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Your perfect tax shelter

Your perfect tax shelter
Real estate is the perfect tax shelter for your illicit gains. Buy the property via a corporation/trust using funds that need laundering and turn your dirty money into clean money. The asset is legit and you can borrow clean money on it. There is no bank or mortgage company record. With the current investigation of Russian money being used to funnel money to The Don, the Treasury should be interested. The Russian mob created an extraordinary ‘profit’ on the sale of a FL mansion for The Don.  Russians have used foreign banks to do the same laundering operation. Guess who ran the most popular laundering bank for Russians? Trump’s own Commerce Secretary Ross. If you have enough money you can create amazing ways to avoid taxes on your illicit gains and only those in the know, know. “Only the little people pay taxes.”
Use the only legal shelter for working people:

Why is it so hard to fashion a national health care plan?
The pharmaceutical industry alone had 1,400 lobbyists in Washington in 2014. The users of their products had none. There is no mechanism to keep costs down. When we get sick, we don’t go shopping from one doctor to the next for a free price quote. Have you ever called your local hospital and got a price on a broken bone or cut finger? Despite the view of Congress and the president, there is no competition to reduce costs like buying a big screen TV. Congress says that the “free” market will lower costs. They keep saying that an insurance company in Utah will reduce the costs in CA if only CA will let Utah’s insurers into CA. Why would anyone buy insurance from a company with doctors and hospitals in ME when they live in MA? And how many doctors will compete for my Medicaid business? None. In fact, I have to pay them $150 or more over the state reimbursement just to see me. Drug firms can charge anything they like for a new pill for this or that even though the drug was developed by a government agency or a grant (my taxes) to my local university. 
Health care is just not a TV commodity business. Most nations have learned that already. And KS has just tried to reverse course so it can cover 150,000 uninsured with Medicaid. ID, NE, SD, VA and GA are looking at expanding Medicaid to cover more uninsured.

Your Retirement Income Checklist
There are so many unknowns in our futures that we must plan a FLEXIBLE financial future. We can anticipate some expenses but generally, we must plan for a range of possible futures. If you stay invested in some stock mutual funds to overcome inflation, how can you avoid a prolonged flat market? If you count on fixed income like bonds or annuities, what happens if inflation roars back? We can moderate big swings in stocks and bonds by maintaining a balanced portfolio of low-cost funds. If we begin now, where we are, we may be able to add $250,000 to $500,000 before and during retirement. If we can delay taking Social Security and or our pension or IRA, we can add significant amounts to our future nest egg. Few retirees are happy playing around all day after working for 50 years. A gradual shift is more appropriate and rewarding. Today, retirees need to plan for 30 years AFTER working. You need to make two budgets—one for now and one for the survivor using current assumptions about income sources.

FREE tax preparation—Yes, part of Social Security can be taxed
Advertising to you is how they pay for free credit score and “free” tax prep needs your views to obtain dollars from sellers of financial services and they give you software to file federal and state taxes at no cost. If you need to file a simple return, this is the cheapest way. Usually simple means you have W-2 income and few deductions. The IRS has a topic look up so you can find the answer to your question easier than waiting on the telephone for an operator to answer: Also, you can do your federal online FREE using commercial sites through the IRS These sites charge for a state return. You can also use a local AARP tax aide office: AARP does not discriminate by age or income so they can usually take care of most people. Best tip: deduction for IRA contributions and tax credit up to $2,000 subtracted from tax you owe. Double Your Pleasure. And don’t worry about audits—IRS got rid of them.

