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America's future?

America’s future?
GOP experiment fails: Cut taxes—no services, no jobs, no freedom
GOP KS Gov Brownback’s “experiment” tax cuts create debt downgrades, weak growth, and school finances under court direction. The Kansas City Star’s reported KS lost another 1,900 jobs in February and now has 5,400 fewer jobs than it did one year ago: “Growth” rate of -0.4% is first time in five years and worst in the nation. Koch owns KS politics but is expanding SC jobs, not KS. OH and WI cut school funding for rich tax cuts too.
KS has now legalized discrimination by religion on campus. No more open university for learning and experimenting with beliefs. YOU are now excluded from groups legally!
John Birch and KKK alive and well in KS!  GA is next to OK discrimination.

Are stock tip sheets right for you?
“Market conditions now match those when stocks were at their November peak. Sell your stocks now or you'll wish you had…” Ken Goldberg, says his chart says to sell and buy the stocks he says will save you from impoverishment. Do these services that cost $200 and up help you … or just the promoters. If you buy these stocks with “serious upside potential” you will need to sell the ones they recommended last week. Oh?!. Can you beat the market by buying and selling? Can Jim Cramer really make you rich? Can your advisor beat a low-cost index every year?
One guy has been successful making his fellow owners millionaires and billionaires:

How do advisors estimate your retirement fund growth?
Advisors use a number of methods to estimate how much you may have upon retirement and how long your funds will last. They should mention that none of their computer models nor years of experience nor education can accurately predict their answers. Depending on how much is in your account and the investment risk you are willing to take, they can forecast the future value of your fund using this calculator: For instance, if you have $250,000 and you are investing $3,000 a year for the next 20 years at 8% net earnings (after fees, taxes, etc), you might have $1.4 million. But that does not count inflation. At 3%, the account might have HALF that in purchasing power by then. Another way to estimate your retirement income is using a model called the Monte Carlo method. Using 5,000 different market conditions, you see how much you could spend after inflation. Note an equal ratio of stocks/bonds makes success more likely.

Is your bank helping the wealthy break the law?
JP Morgan Chase helped Madoff create the largest ponzi in history according to one of Madoff’s victims. Morgan paid a fine but no banker went to jail. Obama did not pursue them. How many other wealthy people are Wall Street banks assisting in breaking the law? Would the gov tell us even if they bothered to look? Don’t the gov ministers come from the same firms they should be regulating?  

Is your advisor helping you reach YOUR goals or theirs?
What is your advisor’s annual total return? Take the amount invested 10 years ago and the amount now and compare (without new contributions). Are you better off now by 140%? By 57%? If not your advisor may be doing better than you are and it’s time to let Warren make you a millionaireHis holding company BRK.B is up 140% since 2006. The market is up 57%. Where is your account? Perhaps it’s time to switch!

Did you receive your refunds yet?
The average fed and state is about $3,000. How long would it take your INVESTED refunds to reach $1,000,000? 50 years, 40, 30 or 20 years? It costs just $12.95 to start $1 million fund yourself. Salespeople can take 63% of your accumulations over time.  

GOP bag man wants to “neuter” top Dem (GOP always talking genitals?)
Top consumer protector Liz Warren was attacked by the GOP rep from MO. According to Warren, Rep Luetkemeyer is a “Wall Street yes-man” who has accepted “nearly a million dollars from the big banks, hedge funds and credit card companies. Luetkemer has also sponsored bills in the past that would curb Department of Justice crackdowns on predatory lenders and another that would reduce oversight of payday lenders. Last year, the Center for Responsive Politics found that Luetkemeyer ranks among the top 10 recipients of campaign contributions from payday and short-term lenders, who pray on consumers with loan rates that make the mafia blush—400%.

Does our President need to be smart and truthfulDo they even care about truth?

