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Corporations use our taxes, laws, courts, police, but refuse to pay for them: Congress OKs

Corporations that use our money, laws, courts, police, army, etc owe US $695B
Our corporations are hiding cash so they can avoid paying their fair share. Profits reported by American corporations to the IRS as earned in tax havens were actually earned in the United States. But large corporations use accounting gimmicks (most of which are allowed under current law) to make profits appear to be earned in tax haven countries. In fact, a 2014 CTJ examination of corporate financial filings found U.S. corporations collectively report earning profits in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands that are 16 times the gross domestic products of each of those countries, which is clearly impossible. $695Billion is the cost of our Defense Department for one year.
Why do our “Reps” let these gimmicks continue to be used? Could it be election money?

Mutual fund fees are frying our retirement nest eggs
Blackstone CEO Schwarzman took home $810.6 million in 2015. What did he do for that? My mid cap growth mutual fund at Blackstone lost 5.79% in 1 year as of Jan 2016. It had the lowest 3-, 5- and 10-year return of its class. It costs 1.39% a year to own and the broker took 5.25% right off the top. My ETFs did not do as well. If I had gone with Vanguard’s index version with 0.09% fees and no broker, I would have lost less and averaged 11.97% since 2011. The broker said Blackstone was the best--“Best at frying!”
You don’t get what you pay for in financial products:

Our mistakes can be corrected, but first we must admit them, like Buffett does
Believe it or not, Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of our time, makes mistakes. Contrary to what Wall Street does, he admits them and changes his behavior. In his letter to his owners (, p 16, he tells how he messed up. Our brokers/advisors never do that. He explains that he misjudged a company’s and or market’s potential. Yet he is able to recover and has other businesses that have returns of over 20% per year. Great investors admit mistakes. He tells us to buy assets with a margin of safety so when things don’t go well we haven’t lost all our money. His advice is to pay less so we earn more. Simple investing works best.

GOP’s Koch is right—our system is stacked against working people
New report shows that college grad from poor family earns less than college grad from rich family. Working hard does NOT get us the American dream—only a downsized version. The notion that education by itself can break the poverty cycle is flawed, just as is the related idea that school reforms can be successful by ignoring the conditions in which kids live and attend school. Rich college kids earn 162% more than HS grads compared to 91% more for poor college kids. Koch recently said Sanders was correct about a rigged system. College is now minimum education since HS classes fail to prepare us for middle-income jobs. Get a boost from Tax-FREE earnings like the rich.
Use a special IRS Tax Haven to boost your investment earnings:

GOP ends our pay raises in AL, IN, MI MZ
Last Tuesday, Birmingham, AL, raised the wages to $10.10 and the state GOP lowered it back to $7.25 on Thursday. GOP made it law—bars cities and counties from raising wages. Dem Senator said, “bills like this keep people poor." Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana have already banned local minimum wage increases. Yet we give our taxes as subsidies to our employers who pay only $7.25. Can you live on $200 a week after taxes? Why do the poor re-elect GOP to cut their wages? The median retirement savings of 55- to 64-year-old Americans was just $14,500 in 2013. Social security benefit averages $1,341. Can you live on that?
Start a tax-FREE account with your refund!

GOP cannot deport 11 million immigrants—their taxes pay for state/local gov
Recent study:  "the data show undocumented immigrants greatly contribute to our nation's economy, not just in labor but also with tax dollars." States such as Idaho and New Mexico report undocumented ownership rates as high as 46 percent. "The undocumented are actually paying a higher percentage of their income toward local and state taxes than the people in the top 1 percent," said analyst Erika Nava. From 1996 to 2003, undocumented workers paid a combined $90 billion into both Social Security and Medicare.
No real businessman would kill HALF the real estate taxes in ID NM etc.
Tea Party activist and Trump operative arrested.

