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Buffett's SIMPLE Strategy Beats Wall Street

Buffett's SIMPLE Strategy Beats Wall Street—2017=22%; 11.11% since 1976.
The Master of investing, Warren Buffett, proved it, again. You do NOT need Wall Street 'professionals' to reach your financial goals. In fact, if you use them, you may give up 63% of your potential accumulations because of trading, charges, commissions and fees. Buffett’s SIMPLE strategy earns over 11% per yearDALBAR keeps track of returns and found that the average managed-account equity investor earned just 3.79% a year over 30 years. The benchmark returned 11.06%. You and I can start beating Wall Street with one phone call. Earnings are tax-FREE after age 59 ½ in special account too.
Earn 11% a year with Buffett’s SIMPLE strategy:

Social Security and Medicare recipients BEWARE: We have to pay for the tax cuts now.
Ryan and the GOP started complaining about Dem spending on social programs and bigger deficits even before the ink was dry on their $1.4 Trillion deficit loan from China. Medical expenses and no-mandate health care will rise in 2019 and beyond. Trump and Ryan tricked us. Despite Trump’s campaign promise to not cut senior health care, the tax law he signed will trigger $25 billion cuts to Medicare in 2018 automatically. Congress does NOT have to vote on it again. Like back door hacking—only seniors will know. They also sneaked in “chained CPI” to measure cost of living increases. Seniors will experience lower SS benefits in the future. Ryan and Trump have agreed to cut “entitlements” a word that disguises cuts to the money that we were forced to pay from our dwindling paychecks over the years. Congress would never admit they will take the money we paid for SS and Medicare benefits over the years and pay for the $30 million each billionaire will receive from the Trump Tax Cut. Hatch (R-Utah) attacked “liberal programs” for the poor and said Congress needed to stop wasting Americans' money. Trump wants to cut Medicaid health for low–income folks too. Hatch does not mean the $1.5 Trillion we wasted on the F-35 or the $ Billions of tax revenue we give to profitable energy, drug, food and financial companies. Call it tax reform in reverse when states like WI give foreigners $3 billions to employ 1300 in Leader Ryan’s districtTrump supports “corporate welfare” as a way to increase jobs—no matter what it cost to get votes. Nissan got $1.3 billion after voters heard about $295 million. All the tech firms got $2 million per employee they “promised” to hire.

How much are you required to take out of your 401k, IRA, pension, etc?
Once you reach age 70½, you must consider how required minimum distributions (RMDs) fit into your retirement withdrawal strategy. That's because, upon reaching this age, the IRS requires you to withdraw at least a minimum amount each year from all your IRAs and retirement plans—except Roth IRAs—and pay ordinary income taxes on the taxable portion of your withdrawal. If you don't take withdrawals, or you take less than you should, you'll owe a 50% federal penalty tax on the difference between the amount you withdrew and the amount you should have withdrawn. Estimate how much you must take out and pay tax on. Add SS benefits (up to 85%) that you pay taxes on. Be ready.

Which investment option can maximize your pension?
Which investment option do you use for your 401k, 403b, IRA, any pension? Use the Buffett strategy to maximize your pension. Avoid fees that can take up to 63% of your total accumulations. Buffett, the most successful investor of our time, just won a bet with some of Wall Street’s best managers using his strategy. The strategy is SIMPLE. He recommends using Vanguard funds. Using a Vanguard tax-FREE trust allows you to avoid all income taxes in retirement. You don’t need a lawyer or advisor to beat Wall Street. You pay less and thus you earn more.

Which investments do you use?
Which investments do you use to reach ANY money goal--car, home, college, business, retirement? Use the Buffett strategy to reach your goals. Video 3 shows you which investments Buffett recommends to use given the amount you add monthly, the number of years and the average return on your investments. You can use a special TAX-FREE account to keep 25% more of your accumulations while being able to "borrow" from your account penalty and tax-FREE.

