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GOP to cut Medicare in 2018 to pay for tax cuts

Ryan says GOP to cut welfare, Medicare, Medicaid in 2018
Are you one of the winners or one of the losers from the GOP tax cuts?
$4.8 Billion in cuts to rich and corporations. Top 1% (1 million households) own 40% of wealth and climbing while bottom 90% are falling. Will the wealthy hide their cuts overseas? Will corporations, out of the goodness of their hearts, raise our wages? Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits next year (Ryan) in order to pay for the cuts. If the economy is already at high employment because of high growth, can the GOP cuts stimulate more growth or just inflation? Most companies said they will pay down their debt, buy back stock, buy other firms before they use cuts for growth. Capital spending was LAST on their list. Are you going to spend your tax cut or just pay off your credit card? Or will you help out your seniors who have their SS benefits cut? One CEO says we are being tricked by GOP and he is a Republican business owner.

What do you do if your advisor goes after wealthier clients?
We have all had the experience of being taken for granted by our doctor, mechanic, advisor, agent, shopkeeper, etc. When they lose interest it may be that they are giving you the message they want you to move on. Like Morgan Stanley, they put you on their high-fee Robo-Advisor track. You can just absorb the lack of interest or you can seek someone else. Your advisor’s firm needs to increase profits and usually the incentive plan is changed for most advisors. Yes, your advisor is first and foremost a salesperson. They must improve or be fired. Morgan advisors can’t wait for you to become a multimillionaire. They must go sign them up now. Most firms want AUM increases—Assets Under Management. 25 clients with $1/2 mill is better than 50 with $1/4 millions. If you are under $1/2 mill, you should look for another firm or use a firm that allows you to pay by the session for advice—no charges (1% of your balance or commissions).

Is Flynn a traitor or just a stooge for Putin
Treason is impairing the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; 
the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government. 
We have a US General who was paid by foreign power to interfere with lawful US policy. He conspired with others (Trump’s family) to reverse a lawful US sanctions against Russia as an illegal foreign agent. He acted against lawful US policy vote in the UN.  He worked with other foreign agents (Manafort, Page) to help Russia disrupt and derail our internal elections with a huge cyber war enlisting duped Americans to help. He led his party in misleading American voters regarding the other candidate’s actions. He committed the crime he accuses Hillary Clinton of. Flynn has pled guilty to a minor charge because he will be a witness against other co-conspirators to harm the United States. Trump says he is the “only one that matters” making decisions. So he told Flynn to made deal about lifting Russian sanctions. Flynn could not have done it himself.
Treason is not excusable by being stupid. Unwitting dupes are still guilty.
US was the leader of the free world. Beacon on the hillAmerica now: banana republic

Wealthy tax cuts going to buy ART assets not growth
GOP tax cuts are being sold as middle class boon, wage hikes, growth in jobs but the wealthy and corporations are already putting their money into assets that don’t create jobs, raise wages or help middle income folks. They hold the assets so there is no income to pay tax on. They can get income by borrowing on the value of the art. There is no income tax on a loan. Corporations can actually deduct the cost by calling it interior decoration. Rich people make their own tax-deductible museum. When they need cash they can sell the art that has not appreciated much so there are few gains to tax. Or if they need a big deduction to offset a big gain, they can donate the art and still enjoy it with their name on the plaque at the museum. Art is perfect for the permanent tax cuts.
You and I will pay for those tax cuts because our cuts are reversed in 2019. The JCT’s deeper study shows our taxes go back up by 2027. No growth means deficit soars=Taxes.

Is your advisor smarter than the market?
With billions of people and Robos trading, are they smart enough or have insider information to beat all others? The market index up almost 19% this year: 19%!. How did your advisor do? Over time, your advisor has changed securities and stories of winners so you have no idea how you did. Over time, the index averaged 11.06% vs 3.79% to equity investors. Ask your advisor to calculate your nominal return for the past 5 years. Check.

New tax law allows wealthy to avoid all taxes and create a dynasty
You can now use tax breaks on your golf course just like Trump does to avoid property taxes and capital gains. Alt Minimum Tax is gone so you only have to avoid working for a W-2 wages to avoid income taxes. Converting income into business income and buying assets that grow without gains like ART and offshore assets can help you avoid any tax and later any estate tax. Like Trump, you will be able to pass all your assets to the kids without the need for trusts and other estate tax avoidance entities.
Turn your backyard into a ‘tax racket’ to keep deducting your property tax in NY NJ and CA. Set up a business in your home so you can expense stuff, medical expenses, taxes, utilities. Write off all you use in business as expense. Vacations are now biz development!