Is it treason?
The Don and his lieutenants may be guilty of assisting a foreign power in influencing our election. The FBI is probably looking at the way Manafort and others were leading the GOP campaign AND being agents of Putin or his oligarchs. Do we know for sure that foreigners did NOT hack the voting data of some states? Has the FBI geeks checked every computer in all 500 voting districts? We don’t need to have a smoking gun to prove that some Trump folks did NOT have America’s best interests at heart. For instance, why did the GOP allow Russians to strike the platform plank about sanctions for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine? Why didn’t The Don vet his lieutenants before allowing them to work on his behalf? How can Flynn be a paid foreign secret agent while he works as Trump National Security Advisor? He says he did not know they were working for Russia before or during the campaign. Isn’t that a LIE?  Once you are an agent, you are always an agent is common knowledge. Why is The Don always so positive about Putin and Russia? Why does he deny he has ties to Russia? Dick Cheney says Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election could be "considered an act of war.”  Why did Sessions lie about contact if it was innocent? How can you lie to Congress and not go to jail? Are Ivanka and Jared qualified to be playing the role of Sec of State? Putin would like us to abandon Europe and the former Eastern Block countries and get in a war with N Korea. Are voters scared that his naiveté, lack of judgment and gullibility to BS will start WWIII with the N. Koreans?
What are Nunes, Flynn, Sessions, Bannon, and crew hiding if not guilt of working with/for a foreign power to destabilize America?
Is Trump guilty of treason if he allowed his people to assist Russia in messing with our election process and important policy decisions?
RESULT: Putin wins this “cold” war of winning the hearts and minds of the world!

“Facts are stubborn things,” President John Adams, 1770. 

Take responsibility for your BS
Unlike The Don, the conspiracy theorist who started the lie about Hillary’s sex ring in Wash DC pizzeria has apologized. When you yell fire in a crowded theater, there will be consequences. The Pizzeria owner has gotten death threats after a crazed gunman shot up the place looking for Hillary’s sex slaves.
Unlike The Don, a conservative millennial firebrand, who told the truth, has lost her job.  Tomi Lahren has been "banned permanently" from Glenn Beck's The Blaze, according to a report in The New York Post. The reported banning comes after Lahren, 24, was criticized in some conservative circles following a March 17 appearance on ABC’s "The View" in which she revealed that she supports abortion rights. “I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,” Lahren said at the time.
The Don said he doesn’t tell lies, he just repeats what he hears on Fox or other “entertainment” outlets.  He takes no responsibility for what he yells in the theater. Trump declined the opportunity to retract the claim, telling the media that "we said nothing" when he tweeted, "How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sp] my phones during the very sacred election process," and that he was merely quoting a "very talented legal mind" he had seen on Fox News.
 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!
7:02 AM - 4 Mar 2017   53,55753,557 Retweets
 "You should be talking to Fox," Trump said. Fox apologized for the lie made by the “very talented? legal mind" that appeared on the entertainment show. Judge faked it. Napolitano’s source was former CIA guy and never said Obama asked the Brits.
The Don just repeats BS from entertainers because he is an entertainer himself.
GOAL: Build the brand so every person on earth knows what “Trump” stands for and keep repeating the name every day in every way.

Are you considering a Fiat Chrysler vehicle?
Take a look at the reliability ratings on your choice. You may be in for a big surprise. Fiat (worst), Jeep (second-worst), and Chrysler (fifth-worst) dominated the list of underachievers. Meanwhile, Dodge ranked sixth among the bottom of the auto industry barrel. Consumer Reports 2016 reliability ratings suggest these results were no fluke. While you are buying a new ride, cut your insurance premiums with 16 discounts:

The Don will learn that Tax Reform is like health care—complicated
Why are there 5 to 17 lobbyists for each of our Reps in Washington? Lobbyists are paid over $5.7 million per Rep to make laws that favor their employers including tax subsidies and special exemptions. It has taken 30-40 years for lobbyists to bend the rules to favor their employers. Why should they give that up now? Only one reason—put more of the tax burden on some other guy, usually us, the ordinary tax payer. We have NO lobbyists in Washington buying them dinner, trips, re-elections. Dow company gets over 400 subsidies. GM and Buffett’s companies get over 300. FedEx, GE over 200. The top 500 firms account for more than 16,000 subsidy awards worth $63 billion. Many of these same profitable companies also pay NO taxes. You and I pay for them—we pay for their roads AND their subsidies. Like Trump in 1995, paying no taxes is what the rich want. Why would they change that now? Nearly two-thirds of U.S. companies and 68% of foreign corporations do not pay federal income taxes, according to a congressional report. The Don has promised to give corporations and the wealthy an even sweeter deal. The wealthy would receive a cut of 19% while we get only 4.9%.  Corporations pay about 12% on average so the Trump rate of 15% may only appeal to some. Many leave their profits overseas to avoid paying their fair share. Many use expensive accountants and dummy corporations and tax shelters to avoid taxes like The Don. However,