Do you have the Woman’s Retirement Account?
Women have a substantially lower income in retirement than men and the older they are the worse the situation, says the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) in a report released Tuesday. Women age 65 and older have 25 percent lower income than men and by the time they reach 80 the gap widens to 44 percent, according to the report. Women between the ages of 75 and 79 are three times more likely than men to live in poverty, the study said. The IRS has a special account that allows tax-FREE gains and tax-FREE income so that you can make up for your reduced income by avoiding income tax. Instead of paying 15-25% in income tax, you can spend ALL your nest egg.  
Use the woman’s tax-FREE retirement account:

GOP Religion uses ploy to end safe abortions
TX is closing women’s health clinics whether they do abortions or not. Clinics that provide most of the health services (exams, screenings, and ambulatory care) are being shut by GOP Religionists using the hospital surgery standards mechanism. It is like closing CVS flu shot pharmacies because they are not equipped to do open heart surgery. The new Supremes are going to decide if this is fair to TX women. Most clinics do tiny number of non-surgical abortions after extensive counseling required by TX already. Is this different from the government deciding about our health care when the GOP decides to end ObamaCare?
GOP Religion could return American women’s health delivery back to 1940s.
It is clear from the hearing that the GOP is making up a problem as an excuse for closing women’s health clinics just as they do about voter ID laws to solve problem of voter impersonation which does not exist anywhere. People just don’t bother to stuff ballot box.

Does our President need to be smart and truthful? Do they even care about truth?

After “debate” could you see any of these characters as President of the United States?

Trump: Christie gets revenge and cabinet post in future.  No show job in NJ pays fares.
            "I watched Chris take a man apart." New York values can kill!
            First Amend at risk—I am going to open up the libel laws so we can stop press.
            General Hayden on Trump order to torture people—“required NOT to follow an unlawful order”
            Buffett on Trump: “terrible mistake to bet against America
            Support from KKK and Louis Farrakhan, nation of Islam!?! GOP crazies!
            Trump ‘brown shirts’ take down TIME photojournalist Morris with choke.
Rubio: Trump is Unelectable bec KKK. He is testing our moral fiber.
            I will support Trump if nominated but Trump is not qualified to be Pres.
Cruz: ‘Trump may have Mafia ties.’ He does deals in construction industry. Dah!
            I will support Trump if nominated but Trump is not qualified to be Pres.
Carson: Ben cries Uncle even though he walks softly and ….
            I will support Trump if nominated but Trump is not qualified to be Pres.
Kasich: I’ll quit after OH even though I am the only responsible adult in the room.
            I will support Trump if nominated but Trump is not qualified to be Pres.

Pope: Walls are un-Christian—I read your book!  Rockefeller Republicans?
Christie: NJ voters don’t want me—I can’t go home now.
Perry: I may be nominee in “brokered” convention. Is he doing LSD in TX?
Romney: Raised questions about Donald Trump's taxes—Like kettle calling pot black!

Hillary: Actually got larger percent of black votes than Obama in 2008

            Americans like “socialism” by another name—SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc
Sanders: American Revolution comes from voters voting out the millionaire Congress.
            Investors dumping stocks—Trump may capture the GOP nomination.

Regulators are the only protection we have since we can’t sue anymore
            “It is nearly impossible for one individual to take on a corporation with vast resources.” (GOP bill requires impossible: every person in class action suffer “same type and scope of injury”)
               Supremes stop us from suing—State courts no longer available to sue corporations!

Brokers caught NOT paying arbitration awards when we win. We can’t sue them either.             Brokerage firms say they don’t need independent fund to pay when they lose.
Mass shootings every day become American way of life: Guns prove manhood?
MI gov knew Flint poisonings 4 mo after switch but ignored it for the money. No Jail
Parmesan cheese with wood found at Walmart, Ace, Whole, Kraft, etc.
Brokers have to disclose profit when buy bonds now—Required to show markup.
Guns, not people, kill people new study

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own

How our government wastes our money
Justice delayed: 12 Cliven Bundy buds arrested for 2014 gunfight for $1million fees.

Company check—see complaints BEFORE you use a vendor for any financial help.   
New phishing email scheme from your company executives—don’t respond, call HR.

Who owns your account now?
Brokers with MetLife Premier Client Group were sold to Massachusetts Mutual Life

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