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What are you doing with your tax cut?

What are you doing with your tax cut?
Why not use this FREE money you did not expect, to secure your retirement nest egg? Warren Buffett makes it easy using a SIMPLE Strategy 
He beat Wall Street ‘professionals’ with his strategy—22% in 2017; 11.11% since 1976.
The Master of investing, Warren Buffett, proved it, again. You do NOT need Wall Street 'professionals' to reach your financial goals. In fact, if you use them, you may give up 63% of your potential accumulations because of trading, charges, commissions and fees. Buffett’s SIMPLE strategy earns over 11% per yearDALBAR keeps track of returns and found that the average managed-account equity investor earned just 3.79% a year over 30 years. The benchmark returned 11.06%. You and I can start beating Wall Street with one phone call. Earnings are tax-FREE after age 59 ½ in special account too.
Earn 11% a year with Buffett’s SIMPLE strategy:

How do you know if this is a market correction?
You don’t know when it will occur. Nobody does. So, like any accident—unforeseen event—we must be prepared. We must have our portfolio so arranged that we know what will happen in a correction and we can live with it. Actually, many investors have seen this before and realize they have no alternative because there is no ‘safe’ investment. Wall Street creates these dives by using program trading to capture the ups & downs. Investments in different segments perform well over time—just not all at the same time.
Thus, last year every segment did well but in 2008, every segment did poorly except bonds. However, some segments did worse than others and then made it up the next year. Bonds remained at the bottom as they usually do. Only a few lucky advisors timed the market in 2007 to go into bonds and avoid the carnage. Buffett says “be greedy when others are fearful.” Now is the time to fund your 2017 IRA.
Is your Robo-advisor up to the task?
Many Robo advisors were just not available when the market changed direction quickly last week. Human advisors were hard to reach also. These advisors get paid to be there especially in a market downfall but they were AWOL. Why are you paying for advice which you don’t get at the MOST crucial time? It is something to ask yourself. Does it matter to you that their equipment can’t handle the calls or they are out sick. The point is you pay 1-2% of your assets EVERY year, not for the ‘tip sheet’ or special opportunities but for the hand holding when the bottom falls out of the market. Almost no security was sparred this time. Did you get an email or call reassuring you that you are in the market for the long-haul? Did your Robo explain that you had discussed what to do in a correction? Did your advisor remind you that your special opportunity might evaporate if the market went against you? Why pay for help you don’t need AND don’t get?

What happens if you have dispute with your broker/advisor?
You can file a complaint. You can hire a lawyer to plead your case to the FINRA—that broker-dealer ‘self-governing’ body. Only industry that Fed lets owners police themselves. You can win arbitration and have the record show you have an award. However, 30% or more monetary awards to investors in arbitration claims go unpaid, the self-regulator said. “It’s crystal clear this is and remains a huge problem for FINRA and therefore for investors,” says PIABA President Andrew Stoltmann. Deregulation by Trump allows your advisor to easily remove the record of their misdeeds. Bad brokers welcomed by firms that need revenue. Your broker/advisor has multiple lawyers paid big bucks to defend them. Brokerage failures are excused. Firms avoid fines with lawyers.

Best last minute tax saving move
Tax filing began Jan 29 even though all the forms are late in arriving. If you find you owe tax instead of hitting the refund button this year, you may still be able to claim your refund. You can reduce your 2017 income and receive a tax credit. Credits reduce your taxes dollar for dollar. In effect, Uncle Sam can help you reduce taxes AND save for retirement at the same time. On line 32, Form 1040 or line 17, Form 1040a, you can enter up to $5,500 ($6,500 over age 50) as IRA contribution to reduce your income. If you meet the qualification, a credit will show up on Line 51, Form 1040 or Line 34, 1040a. You subtract this credit from your tax. EG: Income $66,000: tax refund is $3,335, without IRA contribution. With the contribution, the refund is $4,392 or $5,553 if you both make the contribution. Credit against tax is $400. IRS checks to see you have IRA.

IRS free tax filing sites to avoid $300+ cost of filing
Commercial tax prep sites offer expensive loans as advances on your refund but you can keep your whole refund using the IRS free filing partners. Refunds can be in your account within 2-3 weeks. The average refund is over $3,000. Check your refund:
You can create a tax-free retirement fund of $500,000 with that amount each year. If you need free tax preparer service for your 1040, use AARP Tax Aides near you. Bring last year’s return and ID:
Use your refund to fund your tax-FREE IRS approved account:

Are you able to take advantage of the new 20% deduction?
Accountants are hard at work with Trump’s new tax avoidance angle: A 20% deduction for pass-through businesses. If you have your own business or could have it, your accountant is quickly working out how you either put all your income/assets into one entity or cutting them up into several. The model for this tax avoidance scheme is Trump’s own empire. He develops or owns real estate, runs properties for others, name royalties, sells beef & perfume, runs events and jets and TV productions. Because he has global reach, his profits may stay overseas or be taxed at lower rates inside subsidiaries or pass-throughs like LLCs. He may avoid tax by putting his profits in a subsidiary and then bankrupting the business debts. He did that in 1995 and avoided tax for years after.

Where are the Trump tax cuts going? Not for jobs
Twenty-seven of our biggest businesses have already spent about $100 billion buying back stocks from shareholders in 2018, a move that shows how the new GOP tax law is primarily benefiting wealthy Americans and large corporations, says a new report. “Firms already had access to all kinds of cheap investment capital, even before the tax plan,” said economist Jared Bernstein. At a news conference in late December, Trump cited Wells Fargo's decision to increase wages and charitable giving; changes the company says will cost about $215 million. In January, the bank announced about $22 billion in corporate share buybacks. Corporate buybacks involved more than 100 times as much money. So, let’s be honest. Tax breaks help the wealthy. Working people will get taxed.

Make “The Don” Great Again

GOP House will never impeach their ‘Savior’

“I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department,”

Bannon and I wish to “destroy the state”–our government: “I want to destroy
FBI doing its job following Kremlin advisor, Page, a suspected Putin spy

Trump Is 'Doing Putin's Job for Him' by Attacking our FBI: McCain

Trump can’t be a racist: he had a TV show”
“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?

‘I’m the only one that matters’ Mob Boss, Nov 3, 2017
The Don’s enforcers lie re: contacts to Putin and list longer: Why all the lies if innocent?

GOP suppresses vote: can voters make America normal again?

‘I was elected President.’ (to destroy ‘the state’)
Dictator’s great weapon is fear: Dems are evil (TV ad)

How Govt wastes our money:
Trump to spend $ millions on DC military parade for his gratification like Putin Un Adolf

GOP votes to “ask” our ‘reps’ to repay us when we pay for their ‘sexual’ settlements.


Carter Page, advisor to Trump, targeted by FBI, calls himself “advisor to the Kremlin
FBI wiretap on agent Page was reason Trump blamed Obama for wiretap of his phones

Pentagon lost $800 million in payments to contractors: “little idea where money goes” And 60% of new budget goes to military to make some GOP people even richer.

Bannon ignores Congress subpoena but not arrested. Can we do that? No law & order.

Recent job data shows older workers getting back to work. 797,000 people over age 55 found a job in December.

Trump is looking for a wife beater to fill a WH position—no need to pass security check. 

Who owns your account now?

FoxNews admits TrumpNunes memo does NOT vindicate Trump; shows FBI doing job

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