America needs a single payer plan like Medicare for All
But until Dems are elected we have ObamaCare. The one and only deadline to apply for 2018 coverage is next week, and you have not yet submitted your application. Go to and apply for coverage starting January 1. GOP has no alternative to ObamaCare if you need coverage. Congress uses ObamaCare coverage for their family but they want us to buy junk insurance for our families so they can use the subsidies to subsidize the tax cuts for the wealthy. All Marketplace plans offer essential benefits, such as emergency room visits and prescription drug coverage, as well as preventive care including important shots and screenings.
Don’t short change your family: Marketplace close Dec 15.

Most corporations will NOT be expanding, raising wages, or creating jobs
“Ten percent extra profit would be good,” said Steven Regis, a senior vice president for corporate services at the company. “But it’s not going to fund big projects.” “Do you pay dividends? Do you buy new equipment? Do you buy out competitors? Do you add employees? Do you pay employees better?” “I think it’s bad news for the country to have one side make the rules,” Regis said. “The tax bills have fleeting components, like the idea of allowing companies to take the entire cost of equipment off their taxable income the year they start using it. Quicker expensing for tax purposes would not prompt CalPortland to make an upfront purchase of Mr. Montgomery’s loader. The tax bills tie the amount of interest that companies can deduct to a measure of their earnings.” “On the list of 200 things we worry about, [tax] would be No. 300 right now,” said Michael Kuntz, an executive vice president at Turner, a builder. “It doesn’t seem that the 35% corporate rate has held anyone back from building,” he said.
Wage earners are skeptical: Is this going to help the middle class? “I don’t even get upset anymore, because they’re not going to listen,” said Johnson. “They don’t care. There’s nothing else to say. They just don’t care.” Trump ‘populism’ is dead.
Avoid 2017 tax increase to pay for this wealthy bonus:

In all history of American tax cuts, this one helps middleclass the least
A study shows the data does not confirm Trump’s claim that this is the largest cut in history for most people. It is largest cut for real estate developers—removing the cap on their interest deductions. It is certainly NOT the best for the middle class as the charts show. 6.7% of families will receive 26.8% of the money. By 2027, 60% of cuts will go to the 0.6% households earning over $1 million. Because these households already have all the luxuries they can use, the tax cuts will go to non-productive assets, mostly tax shelters overseas to keep taxes low into the future. The tax revenue from firms will fall to pre-WWI levels and the deficits will climb as fewer US workers pay the SS and Medicare tax. All the cuts for the middle class go away by 2027 so GOP will need to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for the deficit. Trump asking states to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure after canceling SALT deductions. Take from the poor to give to the rich.

Supremes to decide if GOP religionists can discriminate
If you don’t like someone—religion, color, sex, hair length, language etc.—do you have a religious ‘right’ to refuse service as a state-licensed public biz? You run a business that is open to the public selling something that is not illegal, can you just say NO to this group of people? When asked, you say religious belief. (You can’t reference Jesus Christ’s Christianity, since even he blessed a whore. Also, he asked those that wished to stone someone if they had no sin. He preached ‘love every being’, even those that hated Jews.) This is the big one for GOP religionists who have sold their souls in idolatry and affirm an assaulter of women and pedophile. They denied a hearing to Obama’s lawful Supreme candidate so they could put their political choice in the Court. Court is political now.
GOP religionists expect Supremes to allow anyone to treat some people differently.   



Trump cancels housing for homeless veterans after taking credit—‘new low’

Trump is still just a mafia contractor from Queens—Dad taught him to be The Don.

Smoking gun: “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Sater wrote in an email to lawyer Cohen. “I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.” Manafort tells Russian mob he will keep them informed about “our boy.”

Putin sent 60 money wires to US marked “to finance election campaign of 2016.”
Russia manipulated our votes: Pizzagate: from Ms Campbell to Mr Welch’s AR-15.

LOCK ‘EM UP--Mueller draining the swamp!
Papadopoulos rolls: Trump-Putin liaison pleads guilty.
Manafort rolls: Trump’s money launderer manager indicted: conspiracy against US.
Flynn rolls: Trump’s national security advisor and foreign agent pleads guilty to lying. “my actions were wrong” "if I did a tenth of what she [Clinton] did, I'd be in jail today.” I am not a traitor. Right, but he also said he never talked to Russia and had no connection to Russia and was not paid by Turkey to change policy.
McFarland (“If there is a tit-for-tat escalation, Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia which has just thrown U.S.A. election to him.”)

