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Best gift for your graduate

Best gift for your graduate: The Gift of a Lifetime.
Your monthly gift could provide your grandchild with real ‘social security:’ their own tax-FREE money. You take advantage of the miracle of compounding. Your gift becomes a $2,000,000 tax-FREE Wealth Reserve. You could reduce your taxable estate by $500,000 for each grandchild. Your grandchild will NEVER have to pay taxes on the money either. Social Security will exhaust its funds in about 2034. Every year you delay costs your favorite kid $100,000 later. 

Do you know how to pay for a car/truck?
We spend $500 a month on our cars and trucks—$360,000 during our lives. That could earn us $2,000,000 over time if we invested it. One of our clients was a car salesman: the costliest errors include paying cash. Interest rates are low especially at credit unions. Lease it for business. Two: buying a very used car is expensive. Higher rate loan and poor reliability for some models mean more repairs. Three: using your home credit line is not a good idea since the interest is NOT deductible under Trump’s tax law. Fourth: paying more for new gadgets like auto pilot and more mpg or mpcharge is not good. Autopilot is still not safe. Best choice: low mileage high reliable used family car/truck. Some popular vehicles have high markups. JD Power Dependability and Consumer Reports show you WHICH to pick for your search. Use ‘game theory’ to find the best deal: FIND ‘game theory’ at

Is your broker pushing an annuity?
Pitch: can’t outlive your benefits, low-cost pension substitute, simple plan, guaranteed rate, 9.6% bonus, etc.  
Before you sign up for the rest of time, consider these points: Ads are misleading and were the basis for the Fiduciary Rule “buyer comes first” protection before Trump cancelled it. This is the worst time to buy an annuity for one reason--rates. You can’t break contract when rates go up. In 20-25 years your payout is HALF what you began with. Fees can take 3% of your money each year. No refunds: your money is gone--out of your control. 75% of working-age investors polled said they want the freedom to spend their retirement savings however they choose, even if it means possibly running out of money too soon. Annuities are NOT popular with retirees. Annuities are NOT the answer. They work for certain high net worth people who paid for a well planned retirement using a CFP or fee-only planner and use the life rider for estate tax.

GOP got criticism about over spending and will cut our benefits
While on Easter break, many Congress reps were given hell for running the debt up to $21 Trillion with their gift to the rich. The CBO says budget deficit for 2020 will be $1 Trillion even with all Trump’s promises. No one thinks the tax breaks they just gave to business and the wealthy will be reversed, so who is left to pay? We will. Our tax cuts were already scheduled to be raised by 2025 as a GOP legal trick. The next on the list are our welfare, Medicare, Medicaid. Trump vowed not to cut spending on Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid but he has trouble making wise predictions. GOP calls the cuts “entitlements we've got to reform.” In November, Dems are going to repeat our answer “we paid for these things” and they are not like the business subsidies Congress gives to agribusiness, oil and gas, drugs, cars, etc. and never asks them for the money back even when the firms don’t need it. Some pay little or no tax too. 

IRS gives tax filing extension if you are not going to make it by 4/17
You can still file on 4/17 online at the IRS Free File sites  IRS free filing partners. If you need more time, just ask: You must estimate and pay up by 4/17. Even giving them $50 holds off penalty until October 15, 2018.
Check if you have a refund for a previous year—there is over $1 billion from 2014 alone. Need previous year return (transcript): Check your refund:
You can create a tax-free retirement fund of $500,000 with that amount each year. FreeFile:
Use your refund to fund your tax-FREE IRS approved account:

Tax on capital gains, dividends and interest as market declines?
If you had to pay tax on assets you are holding for later, there is an important way to avoid taxes now and later when you spend the assets tax free. If you don’t have to pay taxes and fees every year, your money can grow faster. Compounding is the miracle that makes assets grow exponentially--$3,000 per year ($102,000) invested = $1million in 34 years but only in a tax-FREE account. You invest in large profitable global companies with a $250 monthly no-fee contribution. You avoid taxes on all your earnings—gains, dividends and interest. And you can leave a legacy to heirs without taxes or legal fees.

