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What did you do with Your Hidden Gold Mine?

What did you do with Your Hidden Gold Mine?
What did you do with your tax refund? Your refund is Your Hidden Gold Mine. The average tax refund is $3,022. Investing your tax refund can accumulate to $250,000 or more over time. Using a special IRS-approved Tax-FREE account, you can spend it all—no federal or state income taxes! Just think if you had done this earlier. Start mining your Gold Mine today:

Retirees wish they had started IRAs earlier
68 percent of respondents indicated that they regretted not having focused on establishing a self-directed IRA earlier in their retirement planning. Starting 5 years earlier, can double your eventual nest egg.

How will you make up for Social Security benefits when the end?
Feds say SS will exhaust its trust fund by 2033 at current rates. What is your plan? The power of compounding high earnings can replace your loss. Invest your tax refund or $250 a month and accumulate enough in 20 years to provide $1,600 a month for life.

Exercise for health does not have to take long?
Only 4 minutes of vigorous activity three times per week is enough to be fit and healthy, according to a new study. In financial services, it only takes 15 minutes to keep your low-cost tax-FREE account in healthy shape. You don’t need to waste time and money searching for the next “big thing” to win the Wall Street lottery. Fewer flexes of the financial muscle also works in investing. Automatic monthly contributions to your wealth account beats fast in and out trading. It is called “No Sweat” Investing for a reason.

FL fined Universal for mistreating customers over and over
Universal was mistreating customers and shifting profits to affiliates for years, according to an order released Thursday by the Office of Insurance Regulation. Universal Property and Casualty has been fined nearly $1.3 million for a laundry list of violations ranging from mismanaging its money to wrongfully denying insurance claims to failing to maintain appropriate records. Many of the violations are repeat offenses for the company, since regulators flagged much of the misconduct in 2005. After homeowners file insurance claims, the company scrutinizes the initial policyholder application to see if any mistakes had been made. If the homeowner failed to report a credit issue on the initial application, Universal denies the claim and cancels the policy retroactively.
FL has let this illegal activity go on for a long time. Wonder why?

CT law protects homeowners from being dropped
CT would make it illegal for home insurers to decline or cancel coverage -- or refuse to renew a policy -- based solely on losses from a tropical storm or other catastrophe. You can help protect yourself from being dropped for other reasons too:

Colleges giving discounts to the rich; not the needy
Welcome to the real world. “Colleges are always saying how committed they are to admitting low-income students—that they are all about equality,” a study says. “This data shows there’s been a dramatic shift. Thepursuit of prestige and revenue has led them to focus more on high-income students.” You can still get a good education with little debt:

LA rep cuts FEMA to stop flood insurance changes
Louisiana congressman wants to block increases to flood insurance rates by cutting off funding to the Federal Emergency Management Administration earmarked for implementing changes to the National Flood Insurance Program. LA will never need FEMA help again? The congressman will pay from his pension?

How couples, engaged to marry, can talk about money
A recent poll revealed that 68 percent of respondents held negative attitudes toward discussing money with their fiancé, with five percent indicating the discussion would cause them to call off the wedding. Members find talking goals leads to better money talk with spouse:

Did you get hit by a distracted driver?
40 percent of drivers text while driving, according to a survey of MA and CT drivers. If the guy who backends you is looking down while smashing your rear, you might mention it to the officer. 

Risk of dying from tornado
If you have wondered what is the chance of dying in a tornado or whatever, here are you answers:

SCAMS           “Deficits don’t matter” Republican godfather, Dick Cheney, 2002

USCT caught selling fake insurance
United States Contractors Trust for selling fictitious health insurance coverage to at least four Ohioans. USCT is not licensed to sell insurance in Ohio and has also recently been ordered to stop its unauthorized insurance business in South CarolinaNorth CarolinaVermontFlorida and Maine. USCT is targeting people over the Internet with pre-existing health conditions that are experiencing difficulty finding insurance. Desperate to secure individual or family health insurance, the Ohioans eagerly completed contact information forms on innocuous-looking websites. The victims were then called by a USCT representative and eventually signed-up for what they thought was insurance. The victims agreed to have the monthly premium, ranging from $200 to $550, debited from their bank accounts. The victims' first few claims were paid but thereafter they began to receive unpaid medical bills.

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