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Wall Street is taking $500 Billion from our accounts

Wall Street is taking $500 BILLION+ from our accounts
All the things that our Wall Street advisor tells us to do is wrong
Set up your asset account and let it grow by itself. Don’t trade, time, hedge, etc.
Fidelity analyzed its most successful accounts. Results:
Either the client was dead or forgot about their account.
Warren Buffett has confirmed the same success factor. He says:
“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the                            impatient to the patient.”
“We continue to make more money when snoring than when active.”
The DALBAR study:
The average investor earned just 3.79% a year while the stock market earned 11.06% over the last 30 years.     DALBAR’s QAIB
Morningstar the rating firm found:
In every single time period and data point tested,
low-cost funds beat high-cost funds.”
What are these 'Assets that grow by themselves'? :

Why did Trump kill the rule that your sales person must put your interests first?
Two GOP judges ruled that the Department of Labor overstepped its authority with its rule that requires financial professionals, including brokers and insurance agents, to put their customers’ financial interests ahead of their own. The industry claims that the rule would make it too costly to work with smaller investors. What they mean is they do NOT want the government to stop them making huge profits from the sale of annuities and other complicated products dripping with hidden fees. These are the products pushed ON retirees because they have a large pot of money from 401k accounts. Usually courts let the marketplace connect each level of investor to an advisor. SEC regulars are going ahead to make brokers comply despite Trump. There are plenty of low-fee firms that would be happy to help small investors and they will continue to do so. The fee structure of the industry relies on putting the sales person’s interest ahead of the client. A fiduciary is like a lawyer who protects us from bad deals. Some firms like the rule.

IRS free filing sites avoid $300+ cost of filing taxes
Commercial tax prep sites offer expensive loans as advances on your refund but you can keep your whole refund using the IRS free filing partners. Refunds can be in your account within 2-3 weeks. Remember: IRS does NOT call you. The average refund is over $3,000. Check if you have a refund for a previous year—there is over $1 billion from 2014 alone. Need previous year return (transcript): Check your refund:
You can create a tax-free retirement fund of $500,000 with that amount each year. If you need free tax preparer service for your 1040, use AARP Tax Aides near you. Bring last year’s return and ID: If you have a simple return: FreeTaxUSA or FreeFile:
Use your refund to fund your tax-FREE IRS approved account:

Which car should you or your student buy?
Of course, it is cheaper to buy and insure the car for them. You must buy your own insurance (oh no) if you own your car. Compare costs of coverage both ways as part of the decision to buy a car for their use. Most parents are loaning one of their cars while their student is home. But let’s say your student is driving themselves to school or needs one while on campus. You will want a safe and dependable vehicle. A first step is the JD Power ratings on used 2015 practical vehicles. study/Vehicle-Dependability-Study-%28VDS%29-by-Make/3670ENG Second, model and equipment and miles determine price. Take 2015 Kia at KBB and CarGuru. Kia Rio gets high marks by JD Power. A 2015 costs under $10,000 East and West, and South. This won’t be your last so try to avoid the ones at the bottom of the list: Buy only cars with 3 or more buttons.

It is not too late to increase your refund or cut IRS tax
Tax filing is half over. If you find you owe tax instead of hitting the refund button this year, you may still be able to claim your refund. You can reduce your 2017 income and receive a tax credit. Credits reduce your taxes dollar for dollar. In effect, IRS code can help you reduce taxes like The Don AND save for retirement at the same time. On line 32, Form 1040 or line 17, Form 1040a, you can enter up to $5,500 ($6,500 over age 50) as IRA contribution to reduce your income. If you meet the qualification, a credit will show up on Line 51, Form 1040 or Line 34, 1040a. You subtract this credit from your tax. EG: Income $66,000: tax refund is $3,335, without IRA contribution. With the contribution, the refund is $4,392 or $5,553 if you both make the contribution. Credit against tax is $400. IRS checks your IRA. Use:
For help with complicated returns:

The Trump Tax Shelter
Clearly the Trump tax plan helps businesses and the wealthy. Trump even cut the Pease limits. The Pease limitation capped the value of itemized deductions for wealthy taxpayers. There is no reason why you cannot benefit from the tax code too. Using § 408 of the IRS code, you can create an unlimited account that grows without current or future tax. It eliminates taxes when taken out for your needs and can pass to your heirs totally tax FREE. No matter what your income, this helps you avoid future taxes to pay off the national debt. All of the 2018 individual tax breaks are repealed in 2026 to pay for the permanent business tax cuts. Avoid paying for their windfall—35-21% tax rate. Corporations provide only 1% of our revenue now. Avoid getting stuck making up their fair share. 

Why is Trump ending Bureau that closes down bad collection agencies?
In 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s activities to combat illegal debt collection practices included fielding consumer complaints, filing lawsuits, and providing the public with tools to deal with aggressive debt collectors. Specifically, the Bureau handled approximately 84,500 debt collection complaints, making it one of the most prevalent topics of complaints about consumer financial products or services. Elizabeth Warren set this up since there is no other agency to help us. This bureau obtained more than $64 million in judgments; banned 13 companies and individuals that engaged in serious and repeated violations of law from ever working in debt collection again. Trump got rid of the Obama director so Trump’s Mulvaney can gut this help for consumers. This agency was created by Dodd-Frank which is being dismantled. We have no help now.

