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Use your new tax bracket to improve your nest egg

Your new tax bracket is 22% down from 25% in 2017
If your total combined income is $100,000, you may get a break come April 2019. That assumes you don’t have property tax over $10,000 and don’t have kids. We are losing the SALT benefit and our personal exemptions of $4,050 each. That may be offset by the $24,000 standard deduction. What can you do with this change? If you are near or in retirement, you could convert IRA money to Roth IRA money. Our rates goes back up in 2026. Convert $10,000 of IRA money, pay an extra $2,200 April 2019, then spend an extra $30,000 tax-FREE in about 10 years from stock funds. So for each year you convert $10,000 and invest it in a stock index fund, you could end up with much more. Plus, you will have reduced your RMD each year because your $10,000’s growth is outside the IRA in a tax-Free account. Bonus: with an extra $1 Trillion debt, our taxes will have to go up soon.  

Do you know where your retirement assets are?
Forbes estimates up to 30% of pension accounts may be missing. You can get help finding your money from the Labor Department or nonprofit pension counseling centers funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. Check the databases of bankrupt corporations to track down your retirement plans. First, email the firm if it is still around. Second, ask the investment company who held the 401(k). If your old 401(k) was at Fidelity or Vanguard, your IRA is likely at the same company. Third, try the DOL: and the Get help from special regional organizations: You can try
I followed a lead from a Google search of the bankruptcy story of my old employer. Turns out they had hired John Hancock to pass out the money as monthly annuity checks.

Will you have enough money in retirement?
Do you plan to live to be age 100? Check your life expectancy here
Since your number assumes half the folks will die before and half after this age, shouldn’t you prepare to live longer? Most people don’t want to think or plan for life longer than 1-2 years from now, but in financial terms, we must plan because saving and investing for the future assumes we will have the time to make a change. It is time that allows assets to grow so we have enough money to last as long as we live. Retired clients are concerned they will not be able to afford life. Planning helps deal with the worry yet few want to face death so they don’t plan. First, check your Social Security benefits at You have started your Plan. I show clients what they can do with $100,000 invested in a diversified portfolio for 10, 15 and 20 years. I ask if they can afford NOT to plan.

GOP refuses to protect Russian election-meddling investigation by DOJ
McConnell refuses to put bill on defending investigation to vote. Trump has tweeted he won’t attack DOJ deputy and investigator. GOP understands that Trump has always been truthful and could never be guilty of conspiracy against America, just like Manafort and Flynn. This is a vote of confidence in prez and GOP wants to impede the investigation as much as possible because they assume Trump has something to hide. That is why he fired FBI director Comey and FBI deputies McCabe and Yates. It will be too late to take action once Trump fires Rosenstein and Mueller. But Mueller handed off money laundering, bank fraud, wire fraud, and other charges to another GOP—NY Fed prosecutor. Trump and his mob will not escape by firing DOJ investigators. Pardons may not work in NY.
Our Reps need Mueller report to act against Trump unless he postpones election 2018.

Regulators don’t stop financial services fraud
Trump cuts our protections. Are you a victim of your sales person?
The affinity fraud exploits the trust and friendship that exists in religious communities, senior citizen groups, military service members, ethnic groups and other communities.
Fraudsters ask for an upfront payment in order to perform or execute a deal. fraudsters could use official-sounding e-mail addresses that end in .gov, .mil, or to fool us. 
Binary options contract where the buyer bets on whether an asset's price will rise or fall within a time frame. Check yours:
High-yield fraud includes an unlicensed individual convincing an investor that an unregistered investment can produce a high-yield with little to no risk.
Internet And Social Media Fraud happens when we are manipulated by criminals.
Microcap fraud is when a low-price stock is heavily promoted to carry out other schemes, like pump-and-dump. Criminals fake buys and media hype then sell leaving us with loss.
IPO: Fraudsters offer investors a false opportunity to buy initial public offering shares before the company goes public.
The pyramid scheme relies on new investors to pay old investors with bogus gains. A multilevel marketing program is where earnings are based on the amount of sales. A pyramid scheme is an illegal practice. Multilevel is just hype unless you are top recruiter.
Prime Bank and Prime World Bank investments do not exist. They are all scam fronts.
Promissory notes: Swindlers recruit independent life insurance agents, who are not licensed to sell securities, to sell the notes for a commission. Hype is high fixed rate.
More scams and frauds on Americans not protected by our government.


Make America, “The Don” Great Again

‘I’m the only one that matters’ Mob Boss, Nov 3, 2017

(Dictators often have delusion they themselves ARE their country)

Treason is ‘giving them aid and comfort within the United States

Putin controls US power utilities and 21 state voting files, Trump slush fund, etc

The election is going to be rigged—I’m going to be ‘honest’” 

Could Trump postpone Nov 2018 election using excuse of Putin meddling needs fixing?
(Dictators in some countries start their régimes that way!)


We bought EPA head a $43,000 phone booth in his OFFICE—sinking into swamp.

Alcohol makers deny link to breast cancer just like cig and coal makers to lung.
Donor-class starting to switch sides? GOP backers move money to Dems. See trends.
Scott Newsholme, Farmingdale NJ caught stealing $3 million: many schemes, ID theft.
Adrian Abramovich, Miami caught making 97 million robocalls fined $120 million.
America is being advised by TV hacks: Hannity, Kudlow, Bolton, diGenova, Dobbs
Jared lied again on rent-controlled apts to avoid regs: Public record is easy to see.
The Don lied on tape regarding his wealth to improve image: Never ends!

Fixer to replace Cohen: political legal experience with mob, intimidation, fraud, slime, 
Alex Jones, conspiracy radio, fired after sued for $1million for lies about Sandy Hook

Who owns your account now?

Can we trust Ari Melber to explain the legal case against POTUS?

Livery driver shot 8 times and saved by immediate police help 

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