Congress gives Kushner a pass on documents re: Russia contacts—GOP helps hide.

Ministry of Truth’ 1984 novel: Government propaganda is ‘truth’ when they say it!
Roy Moore pedophile claims he doesn’t know accusers—hiding behind GOP religionists
Now we know who is behind the attack on pedophile Roy—everyone except the few 'elect' religionists
Fox thinks Obama should be arrested not Trump co-conspirators.
Trump immigrant ban OK by court but 3 daughters of immigrants find clue cancer cure! Why deport?

If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life. Until now it was not possible for me to conceive of an American President capable of such an outrageous assault on truth, a free press or the first amendment. 11:32 PM - Nov 25, 2017

My Theory on Trump/Putin ‘love’:
Trump got Russian help/funding for business from business/mob ties to PutinUS banks not interested in more bankruptcies. No one expected him to win so no harm getting Putin help. Don owes Vlad’s mob money so they sent mob gofer Manafort to run the campaign. ‘Colluding’ Putin style. Trump always has a fall guy to blame when caught in lie. Sessions claims campaign execs all too inept and overwhelmed to collude on purpose.

TrumpWorld – using presidency to make money the old fashioned way: theft

Dictator talk time:
“When the president does it, that means it is not illegal,” Richard Nixon

Trump lawyer says he can't 'obstruct justice.' So Trump like Putin is a dictator. Trump is no longer claiming Russia just fake news—collusion/conspiracy real—but he can do it cause he is prez, they say.

Trump conspiring secret policy to avoid adults in WH create chaos and undermine goals

Trump considers secret mercenaries he will direct to undermine CIA, NSA: like Hitler’s SA?

The president can’t have a conflict of interest.” The Don is above the law?
Fires FBI head because he was investigating The Don’s Russia mob ties then blames FBI.

Trump drains State Dept; CIA to State; AL Cotton to CIA

Trump ASSUMES he is Person of the YearTime says Actually women who protest.

AL voters ignore child molester history and vote in the name of [Fuehrer] Trump 

Ideology can justify any policy: At RedState, there has always been one hard and fast rule: Oppose abortion at all costs. Christian Right is not Christianity but ideology.
Today child molester; tomorrow rapists? How GOP religionists justify crimes of the Fuehrer and followers. He can pardon every crime.

1998 the House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, charging him with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice.

2017 Nov. House of Representatives introduced articles of impeachment against President Don Trump, charging him with firing FBI Comey, violations of the Emoluments Clause, actions "undermining" the judiciary and freedom of the press.

2018 the House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Don Trump, charging him with lying under oath and obstructing justice.

TX Rep Al Green’s Articles of Impeachment failed Dec2017. WWIII next?

Quid pro quo: "something for something."
Trump is amoral—backs pedophile despite everyone in AL knew Moore but he was AG
Republicans now paying for child abuser to get into Senate—open arms; no expulsion.

We have given The Don time to act like president: Time to Impeach for obstructing FBI

Regulation is necessary: We need protection. Saves $12 billion of our money!
            (No one person can afford to sue a bank: class actions banned by GOP now.)

Zachary Berkey Daniel Fischer caught at unsuitable trading so fined and disbarred

White cop gets 20 years for shooting Walter Scott in back while fleeing after traffic stop.
GOP passed NRA measure: carry concealed weapons across state lines. Mass Murder OK
Sixteen top retired military commanders urged Congress to pass gun-control --but ignored.

San Diego gun buyback proved so popular, police ran out of money. $150 in Wal-Mart gift cards for every handgun and an assault weapon netted $250. $25,000 spent in 4 hours.

Another special person dead—“guns don’t kill people” for fun. Is your wife next?

McMaster, National security adviser: Trump has intelligence of a “kindergartner”

How Govt wastes our money:
We are paid $84,000 so Congressman is not embarrassed by scandal—DC slimebag.
GOP gift to the rich and their private schools changes America
government shutdown would cost the U.S. $6.5 billion a week: lock Reps in room overnight!



Who owns your account now?


Could we make a virtual reality experience of a historical event like 1st performance of Handel’s Messiah or Bach St Matthew Passion or Holodeck  possibilities.

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