Is your plan for retirement a success or are you just going to work till you drop?
Are you stretching your savings by using a tax-FREE account? Why not? Tax-free income means you have about 20-30% more to spend when you need it. If you are among the few who are looking out for tomorrow, you can easily make it better with untaxed cash. The future is unknown. Will you be able to work? Will there be adequate-paying jobs? Unlike past generations that saved because they experienced the 1930s catastrophe, today many are spending everything they earn—inflation-adjusted wages have not increased in 40 years. Of those who started saving in a 401k at work, many were forced to take their savings to cover daily expenses. Few working people seem to be taking advantage of the greatest multiplier of wealth—compound interest. Your savings can grow by themselves over time if invested in a tax-FREE account. $100 a month can grow to over $500,000 in time.

Here are the ways the wealthy avoid taxes and we must pay their share
IRS has been defunded for auditing and chasing tax fraud overseas. The IRS knows what some have done to avoid tax but if you have money, power and lawyers, IRS has a hard time putting them in jail. Actually none have gone to jail for hiding money overseas. Let’s say you sell your business and receive $3 million into a dummy corporation your lawyer sets up in a country that does not share information. The corporation has a bank account that issues credit cards you can use worldwide. Others have employed foreign trusts, employee-leasing schemes, private annuities or insurance plans for the same purpose. However, there are thousands who maintain their hidden assets overseas. Despite the ‘possible’ penalties, only a few Americans get caught and the settlements are house arrest or probation. Rich people don’t go to jail.

GOP spends more than government requested pet projects
No WALL but fence $1.6 billion, no health care, no gun research, no farmer-owned farm help, IRS got $456 million more than requested, $3 billion increase for opioid help, raise for baseball players, $380 million to secure voting, $4 million to teach Congressmen not to harass/sex with staff, fed jury duty pay to $50 per day, $2.007 billion for Secret Service and overtime for The Don and family trips and higher fence at WH, FBI $307 million more than requested, apprenticeship programs increase by $50 million. Pentagon increase to $716 billion but its spending plan risks flooding too much money that may not spend it wisely.
HALF of our money goes to war spending. Bolton wants ‘first strike’ kill millions Korea.

Can we save our democracy from the cult of Trumpism?
Is Direct Democracy the answer? Direct democracy, made possible by the Internet, has given a new centrality to citizens and will ultimately lead to the deconstruction of the current corporate, political and social organizations. Representative democracy is losing meaning because our Reps follow the money. In Italy, the movement is called Five Star Rousseau Association. The Five Star Movement, which launched in 2009, has now achieved a landmark success among Western democracies by using the Internet to play a crucial role in the electoral process. The Five Star Movement received the highest percentage of votes — 33 percent — in the Italian elections on March 4. The platform won by taking a bold approach—direct solicitations from citizens—no party, foreign, billionaire or corporate money. Representatives who stood for election were chosen through online voting on the Rousseau platform — not inside a smoke-filled room like the established parties. Blockchain is used to protect voting from hacking. Our slogan — “Participate, don’t delegate!” — is what guarantees our continuing success in the future. And our hope is that we will provide a model for renovating democracy everywhere by giving it back to the citizens. Voters realize that more elections will be decided by money from rich and special interests. The Don has destroyed educated public and rule of law.
Participate, don’t delegate!”

Make America, “The Don” Great Again

Palace intrigue: Trump’s movie will star himself and family in 2022. Putin does cameo.
(Putin has videos of the star in compromising XXX sex acts we can’t describe here)
Trump’s stage name is ‘David Dennison’ when others pay $130,000 for his sex.

A movie is the only way to understand how Putin got Trump elected. Will Putin poison him?

Jr didn’t. ‘collusion;’ … or treason!

Can Trump be impeached?
What makes Trump immune is that he is not a president within the context of a healthy republican government. He is a cult leader of a movement that has taken over a political party — and he specifically campaigned on a platform of one-man rule.
The Trump vote reflects the outrage over Obama’s successful presidency.

Trump Is 'Doing Putin's Job for Him' by Attacking our FBI: McCain
Mueller indicts 14 more conspirators for illegally helping Trump win election
Trump let Putin hack control of our utilities

GOP House will never impeach their ‘Savior’

“I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department,”

Bannon and I wish to “destroy the state”–our government: “I want to destroy regs”
FBI doing its job following Kremlin ‘advisor’, Page, a suspected Putin spy

Tillerson told the truth so the MORON fired him.

“Why are we having all these people from ‘shithole’ countries come here?
The Don admits he “makes up things”—lies

‘I’m the only one that matters’ Mob Boss, Nov 3, 2017
The Don’s enforcers lie re: contacts to Putin and list longer: Why all the lies if innocent?

GOP suppresses vote: can voters make America normal again?

Trump rated worst president we ever had; Obama #8 Reagan #9
‘I was elected President.’ (to destroy ‘the state’)
Dictator’s greatest weapon is fear: Dems Press are evil (TV ad)
Military moves into another cabinet seat: Iran can restart nuclear reactors

Anyone who did NOT clap for my speech is “traitorous, Yeah”

Government TV’ blasted by general: Administration ‘propaganda machine.’

Student #1 injured from IN-SCHOOL gun-packing teacher—police state is bad.

The Don, mob boss, tricks religionist into supporting his authoritarian society.

NRA is gun lobby not care about rights: Many towns ban guns: "Leave Your Revolvers

Jared’s co. needs money: Saudi prince gets US support Saudi dominance. Jared gets loan.

Robert Mark Magee, Austin, took client’s stock gains gave them losses.

Wells Fargo brokers’ unsuitable recommendations of alternative investments alleged.

Morgan Stanley plans to add 80 jobs in Paris
Trump TV has given up Bolton and DiGenova. NBC given up Kudlow to WH.

Who owns your account now?
Trump data firm took our Facebook pages and confirmed many want a dictator.
                        “It turns out, there’s a lot of Americans who really like this idea of a really strong authoritarian leader…”


It will be a miracle if teachers don’t kill a student—by accident. Wyatt Earp was right!

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