How much does your advisor really cost?
Your ‘advisor’ is a salesperson first and foremost. The firm they work for may not be honest. Recently Citigroup caught using “buy” instead of “sell” or no ratings and clients lost $ millions. You need to know enough to “trust but verify.” VERIFY every claim they make. This especially true now because this Congress is revoking Obama’s “advisor must always give you advise that helps you not themselves” Fiduciary Rule. Advisors don’t always provide you with the FULL story on costs and value of securities. For instance, the average managed-account equity investor earned just 3.79% a year over 30 years! A simple index fund earned 11%. Buffett says you must be patient to be successful. Are you and your advisor patient? Buffett does NOT buy and sell stocks often. In other words, he does the opposite of what Wall Street 'advises' us to do. If your total costs, including annual fees, commissions, trading, timing, taxes, and charges are 2% you are giving up 63% of your earnings to your advisor and the firm Bogle says.

“You all just got a lot richer” with my new loophole
Trump boasted this to members of Mar-a-Lago on Dec. 22, according to CBS. The wealthy have a new tax loophole to avoid paying their fair share. The new deduction allows people with pass-through income — profits from a partnership or sole proprietorship, for instance — to write off 20% of that income before calculating their taxes. For instance, Trump owns more than 500 large, pass-through real estate firms like his golf clubs and hotels — just the type of business that would qualify most easily. His family and heirs can now avoid estate tax. They avoid the AMT—millionaire tax created by Nixon so the rich could not avoid taxes altogether. Trump did in 1995.

How do wealthy people avoid paying their fair share?
Tax credits – loopholes and non-wage income—are the way billionaires pay 17% or less total tax while we and people like Buffett’s office staff pay 32.9% not including retirement savings and health insurance premiums. Wealthy people buy assets with other people’s money—deduct the interest—and then live on the asset capital gains. The new tax law kept gain rates the same. They can change the legal status of assets. They can park the money in tax shelters around the world. You may not have that option but you do have an IRS approved tax-FREE shelter for your long-term asset accumulation. You can actually pay less than the wealthy class rate of 17%. You pay 0% legally in the U.S.

Trump starts new voter suppression program to exclude DEMs
After canceling his bogus voter fraud commission, Trump opens a new tactic: Homeland Security will compare all its lists against all the voter records the old commission was able to obtain. The errors on all the lists mean that without warning, voters will be cast off the voter rolls. DHS has lists that have never been edited for accuracy. There are literally thousands of similar names on lists of immigrants waiting to be deported. There is no SS# or home address to confirm the real voters from the ICE lists. Any person with a name identified as suspect will be used to purge rolls like Kobach’s racist activity in KS and GOP in OH. Kobach found 2 cases @ $500,000 each.
Ask your representative to eliminate funding for this racist tactic against legit voters and have DHS help states make voting machines safe from Putin hackers. Putin can change the votes in some states just by having his hackers change voting machines and state tabulators.

Do you have the most popular STOLEN car?
1,104 Altimas from the 2015 model year disappeared into unauthorized hands over that 12-month span. The 2014 Toyota Camry had a stunning number of reported thefts (15,466), and the 2015 model ended up in third place for the year with 923 models gone missing. If there is any lesson to learned from the number of stolen cars, it would be “thieves don’t care about sexy” or expensive cars. Or maybe thieves are not stealing cars for the ‘fencing’ value. Trucks are the leading sellers so expect more will be stolen. These 11 cars that the owners wish were stolen before they had to trade them in for a loss.

How much do you need to contribute to your pension?
Use the Buffett strategy to reach your goal. Video shows you how much you will have in the future given the amount you add monthly, the number of years and the average return on your investments. You estimate your future Social Security benefits and add your current accumulation at work or IRA. The answer is translated into the inflation-adjusted monthly amount you can receive in retirement.
When you prepare, you will have enough:

Make “Donald” Great Again

“I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department,”

Trump enforcers lie re: contacts to Putin and list longer: Why all the lies if innocent?

Mandate: ‘I was elected President’ like Washington, Obama and Hitler
Bannon and I wish to “destroy the state”–our government.

How Govt wastes our money:
We pay a hair stylist to make everyone look good on TV. Cost is so high, they won’t say.
Government subsidies to coal companies keep them afloat. Miners kept poor and sick.

Thief poses as a company executive, sending an email from an address that might look legitimate, and requests a list of employees and their W-2s. IRS uses letters not email.


Who owns your account now?
If you are seeking a new advisor, AARP helps you ask the right questions


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