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Can you avoid the new taxes?

New taxes: Lobbyists are already designing new taxes for us to pay
Koch Industries, after pouring $1 billion into elections for GOP, has put their former employee, Eli Miller into the Treasury Dept to formulate tax policy for Koch and us. The Koch front group AFP will begin Aug 2 event with extremist Rep Mark Meadows to push reducing corporate taxes and regs. Tax reform for the extremists means cutting spending for our needs since most (70%) of the budget goes for interest on the debt and military. Medicaid and Food Stamps and even SS and Medicare are in Ryan’s plan to be cut to offset wealthy tax cuts. Some consider using a national sales tax (VAT) or tariff but the lobbyists are against it of course. Koch’s AFP has threatened our ‘reps’ with election defeat if they don’t vote their way. (Putin’s hackers may help out.) American corporations want lower taxes even though the amount they actually pay is 12.6% not 34%. Using tax loopholes, many don’t pay. Corporations’ portion of tax revenue has fallen from 32% in 1952 to 10%. The Koch campaign will include advertising, canvassing and rallies in states. The Koch network has said it plans to spend $300-$400 million total during the 2018 election cycle, and AFP has 36 state chapters and close to 500 paid staff who knock on doors to persuade voters. It’s a 3rd US party. Corporations have more money to spend lobbying for more profit less tax. Does your ‘rep’ lobby for less tax for you? Can you give them $100,000 for an audience?

ETFs are all the rage with brokers but are they for you?
Index funds packaged to be sold by brokers/advisors for commission and fees are hot. The marketing and sales hype are amazing and millennials are biting. So between 2004 and 2014, index funds outperformed actively managed funds across almost all asset classes. “If you go the passive route, you might not only save money on investment fees, but snag a greater return to boot.” But why pay a broker advisor to buy an index that was created to be traded. AH. The catch is sales people make money when you trade but trading defeats all the benefit of “passive” investing. Plain old index funds are winning: you earn more by NOT trading. What does Warren Buffett recommend we do? He even tells us where to invest to earn more and pay less!

Trump on the path to dictatorship seizing our assets
Yes, Justice Dept has issued new rules to take our stuff, even if we did nothing and have NOT even been charged with a crime. Trump’s procedure allows police to seize someone’s money, car, or even their home on mere suspicion — in many cases, the person hasn’t even been charged with a crime, let alone prosecuted or convicted. And even if the person isn’t charged with a crime at all, the government keeps those assets.
Just like taking our property to build something like The Wall (‘imminent domain’) except we don’t get paid for the stuff they take. It is called civil forfeiture. The rule was intended for drug dealers. From 2007 to 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration obtained $3.2 billion in cash seizures without filing any charges against the people from whom they took the money. There have been reports of police departments using their “wish lists” on crime sweeps. Ferguson police used to do this with traffic stops. If you are wealthy, you can hide assets using another name or corp or oversees or you can file suit.

Trump on the path to dictatorship seizing our information
Dictator talk time:
“When the president does it, that means it is not illegal,” Richard Nixon
Trump blocks expert: Glacier National Park's glaciers will largely disappear by 2030.

House to cut OMB so we don’t know what a law will cost in future: NO INFO.
Trump attacks individual reps for not voting his way—3rd world countries do this.
The Don has been attacking the Attorney General of the US and Senators who don’t do what he says or vote his way. His lawyer says 
The Don controls the FBI via Wray. Dictators have their own police force usually.
Will GOP go down with the Trumps? Some know The Don is crazy.
‘In his mind, he is his own best advocate, his own best lawyer,’ one adviser said.”
And “best” president except Lincoln.

Is a top 10 RIA advisor right for you?
Are you one of the 10,000 clients of the largest registered investment advisors? Since you are 1 in 10,000, I assume you are giving them your money because they are doing fantastic things for you. Some RIA are “finding efficiencies and using technology to scale down and serve massive numbers of end clients.” I hope you are not paying for ‘canned’ advice from their technology script. Certainly, when you have $ millions you deserve personal attention from somebody beside the receptionist. Some of these firms are adding thousands of clients a year. That means hundreds of new sales staff. Many firms are reluctant to publish their results so it is hard to evaluate them. Making you feel good is important but bottom line—they should be doing what is in YOUR best interest not worried about ratings or profits. If you don’t feel they are doing what is best for you, and you hate brokerage firms, consider the RIAs at the low-cost fund families like Vanguard, Schwab or TIAA. If you need a real planner, pay the hourly rate like your estate lawyer.

Trump on the path to dictatorship seizing our information
Trump is using fear of “carnage” in the streets to keep his voters in line. Now the WH to set up Govt-run news directly from WH like “Fox and Friends.” The Don consults with Fox Hannity about state propaganda machine. But we have pro-government TV press office already on Fox!
The Don has been attacking the Attorney General of the US and Senators who don’t do what he says or vote his way. His lawyer says he thinks he is the best Commander.
He thinks he is BEST president except for Lincoln—Washington, FDR, Kennedy?