Trump that: German hometown upset with his "raw, unvarnished intolerance."
            In the desert, hyenas and wolves are teaming up in order to hunt for food
            Il Duce “I’m going to get judges that everybody likes “I guarantee it personally.”
            VP maybe Jesse Ventura, Palin has TV, Cruz, Ryan, Fiorina ???
            “Muslims Need To Show More Respect”—George Wallace “Blacks need…”
Ryan: “I will accept nomination in contested convention to save GOP from hell.
            (Brussels ‘terrorists’ were just armed robbers/carjackers not Muslim jihadists.)

Palin: Star in new Judge Judy-style courtroom reality show in 2017—Not VeeP?

Hill: Sorry, my husband didn’t mean that my last 8 years in office were “awful.” Oh Bill
Bernie: “If Qatar spends $200 billion on soccer stadium, it could spend as much fighting             terrorists. We can’t do Kuwait/Saudi Arabia’s dirty work anymore."

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

.GOP now (after horse left) wants regulations, after children poisoned; asks Feds to pay!
.William J. Wells, Promitor Capital stole $1.5 million promising brilliant trades
.Regulators lack broker examiners since Congress cut funding—investors at risk of fraud.
.Robert Lunn, Lunn Partners caught on bank fraud and Scottie Pippen fraud
.Guns, not people, kill people: Mom, shot by 4 year old, gets 180 days in jail.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

My estate plan cost nothing to establish and fund—heirs pay no taxes
If you leave your IRA, annuity or 401k to your heirs when you pass, they may receive a huge tax bill from the IRS and state treasurer. All deferred savings plans are deferred meaning you or your heirs must pay income tax on the gains. If your heirs are in their prime earning years, they may get bumped into the higher tax bracket. They may pay 40% of your legacy to tax authorities. I will avoid this problem by using a special IRS tax-FREE account that I have funded for the last 10 years. I avoided all the legal costs of an estate plan and establishing a trust. I have both at no charge.
You can avoid the legacy costs—including heir income taxes:

Consumer Reports on your best and worst buys: vehicles
Reviews show US car makers still have a distance to travel for Americans even though most of the best are made in America. It ranks automakers across the world by reliability, road test performance and other factors. For the second year in a row, Lexus topped the list, nearly matched by Mazda, and followed by Toyota and Audi. The bottom of the list included Ford, Dodge, BMW Mini, Jeep and Fiat.

Is critical illness insurance right for you?
It sounds like insurance you should have but remember what happened to Donny Ray Black in Grisham’s The Rainmaker. Your insurer knows the game better than you do so have your financial advisor or lawyer investigate the policy first. You must be “sick as they define it.” Your doctor doesn’t decide if you get paid. Benefits of $5,000 to $100,000 are paid if you meet all their conditions. It costs $25 to $50 a month. You could have Vanguard take $50 a month out of your checking to invest over time for $100,000. Most people cancel before they use policy. At least Vanguard gives you your money back. And if you don’t need it, you can use the money for other things.

How the government wastes our tax money
.New destroyer cost $4.4 BILLION and has been rejected by commanders as costs soar.
.Boeing makes new unmanned sub we don’t need at outrageous cost
.AL GOP Gov Bentley reversed the minimum wage increase Birmingham gave to workers last month back to $7.25 in order to give 4 friends raises of $73,405 on $91,000.
Why would Alabama voters vote GOP to lower their wages?
.FBI faking it: a group of Johns Hopkins University researchers has found a bug in Apple’s encryption, one that would enable a skilled attacker to decrypt iphones.
.KY changes marriage cert so Kim Davis does not have to sign GOP religion wins!

Doctors who receive payments from the medical industry do indeed tend to prescribe drugs differently than their colleagues who don’t. And the more money they receive, on average, the more brand-name medications they prescribe. Doctors who received industry payments were two to three times as likely to prescribe brand-name drugs at exceptionally high rates as others in their specialty. Medicare data only.

Service people are targeted more than other groups.
Debt collectors harass them by going to commanders about unproven debt or medical debt not paid by the VA. Improper credit reporting gives service people bad rating which affects all financials--insurance, mortgage and sometimes job acceptance.

Who owns your account now?

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