are best for your job search?

Cancel Robo calls with Mr NoMoRobo:

Total strangers give TX worker who walks 3 mi to work a car to reward commitment
Total stranger helps FL police find missing child and Samaritan run out of town as evil
            Police ask social media users “to identify the source and validity of such claims”

Steve Colbert announced for US president in Russia to cut out the middleman

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