Spies do the same thing around the world—Jr and Jared taken in
Business people are easy targets because they never suspect they are being manipulated. In South America, our CIA used business as cover to overthrow governments and kill people. Trump is right—we are not without our black oops. Many experts including the current TV expert Malcolm Nance have shown that spy masters use money and blackmail to move business people around the world. Since they are everywhere CIA & Putin need to be and have backgrounds that can be checked, businessmen are perfect pawns—some are even happy to be used. Most oil companies have a foreign black oops history. Trump’s ‘family’ and businesses were compromised by Russian mobsters. They needed money since 4 bankruptcies. Why else would Jared ask for a secret telephone line to Putin? Mueller and the Senate and House intelligence will require years to unravel all the connections and links. Trump must hide his past collusion with money launderers.

TrumpCare 3.0 has $13,000 deductible – senators not seen bill yet – vote anyway
TrumpCare 3rd edition is out to reduce premiums but the deductible is $13,000, which happens to violate US law. It would still increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million. Despite Trump promises for universal coverage, there is no way to “cover more people and cost less money.” UNLESS, Trump makes the deal he promised to reduce medical costs. Trump gave up that effort after just 1 meeting with industry lobbyists in 2016. Instead he promised them more profit by dropping regs and taxes. So even though he beat up Hillary over taking their money, he gave them what they wanted for nothing! Health care spending takes 18% of the economic activity vs 12% in the equivalent countries. Many studies say we pay up to 60% more than everyone else. Why? Lobbyists claim they spend the extra on research but most of the new drugs are minor cosmetic versions of the old. We know the money goes for endless TV commercials about drugs. Most of our new cures are from the US govt research program we already pay for. Cures for the big killers (heart and cancer) are funded at less than $5 billion—the drug companies spend under $1 billion. Their TV promos cost $6.4 Billion. Liar Pense decries Ohio Medicaid but he brought it to Indiana. ObamaCare has saved communities.
ObamaCare is working according to Trump’s own agency. Medicare could provide care to those that need care now for less. Our current ‘for-profit’ system costs $49 T but a single pay system costs $32 T. and don’t we have single pay NOW—there is only one insurer with most doctors in NJ so Horizon’s clerk decides what care I can have. Sure, if I want to spend $10,000 on my own I can have another insurer but no one does that. Congress gets a great plan and we let them pick their coverage but most working people don’t have that choice. Congress likes the sound of ‘choice’ but it means ZERO to 60%. Americans want the plan their ‘reps’ get—McCain got cancer surgery thanks to ObamaCare—equality.  It’s basic for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
DEMS: Now is the time to lead – Medicarefor all – Americans want care!

MONEY BALL for Investing: Winning in an unfair market
Your family can beat Wall Street in the series because you use Billy Beane’s lessons.
In 2002, Billy Beane did the impossible. He knew he could not afford to buy replacements for Damon, Giambi and Isringhousen, so he hired an unknown economist wonk who had a system. Brad Pitt (Moneyball) explains his take on the system to his scouts. To win we need runs, so on-base percentage is critical. Does not matter how they get there—walks are good. He hires cheap players who have high on-base ratios. Scouts complain the new are not “baseball material” or too old or can't play positions or girl friend is ugly.
            The “professionals” think he is nuts. One is fired. Since the manager, Art Howe, doesn't buy it, he does not use the new players. Billy trades Art's players away so the manager is forced to use Billy's. Billy actually explains to the team how they can win by using their strengths—just get on base. Belichick's “Do your job.”          In his book, Michael Lewis tells us how the economics of baseball work and how Billy Beane, as a failed player, made history by NOT following the professionals' 'expert' knowledge.
            How can your family beat Wall Street 'professionals' over time? We take the Billy Beane approach.
            First, we acknowledge that we have a small budget for investing. We can't afford the hedge funds, offshore tax shelters, and expensive Wall Street money managers taking 2-3% a year. We use our economic ‘wonk,’ Warren Buffett.

Did you overpay for your truck?
$80,000 for a vehicle, even a tough one, seems, well, “tough.” If you can write it off your business, that is one thing. But if this is your glam ride, you need to shop for the used version. After doing research, you will find one that has the look you want but doesn’t put you in the $500 a month for 8 year crowd. Some of these are the most profitable item the car guys are selling.

