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Rich can afford to evade their taxes. Can you?

Rich can afford to evade their taxes—Can you?
American companies now have an estimated $2.1 trillion in untaxed profits stashed overseas, big sums of which belong to Apple, General Electric, and Microsoft. Walmart is also a major overseas tax dodger, according to a new report from Americans for Tax Fairness, a liberal-leaning think tank and advocacy group. The world's largest retailer has stashed $64 billion worth of assets in Luxembourg, Europe's smallest and most notorious tax haven. Walmart reported paying less than 1 percent in tax to Luxembourg.

Defense spending has DOUBLED in 14 years.
Since 2001, the base defense budget has soared from $287 billion to $530 billion — and             that's NOT counting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and ISIL and Ukraine ops. 

Fees, some hidden, destroy our retirement chances
“The only thing I’m sure about in investing is the lower the fee I pay, the more there’s going to be for me,” said Burton G. Malkiel, a professor emeritus of economics at Princeton. Many workers think their 401k account is FREE. Fees over TIME really hurt! $10,000 in a fund charging 0.33 percent and returning an annual average of 10 percent would be worth about $100,000 after 25 years, while the same investment in a fund charging 1.69 percent would be worth only $70,000. Boomers, retiring at 10,000 per day, will find they have 30% to 50% LESS than they thought they would have.

Does our President need to know scientific facts?  

POTUS candidates need to read Rev. Watt’s The Improvement of the Mind 1786 to learn to use precise language and be guided by observed facts.

            “Baltimore Police said that they could not find any report” of Popeye holdup!
Jeb: Repeal ObamaCare and let states decide if poor are covered—same old same old!
Kasich: "get over" reforms (CUTS) to Social Security. Now says "silly" joke.
Christie: NJ GOP tells him to forgetaboutit. Quitting race?

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1821-1881

158 families paying for political decisions now—US ‘Democracy’ like Russia?
Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found.

GOP may stop your pay or SS check but not their own!
Retirees, military officers and federal workers care. Congress has until early November to compromise on raising the debt ceiling, or we might not get checks for rents, mortgages, food, or the holiday rush. Congress people have already set aside their own pay though. Millions of elderly count on their SS checks to eat. Fed workers still pay rent or mortgage. Congress gets $174,000 so maybe they will lend you some? Just ask.

Why GOP is wrong on regulation: We need regulation--Founders’ check/balances
Appliances marked Energy Star were frauds--not energy efficient as claimed.
Dishwashers tested with clean dishes always A+ in reviews by makers.
Apartment building burns 1,000 homeless—no fire wall regulation in NJ
US Air will look like China’s air—Kills 4,000 every DAY
Free market myth: Financial manipulation requires us to rescue rich over and over.

GOP wants to win so bad they limit votes for DEMs
Kansas is one of four states that require proof of citizenship to register to vote, along with Alabama, Arizona and Georgia. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, only Kansas and Arizona are currently enforcing the law. In Georgia, officials said they were still smoothing out legal and technological requirements and did not yet have a timeline for when the law would take effect. In Alabama, the secretary of state’s office said that its proof of citizenship law conflicted with a federal law and could not currently be enforced.
Voter fraud does not exist according to many studies. KS has found none since 1861.

Wealthy take KS tax cuts to FL
KS tax court can’t read own laws—GOP austerity budget out $42 million on tax court mistake. Rich play states against states in hiding asset gains. Rich claim residency in FL to avoid tax—work anywhere.

GOP former speaker of the House makes deal to avoid prison
Martha got HALF a year for lying to Feds. No sex crime charges filed. Denny gets ? jail time. Other speaker Tom deLay was convicted of violating election law but TX overturned his 3 year sentence last year. No jail time.

“We must guard against the militaryindustrial complex.” 1960, Pres Dwight Eisenhower.
Defense spending has DOUBLED in 14 years.
Since 2001, the base defense budget has soared from $287 billion to $530 billion — and             that's NOT counting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and ISIL and Ukraine ops. 
US knew US would fail in Vietnam in 1965 but still 1.3 million dead, Kissinger diary.

America needs to take care of American’s needs FIRST!
Rebuild America Act: a five-year plan would invest $1 trillion and create or maintain at least 13 million decent-paying jobs—Senate Budget Committee but GOP says no.
Will GOP use taxes to move Alaska town due to global warming they don’t accept?

We are still wasting $8 million per HOUR we don’t have in Syria/Iraq/Afgan/            Ukraine/Cameroon. Obama keeps 9,800 in Afghanistan        
            Taliban captures Kunduz, Afghans run. We bomb hospital instead.

            We pay bonus for kills – no wonder the world hates us!

We are supporting child abuse by Afghan leaders by giving them arms/money.

100,000 our military in Germany and Japan….still. Why? Costs us $200 billion.
Residents of Okinawa object to tens of thousands of U.S. troops and another base there.

Who owns your account now?
Edelman Financial to Hellman & Friedman (LPL Financial)

Aunt sues nephew because he hugged her – only in America!
54 year old aunt sues 8 year old nephew because he welcomed her to his birthday party Forcefully. She fell and broke her wrist and blames him. Jury said no way!

Only the house wins in games of chance
Nearly 60 million people participate in fantasy football leagues in the U.S. and Canada, but according to research from Spectrem’s Group, just 6 percent of Americans with more than $100,000 in assets will participate. Spectrem's research indicates fantasy football participation is evenly split between men and women. Fantasy football appears to be a young person’s game—around 23 percent of investors under the age of 40 play fantasy football. NFL gets a cut too.

Police report crime is down—or is it?
LAPD crime stats are not accurate according to audit.

Garfield M. Taylor, Garfield Taylor and Gibraltar Asset Management conducted a ponzi between 2005 and 2010. Jeffrey A. King, and The King Group also were charged with fraud by the SEC. Jailed for 13 years. Investors bought promissory notes issued by his two companies that engaged in purportedly low-risk options trading. Taylor urged investors to refinance their homes and use any available means to invest, including their personal savings and retirement funds.

Bill Gross wants his bonus of “hundreds of millions of dollars” for destroying PIMCO.

Your choice – Bud or Miller or Miller or Bud It’s all the same now!

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