“Huge” tax cut for corporations and the wealthy will cost us
There is no free lunch so when The Don promises The Wall and a tax cut; we can expect that the US taxpayer will be on the hook for them. Trump has already promised that we not Mexico will pay for The Wall. The tax cut for corporations will be paid by us as a new tariff (‘border adjustment tax’ fools nobody) of over $1 trillion. Walmart, Dollar Gen and oil refiners are already reminding us they will just pass the tax on to us as price hikes. Mad Max maker Mnuchin fears a global tariff war while Exec VP Bannon claims Boeing and GE will smile. Meanwhile our real wages will continue to slide from the high in 1973. If we get a tax cut of 4.9% as promised, it will be taken by Walmart et al. And what about The Don’s promise of the return of the $25 an hour jobs. When you look at the facts—real facts—that robot sales have tripled in some industries, first in cars and now in every unskilled worker job, you might want to show The Don the new factory. Some robots cost only $25,000 and so more jobs require running a computer than a lathe. He should learn that today’s firm must constantly retrain workers just to stay competitive. Instead of building The Wall and giving tax cuts, he should be giving corporations a tax CREDIT for worker training. The border tax will not be enough to pay for his tax cuts.

GOP states continue to keep Dems from voting
AR reinstated a voter ID law that was found as unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court 2014. The only voter charged with voter fraud this year is the GOP chairman in CO, Steve Curtis. Dems do not need to cheat at the voting booth because they can elect winners every time unless the GOP and their Russian friends cheat. Trump has claimed that millions cheated on the last election that HE WON. He forgot his civics lessons: It is legitimate to be registered in multiple states. Most of his family and colleagues do just that and yet they are not charged with voter fraud. Perhaps if the Dems checked in PA and MI they would find enough GOP voting twice for Trump that the actual president is Hillary. Other GOP states have continued to make up stories of fraud in order to keep Dems from voting at the places and times they have voted in the past. Voter suppression is bigger than fraud. Now the GOP uses the tactic of changing Dems normal voting places.

Can America grow without destroying the earth?
The Don is signing an executive order to promote domestic oil, coal and natural gas by reversing much of Obama’s leadership in world warming. Dismantling Obama’s plan is misguided at best. Even Exxon knows we are headed in the wrong direction. "He’s trying to undo more than a decade of progress in fighting climate change and protecting public health,” David Doniger, director of the climate and clean air program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Short-sighted action has consequences. America has made progress in slowing emissions and abundant gas will nix oil and coal expansion. Leadership is not turning the clock back to 1050’s style growth.

Leadership means making the world better for future generations.
An adult who knows better would do what is best for America’s future. For instance, would an adult cut medical research, infrastructure and community development grants to help pay for an expensive luxury? Mexico will NOT pay for The Wall and no adult would promise something they did not know they could do for sure. An extra tax on things we buy from Mexico may not pass Congress. The Don wants to cut research into medical cures and funding for new roads and bridges here at home. These are tangible benefits. The Wall is easily tunneled under. Buying more carriers and bombs is a luxury to most Americans. Obama killed Bin Laden with Seal Team specialists not carriers.  

We have entered the Twilight Zone:
"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadowbetween science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone" where “alternative facts” and illusions of conspiracies are lived out. Lies are considered true. Truth is what the loudest voice says it is over and over.  
Rod Serling

Remember, Don Trump is still a contractor from Queens NY, just richer than most. As a promoter, his income is from lending his wealth “brand” to other’s buildings and golf. Secret Service needs extra $60 million in taxes to watch him in FL and cover sons to travel to promote Trump properties worldwide. Don going for another DC hotel to profit from foreign visitors for himself. SS protection of his property paid by us. 

Bannon called himself a “Leninist” who wanted to “bring everything crashing down.” State Dept being decimated. Putin thrilled with cuts in aid to 3rd world, NATO, etc!
Putin got GOP party plank to drop sanctions on Ukraine invasion. Here is TrumpWorld

GOP cuts programs of folks who have no power to oppose cuts. Cowardly
The Don (Putin) does not like diplomacy, aid to poor, US environment or culture, finding cures for disease, transportation and education programs.
19 Agencies you may use being cut from American society: The Don does not like Meals on Wheels, Sesame St. NPR radio, Arts, Miners retraining, 62 in all for $343 billion

What GOP does NOT cut:
No cuts to subsidies to Boeing, GE, Intel, Nike, Shell, Fiat, GM, Ford, hundreds more.