Guess which vehicles are the least reliable?
Luxury cars are the most UNreliable according to the most recent study. Is it because they have too many gizmos or they only make 10000 of them? Who knows? This UK study says the Jag hits the bottom. Small little cheap cars have fewer problems. JD Power says the lowest rated is Fiat Jeep with Jag in the middle ahead of Audi, Volvo, and Rover. No need to pay for junk—Lexus is still top and a used one may be your best bargain.
Now that you have a big insurance bill, get all the discounts:

Did you leave any money when you moved?
Recently, I got mail addressed to my Dad from an insurer because his nursing home forwards mail of deceased residents. I followed up on a balance left behind with the insurer years ago. Eventually after 2 subsequent letters and emails, I got a check made to the Estate of … My bank refused to cash this check. Apparently, this is a money laundering technique and they can’t cash it even for the executor and heir. Since I would have to set up an account with a new $250 tax ID just for the check, I told them I was giving up. They offered a new form I could notarize and claim the money. After another few emails, I finally got the money and was able to cash the check. I thanked the non-profit nursing home with a donation.
You can do a search of each state by yourself:
My father’s name was not in his state’s registry because the money was still at the insurer so you must check past insurers/utilities/companies. Don’t pay for someone to search for you. They may sell your ID and hurt you. A name only free site is Credit Karma:
Hey, you never know. In New York state one person has $1.7 million waiting.

Goal: Everyone knows the Trump brand around the world
Trump supporter is upset with DC and future; overlooks his sins

Trump gives in to Putin: removes CIA from Syria leaving moderates to scatter.
Trump group places mob ties above country; it’s about money POWER not US service.
Russian lobbyists guide Trump crew and GOP on business interests toward Russia.
Exxon Tillerson pays $2 mil fine for violating sanctions out of his own pocket change.

Trump is still just a mafia contractor from Queens—Fred taught him to be The Don.
Like mob boss, he threatens Senators

Putin Ambassador: “not on Trump side, we are on side of justice” Putin hacked elections.
Breitbart: firing Sessions “only serves to highlight Trump’s own hypocrisy” Losing base.

Mobsters don’t call the FBI when Jr doing an illegal deal with fellow mobsters.

Putin will have full access to our 2018 elections since Trump doesn’t help states upgrade.

My Theory:
No one expected him to win so no harm getting Putin help. Don owes Vlad’s mob money so they sent mob gofer Manafort to run the campaign. ‘Colluding’ Putin style.

TrumpWorld – using presidency to make money the old fashioned way: theft
Jared/Ivanka lied again on their disclosure: ‘forgot’ 77 more assets worth $millions
Jared in real estate money-laundering deal with Russian investigated by Congress

Trump hires MarLargo foreign workers not America Great workers.
Trump shop from Canada run by Germans sell us Chinese hats et all. Buy US???

Dictator talk time:
“When the president does it, that means it is not illegal,” Richard Nixon
Trump blocks expert: Glacier National Park's glaciers will largely disappear by 2030.
House to cut OMB so we don’t know what a law will cost in future: NO INFO.
Trump attacks individual reps for not voting his way—3rd world countries do this.
The Don controls the FBI via Wray. Dictators have their own police force usually.

“The president can’t have a conflict of interest.” The Don above the law?

Regulators are the only protection against corporations since we can’t sue anymore

Discrimination against your neighbor can cost you taxes. Religious ‘freedom’ is excuse.
Wells Fargo gives away 50,000 wealthy customer data to broker/advisor. Blames others.
Beamers in on VW diesel fix? BMW denies ‘cartel’ of cheaters using software to fake it.
Bankrupt: Harry I. Brown Jr.; James D. Dickey; Jay D. Erickson; Renee Suzanne Floer; Nimish N. Patel; Katrinia L. Walters.

We need regulation—GOP wrong—companies/cities wouldn’t fix bad products on own
GM killed 124 because ignition switch pin not replaced after knew it killed first in 2006.

Police want gun control.
When everyone has guns; your chance of being killed goes up. Police don’t know who to shoot. They assume everyone has one and shoot first. You and thief have guns. CO schools now allow teachers/administrators to carry guns in the classroom. Kid lesson! Since 2015, police have killed 86 people with realistic looking FAKE guns--suicide?

Fake Social Security call: Promising fix, they want SS#, DOB; change your direct deposit
Evil manipulated American symbol for our own political purpose—Shame mr president

Ignoramus Award:
"Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy," Kristin Beck, a 20-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, told Business Insider. "Transgender doesn't matter. Do your service." Trump avoided his service to country.
"They don't care about people. They don't care about human beings." "They care more about the airplane or the tank than they care about people," Beck said. 
I thought we NEVER abandoned our own in the field.

Who else doesn’t The Don like? Ugly men, ugly women, brown/black skin, bald men.

How our government wastes our money:
$28 million for Afghan’s uniforms that make troops look like trees in desert: our Defense 
$15 million de-enlist the folks that The Don does not like. Which generals did he consult?
$84 million on Viagra and other dysfunction therapy.

Where have all the jobs gone?

Job interview will ask for your salary requirements. Answer: I will research the range.
Which job board sites are best for your job search?

Learn Spanish so you have another skill for jobs.


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