What is an Active Share score for a mutual fund?
Active Share—the percentage of stock holdings in a fund’s portfolio that differs from its benchmark index—would “help retail investors determine whether a higher-cost, actively managed mutual fund fits their investment goals better than another, lower-cost alternative.” So a low active share score may cause an investor to think their manager is relying too heavily on a benchmark, and thus not earning their fees, when in fact the small percentage of equities identified by the manager that differ from the index can in some cases lead to returns that far outperform the index. The score can’t be the only measure of your manager but it gives you a reason to question if they are so-called “closet benchmark” managers charging a high fee for effectively replicating an index. Since a manager could improve your return with a large position in 1 stock and match the benchmark index for the balance of the fund, you have to question how much risk is the manager taking. You could suffer if their 1 stock bet goes south.
Use a proven passive/active portfolio of the best:

NV passes rule to protect its citizens from bad actors
NV will protect its citizens from misleading and costly financial advice to replace the Obama Fiduciary Rule cancelled by Trump. In a few states, your advisor must give you alternatives that are in your ‘best interest’ NOT their own. For instance, NV advisors must make sure you are presented with retirement products that are NOT burdened with high fees and charges. The industry follows their own lobbyist organization rules: “suitability” standard, which allows the most egregious products. The previous Labor Dept rule, your “best interest” required sellers to not mislead you into high-cost products: sell only products with your ‘best interest’ at heart. Several other states are considering their own Fiduciary Rule. The SEC is considering new standards for brokers. Brokerage firms do not want separate rules by state but have killed the national DOL rule. An Obama administration study found that middle-class families are ripped off to the tune of $17 billion annually due to ‘best for firm’ rules: backdoor payments and hidden fees.
Use firms that follow “best interest” rules:

Trump’s National Socialist government
Tariffs: When the government raises prices on certain goods, companies rise or fall. 25,000 workers who make parts out of Chinese steel will be laid off. Soy bean agribusiness will have to lay off workers since China will buy less soy beans from them. Some businesses will fail. Trump attacks Amazon. GOP has made business and wealthy tax breaks permanent while workers will have their taxes raised in 2025. Corporations pay a smaller portion of our national revenue: 9% vs 33% in 1945. Trump has given oil and gas licenses to Big Oil to disrupt the Pacific and Atlantic waters except GOP-friendly Florida. He gave Big Oil/Gas some of our national treasures to mine putting local tourism out of work. His choice of judges and prosecutors will mean some receive different punishment than others (Trump U. fraud was not a bad decision by biased ‘Mexican’ judge as Trump alleges.). Trump tells Justice Dept to go after his political enemies. Trump asks FBI to overlook his friends’ crimes. FBI subpoena of his lawyer is NOT attack on America. Trump is NOT America. Trump is NOT above law. Free society and equal justice don’t depend on one person’s whims. Playing games with our lives is toxic. America does not need National Socialism.


Make America, “The Don” Great Again

‘I’m the only one that matters’ Mob Boss, Nov 3, 2017

(Dictators often have delusion they themselves ARE their country)

Putin controls US power utilities and 21 state voting files, Trump slush fund, etc

The election is going to be rigged—I’m going to be honest” 

Could Trump postpone Nov 2018 election using excuse of Putin meddling needs fixing?
(Dictators in other countries start their régimes that way!)


Trump to Panama prez: save my hotel contract in Panama. “I don’t have foreign deals”
Trump pulls out of TPP trade pact and now wants in. What is going on with this guy.

Vitamin supplements are not effective but we spend $billions anyway. Fountain Youth?
Chase mishandled estate assets to earn fees so jury hit is $8 Billion as signal to all heirs
TX Clifton Stanley Lifepay Ponzi caught stealing $4 million from retirees promised 36%.
Protect your Facebook data from manipulation of your choices and actions. Stop THEM!
EPA deputy is coal lobbyist—forget clean air, water, oceans, power. Tax dollars to Delta!
Laurence M. Torres, Alexander Capital caught churning accounts: stole $400,000

Kids staying home—1880 when same 32% kids stay home: getting like Eastern Europe.
Now we know why taxes are less in Red states: teachers earn just 63 cents on the dollar.
WH needs personal aides (get McD, read memos to Don), NSA advisor, must speak B.S.

Who owns your account now?
Guggenheim to Invesco: ETF fund fees cut.
Capital One brokerage to Woodbury Financial
Russia keeps NRA alive as political force: Russia mafia money for Trump election.

The victims of AR 15 make it the most popular rifle as they secure a ban in new Congress
Can Trump be indicted for murder: fire victim since he banned sprinklers in skyscraper?

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