Where does The Don get his information?
Trump urged followers to “Watch@JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight”
Another Judge told him the British CIA spied on him for Obama but Napolitano made it up from former CIA source who NEVER said Obama ordered it.

Lies or “Alternative facts” of The Don: Promises (lies) and Actual outcomes:

GOP just turned smoke into fire—canceling Russia influence probe sinks all Prez men. Trump men gave secrets to House Intel probe which Nunes gives back to Trump. ??
Flynn wants to spill his guts—FBI should put him in safe house away from Putin

GOP ready to shut government down again—tax cuts cost $5 Trillion in debt to China.       

Everyone is covered” in GOP plan except the 24 million who cannot afford it. TrumpCare failed because of the Democrats the Art of Deal maker claims. TrumpCare was a tax cut for the rich, wrapped up in pretty lies about the poor and needy.

Trump accuses Britain of spying on him for Obama. Pissing off our friends. No apology to Brits for his mistake or to Obama for accusing him of a felony. Like birth cert. LIES

Putin’s FSB does surveillance of Trump campaign; makes it look like Obama for chaos

“ObamaCare has been total disaster” scare tactic works for some supporters in KY
The Don threatens House Reps over health—“you will lose in 2018” Kicks in $85 Bil.
The Promoter in Chief lost. Future promotions look dim.

We all thank the president for NOT destroying our health care system this year. We get to keep our 10 essentials that keep people alive—screenings, pediatric, mental health, etc
The Don is not good at deals that are complicated—“health care is complicated
Kaiser Foundation calculated that average deductibles would be $1,550 higher than under Obamacare

GOP gave business our privacy rights so our browser info can be sold w/o permission

Jared in deep with Putin’s bank which supports Putin’s spy activity. Jared mastermind?

Putin influence: Putin marks all over Trump’s crew—“more than circumstantial case.”
The Don was naïve about Russian influence among lieutenants. Spicer claims Trump never asked Manafort, Flynn, others about pay from foreigners. He never vetted them about who paid them during campaign—Manafort, Page, Flynn, Stone, Tillerson, Ross, etc Connections chart. Manafort was campaign manager paid $10 mil yr by USSR.

Putin influence: Russian foreign minister Ryabkov met with Trump campaign. “But we will of course continue this work AFTER the elections.

Putin influence: State Dept senior people and budget cut—Tillerson out of Trump loop.
Ivanka meets with Germany instead of Sec State. USSR medal for Tillerson and Flynn.  

Regulators are the only protection against corporations since we can’t sue anymore

Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is accused of stealing nearly $800,000 from 2 charities.
Nissan recalls 56,000 leaks that can cause fires
Daniel Glick, Chicago financial advisor caught using seniors’ money as his own.
Christie throws 2 employees under the bus in his revenge politics. Now drug czar.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own
GM killed 124 because ignition switch pin not replaced after knew it killed first in 2006.

Police want gun control.
When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police don’t know who to shoot. They assume everyone has one and shoot first. You and thief have guns. CO schools now allow teachers/administrators to carry guns in the classroom. Kid lesson! Since 2015, police have killed 86 people with realistic looking FAKE guns--suicide?

FL makes it easier to kill others if you feel threatened—“prove I didn’t feel threatened”


Ignoramus Award:
United Air cancelled tickets of two teens bec wearing leggings – fashion police or Ivana ?
“We want people to be comfortable as long as it’s neat and in good taste for that environment.”
GA tells couple they can’t name their child what they intend. Must be a parent’s name.

How our government wastes our money:
$7 million for TV ads for an anti-choice Supreme Court judge? We don’t elect them.
The Wall money comes from cancelled medical research to cure diseases.
Each week the golf outings costs us $250,000 even at his own club, SS and coast guard.
Afghanistan fired 1,000 army personnel and generals for corruption—US provides $

Where have all the jobs gone?
Robot sales have tripled and someone must control and repair them. Pizza delivery in EU.
BlackRock largest asset manager, cut 30 jobs and fees. Vanguard takes clients.
NASA employees lose special door lock in space. Retraining or resign? No extras?

Which job board sites are best for your job search?

Cancel Robo calls with Mr NoMoRobo:

It would be a miracle if Americans could win back the government from politicians.

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